small town

“At times I miss living in smaller places.”

“Well, you did grow up in a much smaller town than this one.”

“What little time I spent in that town before I moved on to other places. I wouldn’t really have called it a town, it was more a village. A dot on a map that no one really knew existed.”

“If people didn’t know it existed, people wouldn’t have been living there, you know?”

“Eoghan, I think at most there was about a hundred people in this town by the time I left it to go live elsewhere.”

“I guess that is very few people but it was also very long ago. What about you?”

“I’m not talking about it.”

“Best not to ask him about where he grew up, Eoghan, Quentin’s younger days were a little rough and on some days we’re still trying to get over it all.”

“What’s this we thing? You guys met up here, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, but he’s my heart and soul and if he suffers I can’t help but suffer along with him.”

“Now that is really sweet and look at how he blushes. I didn’t think he could blush, he’s usually such an asshole towards people he doesn’t care about or really know or most mortals in general.”

“Am not.”

“Oh but you are.”

“Not as much as he used to be, it’s not nice to tease people, Eoghan, please be nice.”

“All right, all right. So Alexis was born in a tiny village of about a hundred people in the middle of nowhere, Quentin won’t talk about where he was born-“

“I was born here somewhere in France and I was kidnapped out of my cot and raised in Siberia.”

“Yikes, sorry Quentin, I didn’t mean to pry.”

“I was born in Beauvais a few hours south from here, I spent most of my life in an orphanage until I ran off and came up here. I think I honestly made it around the same time Quentin did.”

“You know, I knew we all had something troubling in our past but I didn’t know we all might be suffering from parental abandonment issues.”

“At times Eoghan I wish you could learn better vocabulary.”

“What? I’m just saying it as it is.”

Conversations like these are not all that uncommon between the friends. At times sensitive subjects are brought up and better ignored but now and again speaking of the past and discussing it as it is can help heal some wounds a little better. Reopen them briefly to get the bad out of them and then finally close them up as they should have been long ago.

Alexis has little memories of his time in the village where he was born. It was more of a settlement of houses all together around a main road with smaller pathways around all of the little houses. He was ten when he and his brother left. Walked for days and tried their best to make their dwindling food supply last until they found another village, somewhat bigger. They only stayed there long enough to beg for food before they were on their way again. They kept on walking until they found a bigger village, a small little town and found almost family there to welcome them in.

Eoghan on his end of the story partly grew up in the realms, when he was old enough to open the doorways on his own, he did, stepped out to wander out in the human world for a few hours but he never managed to go back, at least not before a hundred or so of his years had gone back and his control over the opening and closing of the portal had grown strong enough. By then, the realm had more or less been abandoned and he never was able to know whether or not they had looked for him. He still believes to this day that they did not. His mother had wanted a little girl. Every woman in his family had wanted girls, he had been one boy in a long line of girls.

Quentin’s past is something he prefers to not dwell on. How he knows or believes that he was taken from his cot is something he does not discuss though instincts are strong, especially in a weaver demon. Some believe that weavers will always know exactly where their roots are, who their parents will be if they know how to look for them. Quentin simply knows that his parents are, or maybe were, somewhere here, in France. It is why he kept on going, walking from one place to the other until he came to Dunkerque and settled. It wasn’t home but it wasn’t far, it was all he wanted.

Yael, like Quentin, has no idea as to who his parents might be. He was dropped off, the corny enough version, in an orphanage before he was old enough to even know the difference between night and day. The nuns he grew up with said he was found on the steps when he looked to barely be just a few days old. He stayed in the orphanage with the others until he was about twelve, maybe thirteen. It is the death of the only friend he had ever made, Sterling, who pushed him to running away, out of Beauvais and towards Dunkerque. To this day he has no idea why he picked that city but he’s glad he did.

“Well, this place has a lot of folks in it but it is quiet here on the outskirts so I can’t complain.”

“Why did you even move here in the first place?”

“I don’t honestly know, I felt some sort of pull. Like I needed to be here and I’m glad I did. I wouldn’t have met Quentin if I hadn’t and through him now I’ve met Yael and he’s adorably wonderful.”

“You’re just trying to make me blush and it won’t work, Eoghan.”

“Well, I think it’s working because your cheeks have this adorably rosy colour to them.”

“Aside the point! Let’s not forget Agni, Mira and Zora, they’re nice and I honestly really like them. They’re like us. It makes me realize that we’re not all alone in the world. I thought I was the only one who could have felt as different as I did when I grew up. Until I met Quentin, honestly.”

“There’s Armin too. He’s not completely like us but he’s a bit like us. I don’t know how long he’ll stay with us in the long run but I want to cherish this friendship. I want to cherish every little friendship I have in this group of ours.”

“Who knows, over time, others might come, I mean you have room for at least seven other people in this place and the apartment are still spacious as can be.”

“Could have been six apartments a floor really and it still would have been really spacious but I figured that four a floor was enough. I’m going to miss this place when we have to go. Not any time soon of course but you know.”

“I’m going to miss the garden. I’ve worked really hard to get it to where it is now.”

“And it is absolutely gorgeous, it will be a shame to leave it behind. We might manage to transplant some though, or maybe, and I’m saying this with a big maybe, we might be able to move it, box by box. I think the whole setup is separated in boxes, right?”

“Yeah, that’s how Quentin had it set up. Everything is in boxes, some are slighter, others are bigger but I guess, depending how it works for you to open that doorway, it might be easier to do box by box instead of trying to move the whole building as a whole.”

“We still have time, I’m sure we’ll figure things out. For now we can enjoy the peace and quiet of living on the edge of a not so small town.”

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