in a shambles

One might want to believe that earthquakes are at the source of every little mess. At least, some people might think that way, especially when they have a good look at this one particular bedroom though it hardly is nature’s fault. This mess has been made by one particular individual who has nothing to do with earth at all. His gift is closer to that of heat and fire.

Perhaps one might blame that he still is a teenager, growing up into his life as it is and leave it at that but really that is hardly an excuse. His brother’s room is absolutely spotless, clean as can be though yes, it is more than possible that both brothers might not feel the same way when it comes to cleaning up their rooms.

“AGNI!” The called out name echoes almost shrilly along the walls. From his room, Mira looks out into the hallway a moment, peering at his sister and then towards the barely opened door to his brother’s room. This has little to nothing to do with him. He keeps his own area as clean as can be but he likes the fluidity of a clean room. He can wander left and right without tripping on anything.

Agni, currently no where to be seen in their apartment, is outside, sunning himself in the hot afternoon sun. Chaos is just part of his life as a whole, he sees no point to really picking up after himself. At least, except when he trips on something and stubs his toe. Then he reminds himself that he should at least pick up a little after himself so he has, at the very least, a clear pathway from his door to his bed and maybe to his desk though that one isn’t quite as important.

“Mira, where is your brother?” Zora looks in on the youngest of her siblings. He looks back at her a moment and shrugs gently.

“He could be outside, I heard him wander out an hour or so ago, after we got home from the library.” He knows that the only time where Agni bothers at all with cleaning up is usually during the weekends. During the week time he will complain that he’s worked too hard at the library and that he’s tired, too tired to pick up a few bits of clothes and other who knows what lying on the floor.

Mira turns back to his book and Zora leaves him be. Her brothers are growing up in their own way. It was hard to have a messy home before since they didn’t even have a home to call their own. Now that they did, their habits were settling and she preferred those of the youngest at this point.

She walks the length of the apartment, looking into every room, as if to make sure that her brother might not be hiding somewhere before she caves in and steps outside and out to the back where Agni is indeed sunning himself. Sprawled on one of the lounging chairs, his shirt off and hanging at the top of that very chair.

“Agni Bachchan, get your shirt back on this instant and come back inside this very minute. Your room is an absolute mess and I refuse to see it that way.” Her words are sharp, they startle him out of his slight doze and he blinks up at her a moment, rubbing his eyes to clear the sleep from them.

“No one is going to bother looking into my room so I don’t see why I need to clean it up. I’m tired, I worked hard. I’ll pick up this weekend.”

“Stop lazing around, Agni. You might not remember it but back home, a messy room was frowned upon, it was dangerous. Clothes need to be put away and books set where they belong. Our parents would have a fit if they saw how poorly you pick up after yourself.”

This seems to spark something in Agni. He sits up and grabs his shirt, turning a hurt look to his sister as he pulls his shirt back on.

“You grew up with that family, we were torn away from it before I could even begin to make memories. Our parents are dead, they’ll never see my room or yours or perfect little Mira’s. So get off my back about how they’d have a fit if they saw my room because they never will. They’ll never see us again and I’ll never be able to look them in the face and tell them I loved them. They’re dead and they’re not coming back!”

Supper is awkward. Agni has locked himself away in his room and is refusing to come out, Zora looks like she might prefer to be hiding in a hole for the rest of her life and Mira is merely puzzled by the behaviour of his siblings. It isn’t his place to ask and he will not.

He leaves Agni to his brooding or whatever it is he’s doing. He can hardly be cleaning for how quiet it is in that bedroom, something that is rather rare as the barely older boy likes his music and tends to drown out everything else with it whenever he can get away with it.

Zora clears up the table after having barely eaten anything herself. She disappears off into her room, leaving Mira to wonder just what this new fight is about. It isn’t rare, those slight fights between wind and fire but they rarely last long, he only hopes that things will settle before too long.

He knows he can always escape the tension of their apartment by making himself scarce and seeing about spending time with Armin but the thought that things could go wrong while he’s out of the apartment keep him inside where most things are ‘safer’. Where he can keep an eye on things without really doing that much. His presence seems to be the only thing keeping things civil in their household.

After a little while, he walks to his brother’s room and lightly knocks on the door. He knows they had not eaten since coming home and now with dinner skipped on Agni’s part, Mira simply wants to make sure that things are going to be all right in the long run.

His knocking goes unanswered and he knocks again. He knows better than to barge into that room. If not for the mess then for the sake of not invading his brother’s privacy. “Agni, I just want to make sure you’re all right. You’ve skipped out on dinner and I know you have to be hungry. I don’t know what you and Zora argued about but it’s just not healthy to let it eat away at you.”

Still the door remains closed in his face and he sighs. He closes his eyes, leaning his ear lightly against the side of the wall as if to listen to whatever might be happening inside. Everything is quiet and peaceful. Maybe he’s gone to sleep.

“Well okay, if that’s how things are going to be I guess that’s how they will. I left you your meal in the fridge, it’s all wrapped up and ready to be reheated. I even added in extra spices to your plate because I know that’s how you like them. I hope you come out of your cook and eat before too long. Tomorrow’s supposed to be a big day.”

Still in the quiet of the hallway, he shakes his head and turns back around to slip back to his room. There is only so much more he can do about this all and he knows he’s done it all. He can’t force himself on his brother and he refuses to even entertain the thought. It would only strain their slowly growing and changing relationship.


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