“Alexis said that all these little things, like the train ticket and taxis and meals and his hotel stays when he was out of the city, they were all paid back to him by his boss.” Yael’s voice is thoughtful, his words random in what had been a quiet moment spent staring out the window of their moving bus. “They’re called expenses, it’s when you have to do things for your job but it costs you some money so they pay you back.”

“Lex is rich, it’s not like he couldn’t afford all these things by himself.” Quentin yawns, leaning his head back against the window briefly. He settles the hood of his jacket over his hair a little more comfortably.

“Quentin, you’re rich and at times you complain about having to pay for bus fares because you think they should be free.” His voice is amused as he shifts in his seat to better look outside, they almost are at their destination.

“That is because I think public transport should be free. Not everyone can afford to pay for this and everyone should have a way of getting from point A to point B.” To his mind, it is an idea that make sense, really. He knows that there needs to be gas paid for and oil changes and all the rest. They already take so much out of everyone’s regular pay check (this he learned from Eoghan when the man had been talking about it) that he believes they could just use the taxpayer’s money instead.

“They still need to pay their drivers and for gas and repairs and the rest. At least it’s not all that expensive. I’ve heard of places where the price of the bus ticket really was unreal.” Yael shrugs and reaches out to request a stop, the next one is theirs.

“We still haven’t decided what we’re going to call them.” Browsing the aisles together, trying to find more formula along with more food for their fully grown boys. Yael crouches and picks up one of the biggest grain free pouch of cat food the store has, he carefully cops it into their cart.

“I don’t know, Yael. We already have two and they’re constantly taking off with our things-“

“No they’re not and we both know this. They did this recently because they were building that nest of sort for the kittens, otherwise they’ve never once touched our clothes. They’re full of energy, they play a lot, they’re affectionate as can be. I don’t see how a few more might hurt. I’m the one doing the cleaning after them anyway, come on, Quentin. We can’t just drop those off at a pet shop, I’d feel terrible not knowing that they’re going to a really good home.”

“We’ll need to get them fixed.”

“I have an appointment set up with the vet in a couple of days, Eoghan said he would take me, at that point at least I’ll know about how old they are, how they’re doing and I’ll set up an appointment to have them fixed.” They still browse the aisles, looking for what they do usually buy. Yael notices their regular litter sand container and he puts it in the cart.

“We need to get ourselves a grocery caddy or something. Before long we’ll need two boxes of litter sand at once and even though the bus drops us off about two corners away from home, dragging these back is going to be back-breaking.”

“That or I talk Eoghan into driving us around on cat-grocery day but a grocery caddy of sorts could be helpful. I found the formula.”

“I’m sure we’ll figure out names in time.” Quentin grunts slightly as he puts the box of litter sand down in the proper room. He straightens and grumbles softly about heavy lifting. Yael rolls his eyes at him but kisses his cheek with a soft chuckle.

“I may be somewhat taller than you but you’re just barely bulkier and you’re much stronger than I’ll ever hope to be, that is why you more or less always end up on litter duty. Plus, the bag if food isn’t all that lighter than the sand, it’s just shaped differently.” He sticks out his tongue as he cuts the bag open and empties its content into the container they keep for that. Next to it, he settles a new container that came in through the mail and into it goes the second bag, food for the kittens. He knows he’ll have to keep track of the food until the kittens are big enough to eat the same thing as their boys.

“As for finding names, the sooner might be better, by visiting the vet, I’ll be getting their papers. I suppose he can leave them empty in the name space for me to fill in but I would just feel better if we had something to call them other than ‘kitten’. I feel like we’re just being really vague about them.”

“You are such a softy. People wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at you but you are an absolute softly.” Quentin chuckles before he pads to the corner of the room to look in on their little one. They have temporary set a gate in front of the door to keep the newly wandering kittens from getting out of the area. Areli and Lavi both know how to get around the blocked entryway by simply jumping over it, not something their owners are much worried about.

“I may be a softy but at least it’s for all the right reasons.” Yael follows Quentin to the felines and they both settle down, just checking in as it is, making sure none of them are showing signs of illness to the best of their ability. It isn’t much but at least they try.

After a few moments, they leave the kittens be. The twins headed back across to their apartment the moment they came back through the door. Yael is rather glad for Eoghan’s idea asking them to help, otherwise he knows both he and Quentin would have been dead on their feet a couple of weeks back already.

The little balls of fur have adapted quickly to their new surroundings though Yael is most certain that they had been too young when they somehow appeared in their home—they had never found out where their boys might have found their way out of how the kittens were brought in—to really have known any other form of comfort.

Areli and Lavi both spend plenty of their times near the little ones, as if to protect them from the world outside though there isn’t much to be protected from within the walls of their own home. Still it is sweet to think that these two usually so rambunctious cats were so calm and protective. It was warming.

As Yael steps into the waiting car, he sets carefully down into the back of the car the cat carrier he had ordered. He made sure it was fully padded with a towel on the inside for the comfort of its occupants. He sighs and rubs his eyes lightly. He murmurs a soft thanks to Eoghan who starts the somewhat short drive to the vet who will be looking these ever growing kittens up.

“So, have you two found names for them yet?” He looks to his tired passenger briefly before turning his gaze back towards the quiet road ahead of them. “You look exhausted, everything all right?”

“No names yet, we can’t seem to find anything we both like for them.” Yael pauses and looks into the back briefly. “One of them got sick overnight so I mostly spent my hours with it to make sure it was okay. Doing better this morning, even ate like the rest of its siblings, I’m just tired. Thank you for driving me.”

“That’s what friends do.”


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