“It’s hard to believe that some people make a living this way.”

“Make a living what way?”

“By blogging.”

“What’s blogging?”

“Posting stuff online on a site, usually as per a particular theme, like cooking recipes or knitting or photography.”

“I don’t really know how anyone might make a living out of blogging, I’ve always thought that most who blogged daily or just about were mostly stay at home parents with a partner to help with the income. I mean I get it, I’m sure that if you get a lot of visitors, your ads get plenty of view. If you’re a cooking blog you might have published a recipe book but I still don’t see how it might be enough to keep a family afloat.”

“What if they’re single?”

“I suppose it could be one option but still I don’t really think it’s possible for someone to live on blogging alone.”

“I’ll blog!”

“You don’t even have the patience to start a book and finish it to the very end, you’re constantly skipping paragraphs and pages, how do you expect you’ll be able to blog? We can’t even write that well in French yet anyway.”

“He has a point.”

“Well I’ll write in my mother language!”

“It’s one option but you still can barely finish through your current books without getting bored, how do you expect to keep up with the idea of blogging?”

“I’ll find something.”

“Someone is getting huffy.”

“Am not!”

“Let’s not fight. I mean, honestly, Agni, you open up a magazine and you don’t even read through the science pages and I know you love those. What would you write about?”

“I don’t really know. It was just an idea, get off my back.”

“All right, all right, subject change.”

“To what?”

“I don’t know but can we talk about something that doesn’t involve blogging for now? I think we’d go around in circles if we were to keep up on that anyway.”

“Are we there yet?”

“Let’s not get started on that, please. We’ve been over this. Asking if we’re there yet a dozen time while I’m driving is more likely to have me turn around than get us to our destination.”

“Sorry Eoghan.”


“No, that’s okay. We still have about an hour to go but the sun is up, the sky is clear and the day is nice and warm, we can all appreciate looking outside the windows at the views granted to us by nature as we head to the garden.”

“I’m stuck in the middle.”

“Well we did ask to know who didn’t mind being in the middle and you didn’t say anything about it, so there you are.”

“I wasn’t there when you asked!”

“Actually, you were, you even shrugged and said you didn’t care, so now hush. You can look outside anyway, it’s not like your seat mates are blocking your view.”

“This is going to be a long ride.”

“Please don’t start this. We’ve already gone a good way and no one has complained yet. Today is supposed to be a fun outing with everyone-“

“I wish Armin could be here!”

“Armin declined the invitation by saying that while he would love to walk through the beauties of the park he hadn’t seen since he had last gone there, he didn’t want to slow us down.”

“Pretty sure you didn’t do much to try to convince him to come.”

“Mira please.”

“Okay, okay, I’m just saying. I would have stayed back with him.”

“You really like him, don’t you?”

“Well he’s nice to me, he teaches me new things. I wish people would stop looking at him like he’s got a disease and he’s contagious. When they don’t look at him like that they look at him as if they pitied him, it makes me mad.”

“He’s a strong man. He’s lived through a lot of hardship and now he’s living with us. We do our best to make his life easier to handle with less road bumps.”

“Thank you.”

“We’ll have a picnic next weekend if the weather allows and it’ll be in the yard, everyone will be there then, how does that sound?”


“Oh hey, we saw a peacock in our yard this week.”


“Yeah, we had to get out book on birds because we honestly didn’t know what it was. We were looking at it, wondering what it was. I swear I saw Yael’s eyes brighten up with interest when first spotted it. We now have several sketches, drawings, paintings and even one small, very detailed claw figuring of a peacock in his studio.”

“You’re doing art again, yay!”

“I guess I was in a slump, I just couldn’t find inspiration. I don’t know how long it’s going to last of if I’ll be able to draw anything other than peacocks but it’s a start.”

“Well, if you think about it, I believe that our time in the garden might inspire you.”

“I have a garden at home, Eoghan.”

“True, but this garden is different, it has topiaries and rose bushes and tropical flowers and just, it’s not like your garden at home and who knows if it might not inspire you, I think it might.”

“I can only hope it may. I honestly really hope it does. I miss drawing and painting.”

“Oh, as a side note, we finally decided on the names we wanted for our kittens.”

“It was about time, you’ve had them for a while now.”

“We know but we just couldn’t decide on particular names.”

“So what did you name them?”

“Well we have Coby and Caelen-“

“Astra, Izar and Maris. They all seem to take well to their names, when we call them they already seem to respond a little so we think we’ve made good choices.”

“Those are good names. You two would make good parents.”

“We are good parents!”

“To cats.”

“It’s a start?”

“I don’t know if I could manage with kids, no offence Agni, Mira. I still feel like such a kid myself.”

“You’re right, you’re completely immature.”

“I’m not going to take that bait, Eoghan. You still act like a kid on good days.”

“Take that-“

“He’s actually right, love.”

“Oh hush, you’re not supposed to take their sides.”


“We’re almost there.”

“And no one asked to know if we were there yet since that first time, I’m proud of you guys.”

“Well we stayed quiet like you told us and we looked outside the windows. I guess the view really was nice. I’ve never been to this city, not that I can recall, have we been here?”

“This particular city, no, I’ve never taken you here, I didn’t want to get into the bigger cities, just in case. I didn’t want to chance the hunters who had found us back home in India finding us here. I didn’t stray very far from Dunkerque to be honest, it was the safest place I could find. We weren’t far from the water and I could talk my way into getting us onto a container ship if I needed to though I never did find a need.”

“I’m glad you’re with us to this day, Zora. Meeting the three of you has been a big blessing.”

“We’re here.”

“Oh wow, look at those gates!”

“Look at the flowers!”

“The peacocks!”

“All right everyone, quick note. We can each go out separate way but we should set up a meeting point at a certain hour so that we all meet back up here. This garden is pretty big and I don’t really want to go home without everyone back here, after all.”

“We can meet back up here at noon?”

“Sounds good, there are clocks everywhere around the park.”

“Everyone who wanted cameras has their own?”


“All right, let’s head in and go marvel at the beauty of nature.”


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