a working relationship

When I first had this idea that the twins could come and help me at the library, I didn’t know how things would turn out. It turned out to go much better than I had expected and I suppose that’s for the better. The library now runs much better than I had ever managed before on my own and I’m more than grateful for that.

I know that Agni does the work because he know it’s better than doing nothing at all. He seems to be the type who might prefer to spend time outside but he’s divided between that and being with his brother. I know they grew up close, inseparable though now they are slowly growing apart but not in a bad way. I’m learning a little more about them each day.

Mira has a growing love for book that makes me appreciate his presence more and more. He’s young, he has a bright mind, he could do anything he’d want at all but he asks to help in the library, he asks to learn more about this and that and it’s warming to know that someone out there is willing to learn more about these kind of things.

At times I think he might honestly be somewhat infatuated with me but I know it’s just because I’m there every day we work together. I teach him new things, I help him learn facts he didn’t know. It’s a good relationship, one based around work. It helps that he doesn’t judge me for how I look or how I move a little slower than the norm. He never really runs up ahead of me and then slows down to wait for me like Agni does. He stays at me side, walks at my pace and he tends to offer to push the book cart whenever he can. He’s a kind soul, whoever he opens his heart to will be cherished to the end of the world.

He’s been hovering a little since my fainting episode last Friday. I suppose I don’t blame him though I feel bad for worrying him about this. He makes sure that I don’t work too hard and that I only do what I’m comfortable doing. He honestly hasn’t let me put any books back where they belong since this morning and I’m amused. In a few days, if he still keeps up I might gently remind him that I’m okay and that I can do my work well but for now I can’t bring myself to tell him that. He’s working so hard to be useful.

Agni looks at me as if I might be trying to take his brother away from him but that is furthest from the truth. At this point in time, though they have two very different views on the world, I don’t think anyone could step between these two and separate them in any way. At least not in any way that might the permanent.

I call them both down to the front desk after we’ve had a short lunch and I show them the new boxes of books we’ve received. Mira’s eyes brighten and I chuckle. Agni pouts lightly but I can see that he’s trying not to smile. While he might prefer being outside, I know he actually rather likes this job since it gets him out of the house and he can discover new things every day. He just would rather not admit to it if he can help it. At least, that’s also what I pick up on those surface thoughts that are unguarded by their mind. I don’t dig, that’s impolite.

It isn’t long before they get on to the task of pulling the books out of the boxes, tagging them, putting up the sticker with the bar code and scanning them into the system. I leave that to them since I know they’ll manage just fine on their own and I go back to the main desk to help out anyone who might want information or who might want to take out a book or return one.

Most of the days seem to mostly blend together now. I’m not struggling to get through my days, unable to really finish one task or another. It’s been so long since things have gone this well that at times I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not imagining it all. Though I suppose blend isn’t really a word I should be using. None of the days are the same, the motions are similar but there are new things happening every day. If it isn’t someone returning a book in poor shape, it’s someone else bringing back a book they’d forgotten they’d taken out or it’s someone else trying to take out more books than the library allows. They’re small little things but it makes things interesting.

With summer beating down on us, I would have honestly thought the twins might have preferred to spend time outside but the days are so hot that I don’t blame them for wanting to stay inside where it is cooler. It’s one of the things people tend to do. A lot come in, find a book in the shelves and settle along the seaters somewhere and they just read their day away. Some will come in the morning, read for a while and leave for lunch, others will come in the afternoon. I’ve seen a few who stayed all day though I’ve had to remind them that they had to eat their food outside the building. I don’t mind keeping their books temporarily under the counter until they come back. So long as it’s under twenty-four hours. Anything longer and the books go back to the shelves.

Every other week or so, when we close for the day, I offer the twins a meal at one of the nearby establishments. It usually turns out to be little more than sandwiches or salads but neither one of them complains. Mira is always more than willingly while Agni feigns giving it a thought to not seem as though he accepts too readily. I’m not boasting when I know that Mira adores me, I can see it in his eyes and I can pick it up in his surface thoughts. Agni likes me well enough but there still are days when he’s not really sure what to make of me. I don’t blame him for that, I suppose I can be a complex individual.

Tonight is shared-dinner time and we head off to one of the small in-the-wall places we rather all like. They offer several different kind of easy eaten meals. Sandwiches, salads (pasta, potato, coleslaw amongst many others), cookies, slight dessert, usually donuts. I try to eat something different every time, it gives me a chance to try something new. Agni tends to stick to one of his favourites most of the time but I know Mira has persuaded him to try different things now and again.

We three, we work well together. I’m glad I met them. I’m glad, in a way, that they ran me over when they did that first time. They helped me up and apologized. It opened a doorway. I don’t know how I would have taken to them otherwise if that hadn’t happened. When I think back on it, I suppose someone out there might have had a hand in things, pulling little strings so that the world might work out in a good way. I don’t really believe that things are set out ahead of us and that we can’t change them but I do believe that some things do happen for a reason. It keeps me going. It makes thing interesting and it keeps me believing that not all is lost and that the world is a good place to be in.

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