it’s all a sham

Shopping channels, the bane of a lot of people’s lives. Or at least, that was how he saw it all. He had never bought anything from them but he had heard stories. He had lived long enough amongst people and helping them with their lawsuits to know better than to believe that most of what shopping channels were trying to sell was legitimate.

Sure, some of these bits and pieces were worth people’s time but it was a very small portion of everything everyone tried to sell. Most objects had their use but marketing went so far with their campaign that the basic point of most items was overshadowed by everything else.

He had been trying to explain his point to the younger demon for the past fifteen minutes and he wasn’t sure if he was getting through. He knew Yael was smart enough to wrap his mind around most things he was told about, bright enough to make his own wise decisions about things but at times it was like the light just wasn’t on about these things. He didn’t know if it was endearing or annoying at that point.

“But it does what it’s supposed to, right? It untangles hair.” His voice was thoughtful as he looked at the paused image on the television. Alexis wasn’t even sure why they had a shopping channel in their bundle as it was, it made no sense from what he’d seen before.

“It does untangle hair, but then they go on saying that you won’t pull any hair loose when you do it and that it’s painless. Any brush, used properly, can be painless. We lose hair every single day of our lives and brushing properly does not tear hair out, so even if you use their brush, you’ll find lost hair in the teeth. The basic idea is fair, it’s a hair brush, I can agree to that but the rest is a sham.”

“What’s a sham?” Yael’s bright, blind-looking eyes (though Alexis knew better) turned to him, wide in curiosity. There were still some words the young man had never heard before, these tended to amuse Alexis most of the time, it was like teaching a child about something new.

“A sham is essentially something that is not what it is purported to be.”

“You mean supposed, right?”

“Nope, I meant purported.”

“What’s purported means?”

He heard a soft snicker in the background and turned. He quirked a brow at Eoghan as he merely sat a few paces away, listening to them but not chiming in. Alexis supposed it was an amusing enough situation and he was smack dab in the middle of it. He wasn’t angry yet, not even close, he wasn’t even exasperated yet. This was a good thing.

“The verb itself is purport though it can be used as a noun. It means to appear to be or do something falsely.”

Yael’s face still was somewhat blank after the explanation and Alexis shook his head with a gentle chuckle of his own.

“Yael, long story short, in this case a sham is false advertisement. They’re trying to sell you something that doesn’t do exactly what they claim.”


“Yael.” Quentin’s voice quiet, amused as well though he shook his head. “Think of it this way, they say the brush doesn’t rip out hair, okay, but they say that you’ll never find lost hair in your brush which isn’t the truth since we all lose hair naturally every day. It’s like that but a bit more complicated.”

Still frowning slightly, trying to make sense of what he had been told, Yael nodded eventually and sighed. “It’s complicated but I guess I sorta understand what it’s about.”

“So how much more time would you have spent on trying to explain to him what a sham was if he’d kept on going on with his ‘but’ moments?” Eoghan snickered softly as he settled against his companion and lover. Just the two of them on their couch with quiet music playing in the background. They had left the other pair alone after a few hours spent together. It had been board-game your. The discussion had only happened because the television had been on at the shopping channel.

“I don’t know, the poor guy honestly didn’t seem to grasp what I was trying to tell him but I guess I can’t claim he’s just slow, all of these things in the world are still new things to him and he’s adapting well enough that I can’t fault him. I’m just glad Quentin stepped in else we might still have been going at it.” He sounded amused though a little worn. The night before had been somewhat short for him though he never would complain about his short nights.

They were far and few in-between and that was really the only thing that mattered. So long as he go more rest on the following night. “But really, these hairbrushes are all shams. I understand that they do the basic thing they’re supposed to but beyond that there’s nothing else. They lie about how certain colours are for certain hair types, they’re all identical and it’s just a marketing idea to get them sold, it’s just sad, really.”

“Well, don’t think about it anymore. I know what a sham is and I know how to avoid one most of the time.”

Alexis laughed and shook his head, settling his chin to Eoghan’s shoulder gently. “Most of the time, you say, I guess that’s right. You did get caught up in one of those shams a few years ago-“

“How do you know about that?” They had been apart at that point, each living more or less on opposite ends of the planet.

Alexis sighed gently and closed his eyes. “Eoghan, it’s not because we weren’t together that I didn’t try to keep an eye on you. I know I should have let you know I was but I felt wrong. I didn’t spy on your private moments though I know you didn’t really have any when we weren’t together but I did get track of you in some ways. I didn’t want us to be completely apart, I just needed a bit of time, that’s all.”

Eoghan shook his head, the somewhat bitter smile that had been on his lips faded to nothing. He merely let himself grow mostly lax against his lover. It didn’t matter, the past was gone and they had the present and all of the future ahead of them to make up for the time they had lost, that time he didn’t want to think about, the time he knew his lover had seen other people though it had only been for single nights and only ever for the physicality of the act.

“You’re forgiven” He breathed the words softly and felt Alexis shudder lightly in relief. The arms about his waist tightened and he closed his eyes with a sweet sort of note. This was where he belonged.

“Plus, it was just for a brief moment, I tried, I failed and I let it go. It wasn’t my kind of thing. I guess I mostly missed the idea of running my own business and it had seemed like a good idea at the time. I know that’s not the case now, it was nothing like running my own business.” He shrugged and yawned, shifting just so to be able to settle more comfortably against his lover.

“For now, we have the present and only the present really matters, I have you, you have me, we’re together, end of the discussion. Nothing about us is sham-like and that’s just that.”

Alexis laughed softly and shook his head, he leaned his head down to kiss Eoghan. There were plenty of other things one could do instead of talking at this point and he was interested in something a little more physical.


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