something breaks

It never was meant to happen this way. Sadly, life tends to take things the way it wants, not even once perhaps thinking—can life even really think?—that others might have made plans before, that they might have wanted these events to unfold in just a certain way. No amount of moaning of whining or crying will ever really change anything now, it is a matter of waiting and letting be, of healing.

Zora’s habit of taking her brothers to the hill for their little run had settled. Once a week or so, usually on Saturdays as it was the first day of her weekend from work. Their routine was simple, they took the bus early in the morning, bundled or not depending on what the weather was like and got off at the proper stop before they walked quietly, for the most part waking up along with the nature that surrounded them, to the foot of the hill they would run up.

She told them to think really hard on what they wanted for dinner that night before she started quietly on her way up, walking. She had no desire to run, the running was for them, it made them use up energy though their little job, a few hours a week at this point, at the library was a good start when it came to using up all that bottled up energy.

Once at the top she called out to them to gather their attention, signalled for them to start running and sat back on the lonely table there at the top. She figured that there weren’t a lot of people actually willing to climb the hill to get to its top. It was such a shame, the view was absolutely beautiful, breath-taking in the early mornings when the sun still was low enough on the horizon to throw colours out and about as if it didn’t care.

It took her brothers time to climb up the hill and it really was what she was after. It was almost steep, it required attention and a lot of energy. She didn’t know whether or not they planned who got to the top first though she figured they might since one week it was Agni, the other it was Mira, then back to Agni, then Mira again. It didn’t matter, so long as they had fun on their climb up.

The air had been quiet, she knew they were moments from reaching the top when she heard the sudden cry. She moved quickly from her spot at the table to the edge of the hilltop to look down, right as she heard an answering cry of ‘MIRA!’. Dread filled her as she saw her youngest brother tumbling down the hill, narrowly avoiding a tree here, a spot of rocks there though near the end he did smash into a bundle of trees with a cry and went absolutely still.

Agni was already on the careful way down to reach his brother when she started slowly down the hill. She hated having to take her time but knew that rushing could get her into a situation similar to her brother at that point. She didn’t want to think about what might have happened or on what his foot might have slipped.

It seemed to take forever for her to join her brothers at the near foot of the hill. Agni had turned Mira carefully onto his back. He was breathing and conscious but his brow was warm with pained fever and she didn’t like the angle of his leg, not one little moment. She knew he would heal quick but if the leg wasn’t set properly it wouldn’t heal right and—well she didn’t want to think about it.
She only took a moment to look her brother over before she managed to squash her panic down. She gulped down a little sob as she straightened. “You keep him still, don’t move him. I’m going to call Alexis, he’ll come get us.”

She did vaguely remember that the man had mentioned knowing others like them. One in particular was a doctor, they were not close friends, he had said, but she owed him a few favours. The woman was fascinated with how slowly humans healed and what they did, or not, heal from.

Rushing down to the nearest grounded telephone, she dug through her small bag to locate the booklet in which she kept the so very few phone numbers she now knew she could call.

It was a painfully long half-hour until she recognized the familiar car as it pulled into the parking lot. It was a van more than a car she knew but she saw most small vehicles as ‘cars’ more than anything else at that point in her life.

From within the insides of the dark vehicle, both Alexis and Eoghan came out. She went to meet them, walking back at their sides as they went slightly up the hill to meet up with her still brother. Agni had managed to roll their slight pack and set it beneath his head, at least to give him that much comfort.

Mira had not complained once or uttered much of anything since he had been joined at his landing spot.

Agni, not caring to leave his brother’s side, did move away when Eoghan gently asked him to. He knelt on one of Mira’s side while Alexis looked down at him, his eyes filled with gentle concern. Eoghan carefully checked him over, not quite a doctor himself but having been hurt enough in his lifetime to be able to at least check a few basic things.

“His arm is broken, Doc’s going to need to fix that, a few fingers might be sprained but that’s minor, his legs look all right but his ribs might be bruised, it’s hard to tell. Of course he’ll heal quick but he needs looked over anyway.” His voice was soft but warm, there was a gentle smile to his lips as he carefully finished looking Mira over to the best of his ability.

“Can you walk, Mira?” The boy stared for a long moment before he gave a slow, uncertain nod. It was worth a try.

“All right, I’ll slip my hand under your shoulders to help you up. Normally I’d just pick you up completely but I don’t know how bad your ribs really are. In three, two, one-” He moved as carefully as he could to get the teenager on his feet and not one did Mira actually complain about the pain. He was steady on his feet and Eoghan let Agni step to his brother’s side.

Alexis was on the phone while they walked, calling in to their doctor friend to warn her that they had an incoming visitor.

Once back home, Mira just lightly drugged on natural herbs, things seemed to be easier, everyone breathed calmly. She had thanked both Alexis and Eoghan when they had walked them back up to their door, dropping off some specially mixed herbal tea along the way before they had both gone back up to their own floor.

Agni had seen to settling his brother in his bed, undressing him until he was comfortable in the clothes he wore and tucking him in securely. Several sprained fingers, a lot of bruises and cuts, a broken arm, bruised ribs. The cuts and bruises were already mostly healed and the worst of it all would be done healing in a week at most. Agni knew he would work twice as hard at the library to make up for his brother not being there, though not being with him would pain him terribly. It was for the best. All he could do for Mira is let him rest.


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