a joyous moment

His birthday had come by and gone by, quietly celebrated between them. It was a date he had picked since he didn’t know his exact birthdate but papers had required dates and it had been as close as he could recall to whatever that date had been on his papers when he had been in the orphanage.

Like him, Quentin didn’t know when he was born though he also has no recollection of ever knowing when he might have ever been celebrated while growing up. Yael supposed that his lover had taken that one particular date because it was in the dead of summer, as far away from the coldness of winter as possible. It was a fine date by him.

Slipping out of bed had been a little difficult. Quentin had been holding on to him securely in his sleep but Yael had managed to ease free without waking the other. That had been part A of the plan. It wasn’t an overly complex plan but it was all set out in his mind and he wanted to go through with it, it was important to him.

The week before he had spoken to Eoghan about asking Alexis if the man could manage a small birthday piece. It was mostly dark chocolate since anything else proved to be quite the sugar rush but it was slight. It was a decorative piece set atop the small cake he had prepared to bake the evening prior while Quentin had been out with Eoghan. The piece itself was a lovely little replica of a photo he had offered. It was so slight he had been afraid the request had been too much or the details would get lost but the details were more than a little amazing, he was grateful in ways he had no words for.

As he now stood in the kitchen, the cake brought out of its hiding place with its decorations and its slight hints of colours, he set out to prepare a simple enough breakfast. Eating too early in the morning was hard on them both, they digested poorly and were usually lethargic for the rest of the day.

He made sure the cake was secure in its box, knowing that with seven cats in the house, it could very well have itself an accident and he didn’t want to chance that. Once that was done, he saw to preparing some freshly squeezed juices, oranges and grapefruits, both of those from his upstair garden.

After the fruit juice he merely cut up fruits and set those into bowls. Into Quentin’s he added a bit of honey and cinnamon since that was how he liked his fruit bowls. His own he left untouched. Their tastes differed just enough to make their lives interesting and to make their meals wonderful when they worked together in the kitchen.

He set everything on a platter, juice, fruit bowls, the proper and necessary utensils and a couple of napkins before he took it all towards their bedroom. The sun was just beginning to show its face along the windows and he smiled lightly to himself. They had gone to bed early the night before after a fulfilling day so waking up this early was not all that uncommon. While their sleeping hours were more settled now, they still only slept until they were rested, they rarely lounged in bed.

As he walked towards their bedroom, he carefully stepped over three of their cats as they had decided to lounge in his way, just to see if they couldn’t get themselves some freshly cut fruits. It wasn’t all that unusual in their now-and-again diet. Finally at the door, he turned around to carefully back into the bedroom since both hands were busy.

Quentin was rubbing his eyes lightly, just barely settling into awareness and Yael smiled at the sight. He could have spent hours simply staring at his lover this way, he could hardly ever get enough.

As the door slipped shut behind him, Quentin turned his attention to the noise and canted his head at the sight.

“Happy birthday, love.” The words murmured gently as Yael stepped to the bed and set the tray down carefully. Part B was in motion. Part C and D, respectively lunch and supper still were yet to come into motion but he was in no rush, they would get there when they did and then they would have cake.

“What’s this?” Quentin’s voice a little husky still from sleep. He looked down at the tray, surprise clear on his face as Yael simply settled next to him and smiled that ever so hauntingly beautiful smile.

“I wanted to make today special. I know it’s more than likely not your real birthday, like mine isn’t but we picked those dates and I can’t help but want to make good memories.” He speared a bit of fruit on one of the forks and offered it over with a chuckle, his smile brightening as it was taken without a fuss.

Quentin chewed and swallowed his bite of apple before he chuckled and shook his head. “Yael, ever single moment I get to spend with you is a wonderful moment though I admit this is very nice.”

Yael leaned into the fingers of his lover as they rested to his cheek for a few moments. He could have had moments like these for the rest of his life and he would have been more than content with the world as a whole. It was all he had really wanted with his life.

The cake was received with an awed sort of look when they finally stepped out of their bedroom. Quentin made a note to thank Lex for the beautiful work that had gone into the decorative piece.

Most of the day was spent lounging, if not in their living room, it was in the pool, just floating on their mattress or up in the garden where they settled with the scents of near ever blooming flowers.

There were no gifts, at least no physical ones. There were plenty of small snacks shared throughout the day, there was a small piece of cake at lunch and more at supper. It was a day spent together in peace and quiet, enjoying one another’s presence in the way that made it all the more meaningful. Quentin knew he could not have asked for anything else, it was the best of ways to spend that kind of day.

When evening settled and the moon rose high in the sky, as they were settled together in bed once more, relaxing together as they had done through their days, there was silence, a companionable, comfortable sort of silence.

Yael’s head settled against Quentin’s shoulder, always somewhat awkward looking for anyone who might peer in on them but it is the position they found most comfortable for them.

“Today was absolutely wonderful Yael, thank you.” Quentin’s words were low, barely more than a murmur as if to not break the gentle sway of the almost fairytale sensation of the rest of the day.

Against his shoulder, Yael smiled and brushed one of his hands over his lover’s stomach as he settled a little closer still. This was as perfect as it could get. Their day had not gone much differently than the rest of their lives, except that they had done even less than they usually did. Not a bad thing, a day spent doing essentially nothing was necessary now and again for a good, happy and content sort of life.

“I wish I’d thought to do something like that for you.” At those words from Quentin, Yael laughed softly and straightened up just barely, enough to look the other in the eye. He shook his head.

“Quentin, any moment I have with you I cherish, I just wanted to do something extra special for today.”

“By extra special you mean by us being extra lazy.”

Again, Yael laughed softly as he settled back, nuzzling against that shoulder with a pleased sort of sigh. “Something like that, yes. You can’t say it was something to complain about though.”

“Nope, not complaining one little bit.”

“I’m glad.”

“I love you.”

“Love you too.”


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