jumped the fence

“He’s going to break his neck.” The words are murmured, the voice is low and hushed, uncertain and uncomfortable. Beside him, the other young man shakes his head, his eyes glued to the television as they watch a man who can be no older than their sister, jump his way around the side of buildings, over fences, posts and stairs. Over their shoulder, Eoghan stands, watching with a detached sort of look on his face. These stunts are nothing new in his life, not that he’s ever tried them but he’s seen them be tried first hand with poor results for most of the idiots who had ever given it a try without prior experience.

“It’s called parkour. They runs around, jumping over this and that, catching themselves on the edge of places and climbing back over. In most cases, people tend to be safe because they don’t push themselves beyond their limits but some people just go out there without any idea of what they’re getting into and they get hurt in bad ways.”

He pauses, looking down to the twins as they now look up to him. He manages the hint of a smile but he shakes his head. “I know you two are in your discovery phase but for all that it is worth in this world, don’t try this out, it will only end in tears. I’m not saying you wouldn’t be able to but it’s easier to learn from someone who really knows what they’re doing and I don’t think any single one of us here knows of anyone like that.”

“It looks dangerous, I wouldn’t want to break my neck anyway.” Mira’s words are mumbled, he looks back to the screen and shakes his head with a slight cringe, as if he’s afraid for the guy on the screen.

“Thank you Mira. Agni?” Eoghan knows that of the two, Agni is the one more likely to try things that will push his physical prowess to the top and he really hopes this to not be one of them.

“I like my head attached to my neck.” The teen shrugs but still looks at the screen and Eoghan shakes his head before mussing their hair gently. He steps away and leaves them to watching the television. He knows the teen could watch this kind of thing in their own apartment but he suspects that Zora might have blocked several channels off at this point, anything she might consider too extreme and a channel where there is nothing but extreme sports is rather extreme, he knows.

As he steps back and towards Adela’s own room and setup, Alexis steps out and carefully closes and locks the door. He looks pleased with himself and Eoghan knows it always is a good sign. Then again he always looks pleased when he comes out of her area. “They still watching extreme sports, huh?”

“They’re currently watching parkour. Mira looks to be somewhat mortified but Agni is fascinated and it scares me honestly.” Eoghan shakes his head and looks back briefly though he can’t see the teens or the screen.

“We could block the channel. It’s not like we watch it ourselves at this point.”

Nodding, Eoghan’s shoulders sag lightly as he rubs his eyes. “I don’t know why I didn’t think of that.”

“Because I’m the brain and you’re the brawn.”

“You’re the brute everyone is afraid of, that makes you the brawn, despite that, you know, you’re the law guy so I suppose that also makes you the brain and I guess that makes me useless.” Crossing his arms, mock-hurt, Eoghan sticks his tongue out and huffs softly.

Chuckling, Alexis shakes his head and pulls his lover into a hug. “You’re as much brain and brawn as I am but I also have more life experience so some things just come by easier, that’s all. Once they head back down we’ll go through the channels and see about blocking a few, all right?”


“You’re going to break your neck, Agni.” Outside now in the sticky summer heat, barely a breeze drifting by to rustle the branches and leaves of the nearby tree. Mira sits by its trunk, as much in the shade as he can manage though it isn’t much. He doesn’t mind the sun, knows he can tan well enough but this is somewhat different, it’s the heat he doesn’t much care about.

Just a few feet away from him, his brother is standing over a few planks of woods that have been set out and placed in this and that way. He knows they should not watch extreme sports, there’s a reason why their sister blocks the channels. He just thinks back on his slip down the hill and he shudders in memory. He closes his eyes and turns away from his brother.

“I’m not going to tell you a second time and if you break anything trying your crazy stunt ideas it’s going to be your fault.” His words are clearer now and Agni turns to face his brother with a curious look crossing his face.

“All this is, Mira, is a few planks of woods. I can hardly break my neck exercising with them.”

“Exercising with them, my ass, Agni.” In a huff, holding his by now perfectly healed arm to himself, Mira moves to his feet and walks away from his brother. He heads back into the shade of the building and settles into the swing with a shake of his head. He refuses to be responsible if his brother hurts himself.

For several long moments he hears nothing but after a little while, the sounds of the planks being pulled apart and dragged back to the shed come up to his ears, floating on the breeze. His shoulders sag and he closes his eyes, fighting back the need to cry. He knows he’s the one who has a tendency for getting hurt, he knows that in the past he’s the one who has been harmed at least twice now. He cannot begin to understand how it feels like to watch someone he cares about getting hurt and he has no desire to feel those emotions either.

He listens until all the sounds are quiet again and startles slightly when his brother settles on the swing next to him. He huffs and crosses his arms.

“Agni, you have to understand, you saw me getting hurt. I know I suppose I’m weak for not wanting to feel those emotions myself but try to understand, do you want me to panic and ache and feel guilty for I don’t know how long if you fall and hurt yourself in some way while you try to imitate those folks?”

Shaking his head, Agni sighs and shrugs, he leans his shoulder against his brother’s own and closes his eyes. “I just have an overabundance of energy and I don’t know what to do with it.”

“We could go up to the roof and swim. I know you’re still trying to learn to better your technique so it could be a good way of using up that pent up energy.” He sounds so hopeful as he looks at his brother, their faces so close.

Agni scrunches his nose lightly before he cants his head back to look up to the sky. “That water is bound to be pretty warm, not sure it’s going to be refreshing.”

“It’s not about being refreshing, Agni, it’s about your energy and how you need to get it out of your system. At least by swimming I know it’s safer-“

“I could drown.”

“You swim well enough to not drown and I’m there, there are floaters everywhere and I’d do all I can to get you out if you showed signs you were beginning to drown. Come on, please? It’ll be fun, I know it will.”

Grumbling but giving in, Agni shrugs again but he pulls away from his brother as he stands up. He holds his hand out to his sibling and Mira smiles at him brightly as he takes that hand and pulls himself up to his feet. He hugs his brother tightly, kissing his cheek in thanks before they start in on their way back inside and then up to the roof for their swim.


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