phone rings

“Turn it off.” He reaches out blindly, his face in his pillow as he tries to sleep in for just once in his life and he pats out, trying to find his alarm as it rings and rings, he can’t find it.

He lifts his head from his pillow, staring at the bedside table next to him and notices the lack of an alarm clock. He reminds himself briefly that the clock is on the other bedside table. He looks over that way, past the empty spot next to him and the alarm isn’t on. He frowns and turns his head back to his own side of the bed again, the ringing is still going.

His tired gaze tries to see just where the ringing is coming from but the room is still mostly dark, he can’t make out what it might be. It is beginning to annoy him to no end, however. He pats out blindly and his fingers curl on the slim shape of his phone. He groans, brings the phone closer to be able to look at it, stares as he tries to see who the caller might be and cancels the call before literally turning the phone off. He drops it back to the table and rolls over again.

Usually he would have answered that phone, he would have been pleasant enough despite having been woken up from what was more than peaceful slumber. However, at the very least just this once in his life, he refuses to acknowledge that there is life out there beyond the darkness of his bedroom.

His night was a very short one and before his night came, he worked, he worked without a break to finish up a commission that had been requested of him. This of course is not unusual but when the person who requests the commission calls in the middle of the afternoon to state that the piece is required by eight that night when it had been due at some point in the following week tends to cause some havoc in usually perfectly calm days.

All he wants at this point is sleep.

“Alexis?” The soft, uncertain voice rouses him from the depth of sleep where he had drifted off again. He grumbled, muttered really though it is a sound nearly unheard it is so soft. He rolls over to turn toward the sliver of light that comes into the room from the partly opened door.

“I’m awake, ish, sort of.” Very sort of. He rubs his eyes as he tries to will himself a little more awake, a little more aware and his mind tries hard to rebel, it wants more sleep and it seems as if he might just not get it.

“I’m sorry, it’s just there’s this woman on the phone and she’s pretty much ranting obscenities. Something about how the piece she asked for isn’t what she wanted, that you ruined her party and whatever. I tried to calm her down but she’s not really trying. I don’t think she even knows what calming down means.”

Sighing, Alexis pinches the bridge of his nose and finally pulls himself up into a sitting position. “I don’t know how she got the home phone, I never give it to anyone and we’re not listed.”

“That’s not really a problem, I’m just, you know, I’m trying to find out why she’s this pissed, no one’s ever complained about your work before, what’s her problem?”

Looking towards the window in silence for a moment, Alexis reaches for his phone and turns it back on. Several missed calls and missed texts. He snorts and sighs. “Remember this big adult piece I had been commissioned to do two weeks ago? She told me it was due for the end of next week.”

“I do recall that. It was amusing you to work on that piece, it was really detailed but you had a lot of time to finish it up. Why is she calling now?”

“Yesterday, she said that she needed the piece by eight last night. I wasn’t even half done. We both know chocolate isn’t like art. I can’t do it three weeks early and just keep it in the fridge. It’s possible to do it that way but it’s poor work ethics. So I focused, I did my best, I followed her instructions and the lady I gave it to at fifteen to eight last night looked it over and said she was very happy about it and that her friend, the woman who ordered the piece, would be too.”

He pauses and finally eases to his feet with a soft grunt. He pulls the curtains apart just lightly to let the light flood into the room.

“The lady even apologized for the quick change of date, something about how the wedding was moved up ahead because the woman’s soon to be had to be shipped off or something so it was either do it more quickly or wait several months longer. So they did this with everyone they had ordered things from, I guess. I assume the piece was for their before-wedding party or something, I can’t imagine the guy would have wanted a huge chocolate champagne cream filled dick as a cake of sorts, along with all the mini ones she wanted.”

“So the bride to be is just being a little bitch about everything, want to bet she called everywhere to complain about everything? I feel sorry for the guy she’s marrying, I hope he knows what he’s getting into.” Eoghan shakes his head but stays in the door’s frame though he opens it a little wider. Now the whole room is softly, warmly lit.

“How about you go on and take a bath? You look like you could use more relaxation. To be honest you look like death warmed over. I’m going to try to see how she got our number and I might just be trying to get that memory out of her brain. I don’t want her calling here again if I can help it.”

“Don’t strain, she’s not worth it. If it comes down to it we’ll just call the phone company and ask them to block this particular number, they ought to at least be able to do that.”

“Still, now that I know the reason for her call, I can see about having a little fun about it.” The grin on his lips spoke plenty. She was bothering his lover about petty things. She had gotten her chocolate request and Eoghan knew that Alexis never skimped on details. He went out of his way to make sure the piece was just as it should have been.

“Well have fun with that, I’ll try not to fall asleep in the tub. You’re right, a bath might just do me a world of good.” Finally walking around the bed and towards the door, he pauses by Eoghan and steals a brief kiss. He feels better already, knowing that things might not be just as bad as he had imagined them.

He walks back into the room and towards the door leading to their bathroom. He knows he could have gone right on there but it seemed important to offer some affection to the man who made his life more than worth living, after all.

In the bathroom, he closes the door and runs the water. Just hot enough to be steamy but not hot enough to burn, he knows his limit well enough. He puts in a few drops of his favourite oils and once there is just enough water, he turns the flow off and slips into the heated comfort of the tub with a soft, content sigh.

He knows he won’t hear any phones ringing from the bathroom. He’s more than glad for that. He knows he could go at least a couple of weeks without hearing the phone ring and it would be heavenly. Though that much is not quite a possibility. He’ll settle for having some more peace for a few more hours. It was better than no time at all.


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