Spending time outside over the past week has been impossible. Unless of course your name turned out to be Mira, then you were happy as can be and you spent the better part of your time outside as rain first trickled about, then poured, then trickled once more.

However, Alexis’s name sounds nothing like Mira and obviously he isn’t the young boy who has been trying to drag his fire-gifted brother out into the warm rain of early June. Alexis and rain have a history that he cares little about. While he doesn’t mind being out in it, he rather prefers staying inside where he can be dry and comfortable.

Getting up in the mornings with the skies still coloured grey and the raindrops finding their pathways blocked by windows is something Alexis finds more than a little difficult. While he cares little for the idea of being out in the rain, listening to it while he’s inside, sipping usually a cup of tea or, at time when they find a really high quality coffee, a cup of that.

He knows he can lounge in bed all he wants, he has no commissions, he has nothing waiting for him on that particular day. Even with Eoghan not at his side, something that usually upsets him somewhat as he likes his lover close to him while they’re in bed, he knows that he could stay in his bed all day long, thanks to the soft sound of the rain against the window settled not far from his side of the bed.

The side his lover occupies however is cold and he humphs slightly. Usually he is a light enough sleeper to be aware when Eoghan slips out of bed but he figures that the rain really has kept him quietly peaceful and deeply asleep.

As he closes his eyes and prepares to let his still drowsy mind slip back to the recesses of his sleep world, something draws his attention away from the darkness and closer to the light that he does not feel completely ready to welcome. He quiets and breathes, taking in the sounds and scents of his surroundings and whatever it is that is pulling him comes again.

Sitting up, he leans back against the pillows and tries to clear his mind. He blocks out the rain against the window and focuses once more. There it is again. Not a sound, no, it’s not something he hears, it clearly is something his nose is picking up though he isn’t quite sure of what it might be.

He knows it isn’t fire, he knows that scent too well and fire, like water, are two things he tries to control unless it really is absolutely out of his hands.

Finally, he slips out of bed with a sigh and locates his boxers to at least put them on. He knows better than to wander bare in the house, even if it is just that, his house. They could have guests though he hears nothing so he doubts it.

In the kitchen, Eoghan is carefully patting down finely ground coffee into its little container. Once he’s done, he puts it into the machine and turns it on once more. For a proper coffee with this machine, unless he buys the brand name cups, requires two filled reusable cups of regular coffee. Though what he is brewing is nothing regular. The scent of it makes his mouth water. He usually cares little for coffee but at times he comes upon a very special blend, a special roast, a special something and he buys a little back.

All is quiet in the house so he rather clearly hears the slightly shuffling steps of his lover as he walks out of their bedroom and into the warm but dimly lit kitchen. He chuckles and waits until the machine is done before he pours out two cups, one for himself, one for his life companion and he pushes the second cup carefully to the near edge of the counter.

“I don’t recall ever smelling anything quite that rich before.” His voice is soft, still husky from sleep. He reaches for the cup offered to him and brings it closer to his nose to breathe in the aroma. This was new to him. Coffee was just one of those things he knew about after years of wandering left and right, years of learning about the world as a whole and this was a whole new discovery.

Eoghan smiles, a pleased little smile that settles easily on his lips. “I thought you might like it. I saw it in the shop, it was a new sort of thing, they only had a few bags since they didn’t know how well it was going to sell. I took one. The way they worded it made it sound interesting and when I opened it up earlier I could tell it was going to be a nice cup.”

“Coming from you, this says a lot but it does smell rich and wonderful. It has an undertone of something, I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

“You were going to laze in bed all day.” Eoghan’s voice is quietly amused as they sit side by side in the living room. There is no music, no television, just the soft sound of the rain against their windows.

“I was comfortable and the rain was keeping me adrift on the dream wagon.” He sips at his cup and closes his eyes. He savours the taste of a brand of coffee he knows he will not drink often but it is wonderful. Coffee is for special occasions as far as he’s concerned and those are far and few in-between. Everything is special for him, so long as he has Eoghan but special occasions really have to stand out. “You abandoned me anyway.”

Shrugging, Eoghan quirks a brow as he sips at his cup himself. Just a little milk in his, barely. Alexis likes his black. “I was awake and no matter what I tried I couldn’t get back to sleep. You might not want to believe me but I did try to actually wake you up.”

Alexis quirks a brow and chuckles softly, a low, amused sound. “Rain does put me into that realm of almost impossible to wake up. You could have doused me with water.”

“Oh sure, and then you would have grumped and grumbled at me for the rest of the day, reminding me about how rain is supposed to stay outside and not inside.”

Their banter is soft spoken, playful. They both know that none of what has happened until coffee was served is all that important. There is nothing forcing either one of them to stay in bed or get up. No contract or statement to prove that either one of them has wrong the other in any way. They have been together too long to even really argue anymore, though of course it happens once in a blue moon. It never lasts long.

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