wonder woman

Once a week they meet up still, they decide on the region where their meal will be from and what movie they will watch. At times they will settle for several commercial-free episodes of a particular series. Horror movies are usually kept for weekend meals, mostly when Zora doesn’t have to work for the following day and doesn’t have to worry about her brothers having nightmares, though they never have had to this day any nightmares following horror movies.

Today’s meal was of Grecian origins and the movies were actually episodes from an animated series that none of them had really heard about. The twins found it through the queue.

“Why is she wearing so little?”

“I don’t honestly know, Agni. Most female super heroes I’ve ever seen have never worn much, I suppose it’s in the appeal that beautiful women shouldn’t cover up or something but I feel it’s in poor choice. There is nothing to really protect her from harm while she’s wearing these outfits, unless somehow she manages to block or counter ever blow that comes her way.” Eoghan, whose small collection of comic books is old and actually in the library they have at the back with Alexis’s things. They are so old that they are in plastic sleeves and mostly just looked at and not so much read.

“It’s stupid.”

“I admit it is. If I were a woman, I wouldn’t really want to wear that kind of thing. I think I’d be too self conscious to really step outside wearing that anyway.” He laughs softly and shakes his head, reminding himself that it was perhaps best to not watch that kind of thing again. The animation style was strange and he couldn’t really bring himself to care about the characters though he’d ‘met’ most of them before through his comic books.

“What about you, Zora? Your thoughts on our heroine’s choice of clothes?”

The only woman in their group shrugs and snorts softly. “It’s impractical. I mean I get she’s supposed to be this great Amazonian warrior but that outfit is just flat out impractical. It doesn’t cover anything and doesn’t protect her.”

Most of their thoughts during the whole viewing of the episodes center on the heroine’s inability to find proper clothes though they all know, sadly, that it isn’t so much the heroine’s fault as the basic idea behind her character’s setup is that way. Still it ruins most of the evening’s viewing.

“Isn’t there a way to block animated stuff from being viewable on this thing?” Alexis’s voice quiet as he looks through the settings on their player.

“Not everything that is animated is bad, you know?” Eoghan, quietly amused, stands at his side, just watching him for the time being. He knows that most of their evening after the meal was spent going on about how the heroine’s choices of battle clothes was poor, it hadn’t been a good evening. The meal itself however had been wonderful and he was glad he’d outdone himself yet again.

“Name me one animated movie that doesn’t suck.”

“Just about anything from Miyazaki? I mean, there’s Princess Mononoke, there’s Sprited Away and a bunch of others. Most of Disney’s movies. Even the old ones, they’re beautiful the stories are nice. Even if most of them are for children.” He could go on, he knows but he leaves it there. He shrugs but chuckles as Alexis rolls his eyes at him.

“Fine but you know what I mean. I mean most of these television series. I have nothing against most movies but these series essentially drawn up for teenagers to goggle at aren’t really worth our evening time. I’m pretty sure Quentin fell asleep during the first episode.”

Eoghan laughs and shakes his head. “I’m not all that surprised, I’m pretty sure he honestly falls asleep partway through most of our evenings. I don’t know what Yael does with him but he’s worn out good and proper most of the time.”

Grinning, he takes the remote control from Alexis’s hand and merely sets it down, turning the whole system off. “Okay, so tonight was a bust but it just was one night. We know better for next time. Heck we could watch a Miyazaki movie next time. I think everyone would appreciate that.”

Nodding, Alexis stretches and yawns as he moves out of their movie room and back into the living room. “Honestly, I’d think these kind of shows with the half-dressed women might give these kids more nightmares than horror movies. It’s degrading for women to be shown wearing so little.”

“This coming from the guy who only likes to look at women from afar, afraid he might break them and not really wanting to even get to know them unless they’re part of the family in some way.” Eoghan’s voice gently amused, teasing his lover as he leans against the taller man’s side.

“I’m tall and built, most think I’m a brute. Women for the most part, those I’ve met in any case, are fragile, they’d break and I’d much rather have my hands on someone more like you. I know I’ve told you that yes, I was sexually active in the times we were apart but most of the time they were poor replacement for you. Either they had your eyes or your je ne sais quoi. The past is gone, I just want to focus on the present and know that I have you all for myself.”

“All yours until the end of eternity. I’ll continue to hump away at you even after I’ve gone.” He laughs softly though that laughter turns into a startled cry when Alexis picks him up without warning and sweeps him into his arm before he starts on their way to the bedroom. “Warn next time!”

“Nope.” Laughing now, Alexis takes them to their bedroom where he carefully sets his lover down on the bed with a chuckle. “I know how to make up for the fact that the movie night was a bust.”

Opting for innocence, Eoghan looks up to Alexis, his eyes wide and curious as he scoots playfully back on their bed. “And what might that be, mister big bad wolf?”

Quirking a brow, Alexis stands still and crosses his arms over his chest. “Well anything that doesn’t have to do with poorly designed clothes for fighting women is a good distraction but I figured I’d see about getting rid of your clothes and reacquainting myself with how you’ve been designed for me. How well you fit against me and how well I know all your little spots.”

“Can we vow to never watch that kind of thing again?”

“I don’t even know why you picked that anyway. Pretty sure you didn’t read the description to the series.”

“I didn’t, I guess the art on top just had my attention if only in a small way. I mean, I don’t know. I didn’t know what to pick and I mostly ended up picking at random.”

“Next time, let someone else pick?” Mira’s voice is gently teasing and his brother huffs softly, shrugs but finishes tucking his brother into his bed.

“Not like you ever really pick anything more interesting than what I’ve picked before.”

“All right, here’s to an idea, we both let someone else pick next time, yes?”

“Sounds good.”

“I don’t need tucking in anymore, Agni, you know this.”

“I’m just looking out for you.”

“If you’re looking out for me, you can give me might goodnight hug, then.”

Smiling lightly, as if giving in to a child demanding sugar, Agni eases closer and hugs his brother close. He kisses his forehead and sighs before he rests their forehead together. “I was terrified, Mira. I thought I was going to lose you, I thought you were going to die.”

“Agni, it was just a bad break. I don’t even know what I slipped on. I’m okay, I barely even hurt anymore so it’s all right, okay? I’m good and we’re safe.”

Nodding, Agni tightens his hold on his brother for a few moments before he lets him go. “Sleep well, Mira. I’m just across if you need anything.”

“Thank you, Agni.”


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