missed opportunity

He had only walked across it once. The building was somewhat out of his regular route. It had caught his attention however, the ‘for sale’ sign had been quite visible. He hadn’t really stopped to go and look at it, had figured that maybe it still would be up and standing the following day.

He had been in a hurry that day, is what he told himself as he now looked at the building again. He knew he should have stopped and gone in, stopped and looked around but he had been expected. Though the person expecting him would have understood his being delayed. He really should have stopped. Now as he looked at the building from the side walk, he could only sigh and shake his head. The ‘for sale’ sign still was there, that was not the issue, it was the ‘SOLD’ sticker on the sign that depressed him somewhat, he was telling himself that he hadn’t been meant to have this one, this time.

“It was a beauty, I wish I had stopped by to look at it yesterday when I was driving by but I kept on telling myself that a single day wouldn’t make a difference. Maybe it was too late yesterday when I went too, maybe they just hadn’t put up the sign. You should have seen it though, it was beautiful, all old stone and Victorian looks, I could have made something wonderful out of that building.” He paused, shook his head and looked out their window as he listened to his companion, the man getting dressed after a long shower.

“I know what you’re going to say, if I want it so bad, we could just have one built here but I don’t really want that. The architecture was the kind you couldn’t really just copy or build again, plus, if we were to build this here with the intent of turning it into a business, we’d attract more people to our corner of the world and I like it quiet as it is.”

“It is quiet and peaceful, I guess you just weren’t meant to have that one building. I’m sure another one will come your way, one on your regular route that you won’t miss out because it’s actually out of your way. Why were you near that side of the town anyway?”

Eoghan blinked at the question, his lips drifting to the hints of a frown as he shook his head. “I’m not sure, I think it was a detour, there was construction on the usually route I take to check in on the docks so I had to head through another set of streets.”

Shaking his head, Alexis curled his arms about Eoghan’s shoulders lightly, he looked outside their window as well. He stayed quiet for a moment, thoughtful, before he spoke. His voice was quiet, still thoughtful. “At times we see beauty and want to create so much more with it but now and again we have to be reminded that we can’t have everything. I know you miss owning your own business, we’ll find some beautifully old building for you soon and you’ll he able to transform it into whatever you want.”

“I know there’s a but in there somewhere.”

Laughing softly, Alexis nuzzled Eoghan’s temple and closes his eyes. “I’m just thinking, if you get another bar running, you’ll be settling back into a mostly night-time routine and everyone will miss you. Not that I don’t want you to ruin your own business, but I’m just saying. Maybe you should see about other businesses?”

Canting his head back just slightly though he knew he couldn’t really look into his lover’s eyes, Eoghan leaned back against the taller man, taking in the words and letting his mind work them around. “What do you suggest?”

“You’re a wonderful cook. You could open a small little restaurant. Maybe just do breakfast and lunch.”

With a blink, Eoghan moved away from the arms to his shoulders and he turned around. “I’m not that great a cook and I don’t know that I could manage a restaurant.”

“Eoghan, you’ve managed bars, you’ve managed apartment buildings and you’ve had a lot more time than most to learn the ways of life. I’m just saying. With a bar you chance bar fights, you know how those go and how much they cost you when people start destroying property. With a small little restaurant you could have just a few comfortable seatings, serve breakfasts and lunches from particular areas around the world, you could do this the way we do it now with our weekly suppers, you could change it weekly or so with new things out every time. We all know that breakfast here and breakfast in, say, Japan, are two very different things.”

Shrugging again, Eoghan turned back towards the window, he looked out to the quiet day ahead of them and sighed. “I suppose I could, there’s a lot of people out there who can be contacted for information on meals from around the world. I just don’t know. Restaurants are very different from bars.”

“It isn’t as if you have to do it now, you know we’re having this discussion because you’re bummed you missed out on that building, that’s all. We’re just brainstorming.” He stepped up once more, curled his arms to those shoulders again and chuckled gently when they sagged into his hold and Eoghan leaned a little more against him.

“We have all the time in the world, you can just think about the fact that there could be a restaurant with your name on it somewhere out there. We both know a lot of wonderful people and those people know folks too. It’s just one of those things to give your mind some food to chew on while you stop thinking about the missed opportunity. A times there just are some things that we’re not meant to have.”

“I guess you’re right.”

As it did turn out, barely just a week later, there was a fire in the building he had nearly bought but had barely missed out by just a day or so. Not so much an accidental fire as a premeditated one. The news spoke of how the fire had nothing to do with the current owner, that it was most likely a grudge against the old owner who had finally sold the building.

Settled together on the couch, just watching the news for half a moment since they did need to keep up to date with the going ons of the world, they both quirked a brow at the sight of the building as it was shown burning down. Eoghan shook his head, a startled laugh escaping him.

“I suppose I really wasn’t meant to have that building and I guess I’ll have to be thankful, I’m the one who could have lost everything I’d put into it at that point and while it wouldn’t affect my finances much, I’d be pretty pissed off.”

“See, most things happen for a reason. It might have been an opportunity you missed but I see it more as a fact of life, you weren’t meant to have that building and it’s for the better. Imagine, they’re saying the new owner was in the building when the flames started eating away at it. I don’t think I could survive without you in my life and I don’t know that I could keep this building and stay here without you with me.”

His head shaken, Eoghan turned and simply nestled closer to his lover. The words were sweet and he supposed he could stop thinking about how he could have gotten his hands on that building if only he had seen it earlier. It hadn’t been meant for him. Though maybe if he had met up with the older owner, a little mind prodding could have told him that it was a bad buy.

He closed his eyes and sighed, it was all in the past now. He’d let it go.


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