hopelessly romantic

He laughs warmly as he steps into the house. At first the sight of the red petals on the floor confuse him, he imagines them as large blood stains in the darkened foyer but closer inspection leads him to realize they are indeed petals. His realizing that had brought forth his laughter. He carefully walks around the petals and into the kitchen where they lead, though their pathways only round the kitchen island and then disappear to the bedroom.

He stops in the kitchen, knowing he should be following the pathway but not quite yet ready to. His lover can wait a moment more, even if he knows that it is rare for him to show his absolutely, hopelessly romantic side. It is sweet and it would only take a moment, is what he told himself.

It did only take a moment, he unpacked his bag of groceries, putting to the fridge what he had bought and to the pantry the dry items. He folded away the bag, putting it with the rest in its little storage space. Done with that, he looked at the petals on the floor once more and he shook his head. His lips were set in an almost permanent smile since he had stepped inside. It was so absolutely sweet of Eoghan to go through all of this.

There isn’t even a special occasion to celebrate, he knows all those dates by heart. The day they met, the day Eoghan declared his affection, the day they officially came to be two halves of a whole and so many others. Today is just a day like all the others. Though to them every day is special and cherished. On some days, cherishing the moment comes in the shape of cuddling nearly all day, on others, it seems, it comes down to petals scattered on the floor, leading him to their bedroom where he knows Eoghan is waiting for him, more than likely bared.

The thought thrills him.

He does find Eoghan on the bed though the younger demon is asleep, dozed off peacefully. Alexis smiles at the sight and shakes his head. He knows he had promised a short trip and he supposes it is reason enough to have wanted to celebrate. This trip had been his first two days away since they had been reunited.

“I promised you I’d be home early but everything was delayed, I’m so sorry.” He murmurs the words tenderly as he moves to tuck his lover under the covers. The petals can stay where they are for the time being, they are not causing any trouble. A single candle still burns on the dresser and he leaves it be.

He undresses,puts his clothes away and slips between the covers, settling next to his one and only. Eoghan is the only one who has ever had his heart so utterly. There have been many bodies, so many shared his bed though only ever during the time they were apart, never when they were together. Not one of them was as good for him and his soul as Eoghan is.

Come morning, he feels the younger demon shift slightly against his shoulder. He feigns sleep for the time being. His shoulder is kissed, the touch is light and loving. The arm over his waist settles again, as does the weight against his side. It seems the next few hours would be spent in bed. This isn’t something he can complain about. He adores every peaceful moment he gets with Eoghan, no matter where they might be.

A few hours pass before the sleepy bundle at his side shifts once more. Rolls away and nearly rolls off the bed. Alexis laughs softly and Eoghan startles into awareness, stopping just inches from dropping off of the bed. He looks at the petals still on the folded comforter, the petals on the floor, leading out from their bedroom and into the rest of the house. There even was a trail leading to their bedroom, this one Alexis hadn’t noticed the night before.

“I missed you.” Settling against Alexis’s side once more, Eoghan closes his eyes and breathes in the scent of his companion. His lips quirk into a pleased smile and he closes his eyes. This is as peaceful as it can be and he loves these moments to no end.

“I only was gone for two days.” Alexis pauses and lightly ruffles Eoghan’s hair, the man huffing and swatting at him half-heartedly. “But I missed you too. I’m sorry I came back so late. The flight was delayed, my phone battery died before I realized it and because I could charge it on the plane. Taxi I got on ended up with a flat tire and they had to call someone else and just, ugh. So much happened I’m just glad I’m here with you.”

Laughing sleepily, a gentle sort of sound, Eoghan nuzzles Alexis’s shoulder. “Did you find out more about what you went looking for?”

“I found plenty, so many things I can now add to my recipes, I even brought back a few of the ingredients I got from there.”

There, Eoghan’s eyes widen and he sits up straighter. “You managed to bring in food from another country?”

Snickering, Alexis shakes his head and flops back down to the bed, stretching with a yawn. “Not on the plane. I just packed what I was hoping to get my hands on while I was there and shipped it to myself here, it should get here in the afternoon, really.”

“I know you’re magic but I didn’t expect you to be able to bring any food of any kind back with you on the plane, they’re so stingy about that kind of thing.” Eoghan grumps softly, remembering a time when he had been hoping to bring a particular plant back so he could set it into his own small little inner garden but they had refused him that much. He could understand that they didn’t want the plant to take over and all but still it had been one very sucky situation. If only he’d had thought of shipping some of the seeds to himself!

“I wish I had come home early enough to be able to appreciate the beauty of the setup you prepared, love. It looks wonderful even though I admit I thought you’d bled away on the floor when I first stepped in. These petals in the dark really do look like huge splats of blood.”

Eoghan’s eyes widen again as he takes in that information. The shocked look fades within moments as he starts to laugh and before long the laughter is almost hysterical, his arms are curled around his stomach and he’s folded in half as he tries to stop laughing at the mental image.

Eventually he does quiet down though not before his ribs hurt from all of laughing. “I just wanted to do something special for your return home, I’d even set up the tub with petals and water and candles, oils and the rest.”

Alexis sighs softly as he realizes what he’s missed but he knows they can more than make up for it, he’s not much worried about that. They do have until nearly the end of time and every day is a day cherished and appreciated. “How are we picking these petals up?”

“Broom and dust bucket thing. I think we might clog the vacuum if we try to gobble those up that way. The floor is clean, we could just sweep them up and put them somewhere to dry them. Maybe we could make potpourri with them?”

“Maybe, that might actually be a nice idea. Not sure about the ones in the tub though, we’ll see.”

“Oh hell I never drained the tub.”

“Not the end of the world, that. We’ll do that in a while, for now I still want to appreciate having you up close and personal to me. I’ve missed you so much.”

“Missed you more.”

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