child’s play

“Put it in!”

“I’m trying, it’s a really tight fit!”

“You have to make it fit or else it won’t work.”

“I’m not just going to shove it in, that’ll break it!”

“I don’t care how you do it, just get it done, I can’t hold it anymore!”

There is a lot of grunting and groaning accompanying these words and if one only listened to the words, they might have been lead to confusion. No, all there is to this situation is two men struggling to put something together. Sitting out in their yard, Alexis and Eoghan struggle to put together something that was delivered earlier in the day. It is hard to tell what it is at this point though on the box there is something that looks like it could be a swing set of course. Not the child-kind but the kind most adults might appreciate settling into after a hard day at work.

“You said this was going to be easy! Child’s play!”

“It looked easy on the box and the clerk said it would only take about an hour to put it together. These instructions don’t make any sense.”

There, a deep sigh and the gentle clatter of things as Alexis puts everything down for the time being. He pinches the bridge of his nose and chuckles lightly. “At least, we’re trying to work with the instructions. Let’s put everything down for a while and look those over. Put everything together for step one, and a pile for step two and the rest, sounds fair?”

Eoghan, managing a chuckle as well though he sighs and looks at the half-mess around them as they had boxes for a while yard set, really, shakes his head. “I guess it’s the only way. Why didn’t we buy them all ready set up?”

“They didn’t offer the service and I thought it would help us bond a little more.”

“Because we’ve not bonded enough over the decades?” Eoghan sounds amused more than anything else and he snickers again. A little laugh is what they were needing at this point, things were beginning to get out of hand.

After four long, gruelling hours, the swing is up, the grill is done and most of the table and chairs are out of the way and ready to be used. Both men are worn, not quite ready to pull their hair out yet but it isn’t far. Alexis is settled in the swing and Eoghan sitting on the floor, muttering soft obscenities under his breath as he looks the papers over once more. They are done with their work but still these papers call to him.

“There is nothing simple to these explanations. I swear they put them this way to confuse people and make sure to piss them off to no end.” His voice is softly childish, he knows he’s being a child about everything but he hardly can help himself. This took a lot longer than either one of them had planned. They now have themselves a fair few scrapes and bruises to prove that none of what they’ve set up was easy.

“Why did we even buy any of this? I’m pretty sure most of our free time will be spent up on the roof near the pool anyway.” Still petulant, he pouts up towards his companion and huffs before running his hands through his hair.

Alexis only laughs softly and shakes his head. “Not everyone under this roof knows how to swim, Eoghan. I’m pretty sure Armin will appreciate a place in the shade now and again. The table, chair and grill will be useful when we feel like doing our shared dinner out here. There aren’t all that many buggies to bother us and I think it might just be wonderful.”

Deflating, Eoghan flops to the ground and stretches with a grunt. “I suppose so. I just wish their explanation on this all would make more sense. None of these images really lead from point A to point B.”

“Let it go, love. We’re done putting everything up and it looks fine. Come here, see how comfortable this thing is now that it isn’t taunting us as we put it together.” He chuckles and holds both his arms out. Eoghan huffs again, obviously worn but still miffed and he rolls over, eases to his feet and wanders to the swing. Instead of sitting down on the cushioned seat, of course, he settles on his lover’s lap and buries his face in the crook of his neck.

“I feel better already.” He grumbles half-heartedly and closes his eyes. He knows it only is exhaustion that pushes him to this childish side of his. He feels as if this patio set as it is what it is in a way, has almost won the battle they were fighting, this is not an emotion he cares much about. It will leave his mind after a couple of days.

A couple of hours are spent on the swing, just resting and trying to let the rest of their morning wash on by. Scrapes and bruises are well on their way to being healed so this is hardly an issue anymore.

“What do we do with all the cardboard?” Why everything has to come packaged almost three times in cardboard he cannot understand. Alexis shrugs somewhat, looking over Eoghan’s head somewhat at the mass of cardboard just sitting there.

“We could just tear it all apart and set up a bonfire. It wouldn’t really be hard and it would be a nice way to actually celebrate the fact that we’re done setting everything up and in the end we’ve done it all.” He chuckles and closes his eyes for a few moment. He can still enjoy the quietness of their environment for the time being. Nothing needs to be rushed, after all.

“I guess it’s an option. Cardboard burns well usually but I don’t know that we have much wood left over from winter heating to use up in there.” It was just one of those things though he shook his head, let it be. They still had time to figure it out. If nothing else the cardboard would be all folded down and dropped off front for the next day when they would be picking up the recycling and trash.

“We won this one, Eoghan. Patio furniture zero, crazy folks putting it all together one.” He laughs softly and feels Eoghan try not to chuckle against him. This really was just one of those things. There are some days, they are aware, that will be a little more difficult than the others. Even if the difficulty comes from furniture that refuses to be put together.


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