busy people

“I hate having to call these guys!” He hisses the words, the phone still to his ear as he paces left and right in the living room. Sitting on the couch, just watching him, amusement clear as day in his eyes, Alexis relaxes slightly. Pacing Eoghans are one of the world’s more amusing sides. Though he knows he shouldn’t be amused because his companion is having a hard time reaching their television company, he hardly can help himself. He loathes making these calls as much as Eoghan does, they’re always put on hold with the annoyingly chipper waiting music.

“People are busy, love. Little ants that scurry left and right. We should just drop the satellite and register for one of these online streaming companies where you can pretty much watch what you want when you want. They have online customer support.”

Rolling his eyes, Eoghan sighs and shakes his head. “When the internet drops, though it’s rare, it means no television.”

“Eoghan, when the weather is poor outside the signal for the satellite becomes weak and we don’t get anything on the screen either. I’m pretty sure we’ve had less internet drops than we’ve had satellite drops.” He’s not trying to change anyone’s mind, he merely is stating facts at this point. He had had himself an account with a streaming type company back in the states and it had worked absolute wonders, he knew the pros and cons of the idea.

After a few more minutes of pacing, Eoghan’s eyes finally light up and he walks to the window to stare out as he begins to explain the issue to whoever he had been transferred to. This is something else Alexis hates as much as anyone with any sanity left to them. ‘Oh we’re sorry, this is a case for such and such department, here let me transfer you.’ And then when they’re transferred it’s another case of ‘I’m sorry but we can’t help you with that, I’ll transfer you back to such and such and hopefully they’ll find out what the issue is.’

Their television still is not receiving any signal. The support center claims that the weather is blocking the satellite from doing its job. Eoghan takes one long look outside to the perfectly clear blue sky. He can even see the moon out there. “So much bullshit. They’ll try to rip us off if we cancel our plan though, you know?”

“It’s not like we can’t afford it and I can be the one to argue with them about this. I’ve done it before and it’s honestly easier to argue with these people than to try to convince a jury that this one particular guy who looks like he could kill us all is innocent and sweet as can be.” His words are quietly amused, he shakes his head and brings out the laptop, sitting it on the low table in their living room.

“I’m pretty sure the monthly fee for this streaming service is going to be less than what we’re paying now anyway. We’ll get to pick and watch the shows we want when we do watch them, no more waiting and checking the schedule to make sure we’re not missing out on something, sounds good?”

“Hey, you’re the one with the experience here so you decide. I’m just sick of having to deal with the incompetents who can’t even come around to fix what is most likely a poor wiring job done last time they were around to fix the issue after the rodents chewed their way through the lines.”

There is indeed an outrageous fee to pay with the disconnecting of their old television service, poor as it turned out to be. Alexis spends the next two hours arguing, albeit to most it would just be talking, really, with the poor sap on the other end of the line. Eoghan is aware that his lover has been transferred up and again a few times. He figures that there isn’t really anyone else he can be transferred to else someone wants him to speak directly to the big boss. Somehow he doubts that’s even possible in this day and age.

They have their minds now set on a particular online company that allows for direct streaming to the television. They can even watch it on their laptop and their phones if they feel like it but they both know it will be kept to the television. The installation will be quickly done and since their internet connection is set up through the new ‘fibre’ system, disconnections really should be rare, only when work needs done to fix an issue. The fibre system is underground, weather has no control over it and it is securely buried so rodents really have no chewing to do either. It has been a good service for the time they have had it to this point.

Finally off the phone, Alexis flops down with little grace onto their couch. He mutters and rubs his eyes before he reaches out to put the phone on the nearest flat surface he can find. “There still is a fee, but it’s now essentially down to the couple of months we had left on our contract this year before it was renewed. I told them we would be packing up whatever equipment we had of theirs and eventually shipping it back to them. It’s a good thing I kept track of all the times the service flunked.”

“How about some dessert to make it up to you for having to deal with these idiots?” Eoghan’s voice is low, smooth and he’s grinning as he crouches lightly next to his partner. Alexis lifts one arm away from his eyes, his brow quirked and he chuckles softly, his head shaken lightly.

“You’ve had to deal with them too, remember?”

“Not half as long as you but I guess that means we both deserve dessert. Let’s move this to where dessert can be had without fear of falling off places, yes?”

“To the bedroom it is.” Without warning, Alexis moves to his feet and sweeps Eoghan off his own before he’s walking towards their bedroom. The door clicking shut before Eoghan is eased to the bed.

“So now we’re free from the evil grasp of the satellite folks, we’ve had ourselves some more than relaxing time together to forget all about them. Now though I find myself feeling a little bit nibbly. I could have more dessert but I think we should eat something a bit more substantial, what do you say?” Settled in bed, Eoghan nestled comfortably against Alexis, his chin gently resting on a shoulder as he relaxes, more peaceful now than he had been upon waking up and realizing he had to call the satellite company.

“Sounds like a plan. We can have ourselves some real food and then come back for seconds of sugar-helping.” Alexis laughs softly and sits up, Eoghan moving to follow his motions. It will take them some time to get out of bed, slip on something over their bared selves but there is no one waiting for them out there today and they have all the time in the world.

The day had poorly started but now it was turning out to be just another one of those days where all that was needed was a small extra bit of love to make it all better.


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