twelve babies

I don’t know why we started looking hoaxes up today. Alexis and Eoghan each gave us a laptop, that way we can study online. They found us this kind of online school and we can study and go through the exams and we might even get diplomas. I think the all around idea is pretty neat. Agni doesn’t quite feel the same way but he’s always been a little ‘meh’ when it came to studying new things. It depends on the subjects I guess. I just love learning and if I can prove that I know enough about things that I can get myself a diploma, as if I’d gone to school, I’m all for it.

Zora said she would pay them back for the laptops but they insisted that they were gifts, that they were just looking out for us and making sure we kept up to date with the world in general. They’re really nice. I like spending time with everyone in our little extended family.

“Listen to this! This woman claimed that she was going to have twelve babies, twelve!” I turn my attention to Agni, away from this neat photo of a purple forest I found though I’d already found the information that marked this as fake. I have to put my laptop down and pretty much just turn around to be able to look at his screen, we were sitting back to back. So I set the laptop down and I shift my weight until I can look over his shoulder.

“That is a lot of kids. I mean I read about the woman who had eight and even that was dangerous in itself but twelve? You find anything else about it?” I settle my chin on his shoulder and he chuckles softly before clicking further down the page.

“Yeah, they found something out about how she was probably not right in the head and it was unlikely she was even pregnant. She claimed she was nine months pregnant and nothing showed for it so they called it a hoax.” I straighten slightly and I shake my head. It’s sad the kind of thing people do for attention. Though I guess that if she’s not all that right in the head, it’s not entirely her fault. It just feels sad.

“I read in another place about this woman who created a little girl and this little girl was abused and bullied and then somehow she got ALS when she was really young and-“

“What’s ALS?”

I roll my eyes but chuckle softly, I guess I can’t blame him, I only know about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS, because I looked it up after I’d found information on that case. “ALS is essentially a disease that slowly makes you unable to pretty much do anything on your own, over time. Your muscles will weakness, they’ll become atrophied, you’ll have issues with talking and swallowing and breathing too.”

“Wow, do not want.”

“But yeah, this woman, she acted like this little girl was real, people were paying to buy her medical equipment and gifts and her pills and the rest, there even was a book written and then so much crap. It’s sad when you think about how far people will go to get money out of believers.”

“Hoaxes, there are so many of them in this world, it’s sad.”

The more we dig for information, the more we realize that the world is filled with hoaxes. Some are small and didn’t really manage to get off the ground, others though, others took off and a lot of the population turned to panic since they didn’t really know anything else or didn’t understand how they were supposed to react.

I don’t really know how long we spent looking around for more information on women who claimed to have been pregnant with too many babies, on animals who had given birth to malformed things, on photos that looked too real to be true. I know Agni stopped looking before me.

Before too long I heard the telltale sounds of the one game we have installed on these laptops and I let him be. This was, after all, a day off from the work we did with Armin. I just squirm a bit against his back to remind him I’m there, that I’m not just some backboard for him to lean against and he laughs softly.

I’m too busy looking through photos that look too real to be true to really pay him much attention. I know most of these have their sources and they’ve been proved to be real but it’s hard to believe they are. It almost makes me want to take up photography. Little bugs that look so big, the details are beautiful.

The way a flower looks when you really try to look into it and not just at it, the way the spiders’s eyes are set on its head, the way the legs move. There’s not a lot I’m afraid of, I think I wouldn’t have issues getting up close and personal with bugs to take these kind of photos but I don’t know how well I’d manage though I suppose it’s not all that important at this point.

Agni swears behind me and I elbow him gently in the ribs to remind him that we’re not supposed to. I don’t care if he crashed in the game, we’ve been raised well enough to at the very least not swear pointlessly. He huffs at me but goes back to his game without much of another thought my way.

I go back to the photos.

“Agni, Mira, I’m home!”

I think I’d honestly forgotten that she was going to be spending her day out today. It’s her one of two days off a week today too and she usually stays inside with us. At least, since the accident. I rub my arm gently in memory and I shake my head as I put down my book. Hours ago, Agni took his computer back to his room and his desk to keep on playing and I took one of my books to read.

We haven’t gone out to the hill since I broke my arm and she looks guilty every time I mention going outside. She looks uncertain and a little scared and I have to remind her that the yard out back is one large flat bit of land, that I won’t run and that I’ll be careful of where I put my feet so I don’t trip. She still doesn’t look convinced but I still go outside, it’s not like I want to spend the rest of my life locked inside.

I discovered a little river about an hour’s walk into the woods. There’s a small pathway so I know I have good chances of finding my way back without any help. I’ve marked the way as it is too. It’s nice, that little river. The currents aren’t too strong and the water is cool, it’s going to be refreshing in the heat of July and August when we get there. Though I know we now also have the pool on the roof but the solarium set over it makes it so that it’s pretty humid in there, it’s sticky heat and it makes it hard to get out of the pool without feeling the weight of the temperature sink in.

I might tell Agni about the river one of these days. It’s nice really. I know he doesn’t like swimming quite as much as I do but that’s aside the point, he might still like to spend time out there is all I’m thinking. It’s so peaceful. If the pathway was any clearer I might be tempted to tell Armin about it.

Maybe I can clear it up and maybe he can come about. That’d be really neat.


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