The garden was coming to life again. It had suffered over the past week or so, there had been a break in one of the watering lines and everything had dried out, gone yellow and nearly died. Yael had, thankfully, found the break and they had managed to fix it before the damage done to this one area of the garden had been beyond repair.

It had been hard work bringing life back to the beauty of this area since these plants and flowers had always been finicky, his most difficult area. He knew he had a lot of plants that essentially needed no care, grew by themselves and he only needed to gather and trim now and again. These however, the ones that had lacked in water for a while week while they were used to the slow drip-drop of the water lines were different.

“You’ve outdone yourself, Yael. The garden looks even more beautiful now than it did before.”

“I don’t know, I think it still could be better but the plants are starting to flower again so I’m glad for that. I’m just really happy that I found the break in time. I don’t know that I could have gotten these guys to grow from scratch again.” They both looked over the garden for a long moment before they walked away, knowing that a rest was so very deserved at that point.

“At times I wonder what it would be like to live in the forest. Though maybe more in the jungle, with ferns and lianas and you’d have to watch where you set foot or you might walk on some growing plant. Just everything green, you know?” Quentin had quirked a brow, his head canted slightly to the side as he finished cleaning up their meal plates. This wasn’t the first time Yael brought up that idea and it always surprised him.

“For all the green or for all the heat?”

“Both I guess but mostly for all those plants, could you imagine what I could discover? The kind of new plants that we could find and everything else, I think it would have been wonderful to have been born somewhere where there are jungles.” He laughed softly and shrugged. “I know you don’t much like the cold, not after—well, you know. So I think that maybe you’d like the heat of the jungle. Not that I want to move out there into the heat of who knows where, it really is just a thought, nothing more.”

Thoughts and nothing more could get them dreaming, after all, it couldn’t hurt anyone at all.

They had also been watching mostly documentaries on jungles lately. It was their way of discovering the world, of learning more about things they knew they wouldn’t be looking into just yet. There was a lot of things they couldn’t do, mostly because of the presence of now seven cats in the house. Those cats would not be immortal, it would break their hearts once their life lines would be cut but after that, after mourning, they could travel.

No plans were made, making plans this early on was like trying to decide when things were meant to happen. Their ideas were written down but they were vague ideas and notions, nothing that actually meant much when you looked at the list as a whole: ‘jungle, green, heat, great wall’. The list did go on like that. Really, if they had their way, it was likely they would travel the whole world before settling again.

“Do you think that maybe I’m a plant demon?” The words had come out of the blue as they had just settled in bed, Yael’s head comfortably against Quentin’s shoulder. He wasn’t quite exhausted yet though he was tired and worn, his body ached and reminded him of the hard work he had done to make sure his garden remained as beautiful as it was meant to be. At least in his eyes.

Quentin stayed quiet for a long moment, pondering the question. It was something he had wondered about but never really to the point of wanting to ask about it. He knew that none of them at this point really knew much about their parents though only he and Yael really didn’t know their roots. Agni, Mira and Zora had had some time with their families before it all went to hell. He knew the same could be said for Eoghan and Alexis had been alive long enough that the man must have known enough about his gift.

He knew he could weave, create materials in the most beautiful of shades and texture but still he could remember what he had been told when he had gone back to Siberia and had essentially been kidnapped. Yael was a different story, there really was no knowing what he was. He had a gift for plants, yes, but he had a gift for art just the same, when his muse didn’t deny him its attention, which it had been doing quite a fair bit lately.

“I don’t know, Yael. It’s possible, I mean you have a way with plants, I don’t think most of what’s up there is supposed to grow as quickly as it does. Maybe you’re part earth-demon, it’s really hard to tell. I don’t know that we should be spending too much time thinking about that, it’ll just lead us around in circles.”

He had shifted, pressed his lips to Yael’s forehead in a gentle touch before closing his eyes. He knew he wouldn’t sleep before his companion was well asleep himself but he was resting, relaxing. Slowly letting his body drift into the realm of dreams. It was a slow process, one he was more than used to, after all.

No answers came to his words and Yael simply settled a little more comfortably. He closed his eyes in turn, his breathing settling after a few moments. The slightly younger demon had worked hard to get the garden back to its former glory though Quentin saw it as a renewed glory, it looked better than it had before. Maybe it was just in the way he saw things. Anything Yael did was glorious in the long run.

Neither one of them woke up during the night, it was a peaceful, dreamless sort of few hours where they rested peacefully. Too often either one of them, though usually Yael, would wake in the middle of their sleep, jarred awake by the remains of a dream that had been either too close to some hidden truths or just plain nightmares from things he had tried hard to forget. Not this night, this night was one of peace and calm, of green jungles and discovery trips.


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