a joke

From what little he could see from the front window, this place wasn’t one he would make a habit of spending his time at. It was filled with fake vomit, fake poop, x-ray vision glasses and a world of things he didn’t even want to touch. He knew they weren’t bad things but they just were the kind of thing he didn’t care about. He wasn’t sure why he was there at all to being with. He supposed it had been curiosity. He had been on his way back home after getting a few things from the bakery.

The place was brand new from what he could see and what he recalled. The space had been up for rent for a couple of months at most, there had been a tea place here before, a small little boutique, run by a couple of old folks. They’d been really nice but a franchised tea shop had opened just two corners over and everyone had flocked. He’d still bought everything from the old couple but most customers had left and they couldn’t have kept the place going, it had been a shame.

He shook his head at the gag shop, or was it a joke shop? It didn’t seem fitting one way or the other. He takes a step away, to go on his way and get home and he steps closer again. Trying perhaps to convince himself that the place wasn’t evil. He couldn’t help but feel that most people who played jokes on others weren’t all that different from bullies who made fun of just about the same people. Of course, one was done because it was meant to be fun and the other because people were idiots but still, the two seemed attached in his mind.

With a sigh, he finally walked away. The scent of still fresh and warm bread filled his nose, pushing him to get home to appreciate the warm loaf was it was just that, still warm.

“Please tell me you don’t think you’ll ever set foot in that shop.” It wasn’t that he didn’t want the place to have business, he just didn’t want the place to have business from his own home. Alexis, Eoghan, the twins, their sister or even Armin could go if they wanted but he doubted he could handle things if somehow Quentin decided he wanted to buy from the place. He couldn’t imagine just what kind of things Quentin could get from there.

His companion and lover offered him a smile and a chuckle. He shook his head and took the loaf to cut it into warm slices. “I’ve never been the joking kind, Yael, we both know this. I have poor control over my temper and mortals who fall into the side of idiocies by buying fake vomit or poop to amuse themselves set me off. We both know I’ll more than likely never set foot in there. Of course there’s the statement that one should never say never but in time, I still doubt I’ll go anywhere near the place else than to walk past it to get to the bakery.”

“I’m the only one who ever goes to the bakery, you’re still too lazy to get up early enough to go, Quentin.” Yael was the one to laugh this time, his head shaken though a slight smile found his lips.

“True, but who knows, one of these days you might just manage to wake me up early enough to drag me there. I always go closer to noon and by then most of their fresher breads are all gone and while there still are some scents of warm bread it’s mostly all gone too.”

“Which is why you need to go way early in the morning, when there’s everything we could ever wish for.”

“One of these days I’ll stop being such a lazy idiot.”

The bread is served, set out on a platter with a few cheeses and pâtés. Quentin sets out two glasses of juice on the table and they settle to enjoy their almost too fresh breakfast.

“I still can’t wrap my mind around who would want to buy fake poop. I mean you can use it once, or twice around but then I can’t help but think it would lose its novelty.”

“Yael stop thinking about it.”


As afternoon settled and the sun remained high in the sky still, Yael slipped into the pool, sighing softly as he felt his muscles relax and he let his mind finally let go of everything that had bothered him since he woke up. The kittens are fed, they’re playing and wandering around more easily now. He has to briefly remind himself that they will have to find names for them sooner rather than later, it hardly seems like a right idea to keep on calling all of them ‘kitten’ or ‘number one’ ‘two’ ‘three’ and so on, though it did seem to amuse Quentin to a point.

The garden has been tended to, he ate, has managed to go through a slight backlog of old requests for art that he has had to refuse since he cannot bring himself to draw just yet again. Quentin was elsewhere, more than likely with Eoghan, discussing things he couldn’t really understand but didn’t spend much time thinking about.

He was more about the world in general, earth, the garden, the animals that surrounded them, their friends. Quentin was a bit more the type to make sure that his money was still secure and that they didn’t have to worry about that, that they did have food on their table and that they were comfortable with their lives. They did complete one another well.

After swimming a few laps, Yael pulled the air mattress from its spot against one of the walls and pulled it out onto the water before he was settling on it. The ambient is warm and comfortable, he could have slept there for several more hours if he hadn’t know that there were, eventually, other things he would need to see to in the house. Or at least his mental list told him that there were other things to eventually do but he needed to relax.

Quentin found him still drifting on his floater in the pool. The sun had begun its trek along the horizon. He had spent a few hours with Eoghan, just checking a few things over that had been overdue. The sight of his lover, sprawled and fast asleep there in the pool told him that he should have let the other rest but he knew better.

Yael was never truly done with his daily chores even if they were not necessary. Vacuuming, dusting, dishes cleaning (this one baffled him because they did the dishes as they dirtied them so there rarely were any dishes to clean at all), laundry. The list could go on.

He looked around the pool, as if to find the prefect spot to snag the floater back to bring it to the side since it was floating dead center of the pool at this point. He didn’t want to wake Yael with a start.

Finally, after some thought, he merely shrugged and undressed. He would hardly melt once in the water and it could do him some good. They could shower once he got them out of the pool and then see to maybe some time to relax and appreciate the peace of their home before the kittens began to request attention. It wasn’t quite a routine but it wasn’t far, it was more than fair by him, his life was going well.


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