As the worker at last steps away from the bathroom and to the door to let himself out, the two young men who have been watching from a few paces off finally step into the room. They both are silent, looking at their new shower with uncertainty. They aren’t sure if it has been a good idea to have the old shower replaced or not but it is now done and there really is no going back without a lot of hassle.

“What if it is complete crap?”

“We can’t know how it works unless we try it out. Eoghan made it pretty clear that this was the best thing around. It has so many functions to try out we’d run the heater out of hot water if we were in your old apartment. At least that’s what he said.”

“But what if it’s unnecessarily complicated?”

“Quentin, if we don’t like it, in the long run, we’ll just use mine. I think this is going to be worth checking out and I think it’s going to be wonderful. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be able to have a steam shower, or a rain shower or a waterfall one.” Yael’s voice still calm and smooth as he offers what might be the last word of their conversation about their uncertainties concerning this new shower.

He walks out of the bathroom, off to the front of the house where he locks the door out of habit more than anything else. Once he’s done, he looks around briefly, a content smile to his lips as the way his life is going is pleasing to him. He knows he couldn’t be happier.

He stretches and walks back out to their shared and now renovated bathroom. It had only taken a few hours. He stops in the doorway and looks over the bathroom as a whole. It doesn’t look any different. There isn’t any extra dust anywhere. The only difference he finds is when he looks at the large shower. Big enough to accommodate two. This is one of the reasons why he actually wanted this new shower. That and the idea of so many different ways to shower was a marvel to him.

“Come on, Quentin, I think this is going to be a time for discovery and there is absolutely no better time for discovery than the present!”

Laughing as the water falls over their heads in a warm rain, Yael closes his eyes and cants his head back. He had to try to convince Quentin of joining him in the shower for at least an hour before he had finally decided to shed his clothes and step in.

Quentin is quiet under the shower, though Yael hardly worries, the glimpse he had of his lover before he closed his eyes showed him a man who was trying to wrap his mind around how it was possible at all to have rain indoor. This was a new development and Yael loved every bit of it.

He lets out a startled laugh when arms curl about him. He opens his eyes and cants his head lightly to look at Quentin, standing behind him, his arms secure about Yael’s waist and his head against the back of a shoulder. Yael breathes another sigh and relaxes. This is a good thing really.

“Let’s try out the other functions.” They are clearly marked out just above each control mechanism and Yael finds himself glad for that. One of Quentin’s arguments about not stepping into the shower had been that things would be complicated and that they wouldn’t know what they were in for. The digital panel made it all perfectly simple.

Turning to the control panel, Yael studies it for a moment before he changes the fall of the water from rain to waterfall. He gasps in surprise when the near instant change takes place and he finds both himself and Quentin under a waterfall. He laughs and once more closes his eyes, his lips curling into a pleased smile as he can hear Quentin chuckle softly beside him. He knows this change in their lives is going to take some getting used to but it’s a good sort of getting used to.

They spend a little more than an hour in the shower, experimenting with the different ways the water can shower over them and then settling back on either side of the shower area for a bit of a steam experience. This is absolutely new for the both of them and Yael is pleased as can be when Quentin talks about how much he is looking forward to their next shared shower. Colour of course finds Yael’s cheeks as he knows that desire is only half for the shower, half for the exploration they allowed themselves to have.

Standing in the warm bathroom, each lightly scrubbing their hair to a comfortable level of dryness, they stay quiet, simply thinking back on their last hour and on how thankful they are for their new shower. It is such a mundane thing for most, a change of shower but for them this is a new experience, a new step into life and understanding just what it is about it all that makes it worth living.

“Still think it is evil incarnate and we’ll have to use my bathroom?” Yael’s voice finally breaks the silence, his words are quietly amused as he rubs himself dry then runs the towel through his hair one last time to make sure it is as dry as he can get it at this point.

“Well, it doesn’t beat the quiet moments we have using the pool but it is pretty nice. I feel relaxed and peaceful and some of the aches I had are gone, my nose is clear and so on.” He laughs softly and hangs his towel to dry.

Yael chuckles and shakes his head. “This and the pool are two completely different things, Quentin and we both know this. Apples and oranges, blueberries and raisins and so on.”

Sticking his tongue out, Quentin snickers but steps to his lover, hugging him close for several moments. He still has a hard time believing he can have these moments with Yael. He never thought the somewhat younger demon would ever return those feeling he feels so strongly anchored in him.

Of course, in Yael’s mind, much the same is going on though he knows he is the lucky one. His life experience had let him learn about more things, had allowed him to discover a wider range of emotions, he had fallen for Quentin almost from the moment they had met, it had been a waiting and discovering game after that. One day following the other.

“I don’t know about you but I think all this steam and relaxation and exercise,” he blushes at that last word, “has worn me to bits. I could do with a bit of rest.”

Quentin nods at those words, as if they are the wisest words in the world and he releases Yael albeit not completely. He curls his fingers about the other’s own and together they step out of the bathroom and into the bedroom where the sheets are pulled back slightly. Both settle on their sides, the sheets are pulled up and Yael moves to curl against Quentin’s side, nestling his head against that shoulder before he closes his eyes to Quentin curling his arm about his waist.

Life is precious, he knows. He appreciates every single day to the best of his ability.


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