two hens

So we’ve had our ghost rooster back in the colder months and now I think we’re dealing with hens. They are not quite as ghostly as their male counterpart but they’re still unexpected and somewhat annoying. The cats are out to try to get them every time they come close to the house. We don’t know where they came from or why they’re here at all. We don’t exactly have anything to feed them with and we don’t give them any inside food. I figure they’ll leave before too long, that or the guys who are working on setting up the catio, the patio for the cats, will scare them off.

We hear them clucking every time we step outside, it almost sounds like a full hen house, I’ve seen one of those before while I was still wandering and trying to make me way here to France. We’ve still only seen two of them wandering around the grounds but at times we wonder if there are more. I wish we knew where they came from and who might be missing them.

During the night time, we try to leave some of the windows open since there’s a bit of a breeze. It gives the AC a break and it cools down the house at least a little. It makes it comfortable. The moment the heat starts back up we close everything down, including the curtains. You can bet these hens have been clucking at night and the cats are all over the house trying to find them. It makes sleeping a little difficult but we do the best we can with what we have.

It’s not like we can go out there and chase them down since we don’t know where they came from. If we did know, I suppose we could round them up and call up whoever they belong to but at this point no one has seen any notices about lost hens. It’s driving us batty.

I know it’s more than likely mean of me to honestly hope that one of the wild animals we know roam the woods might come out and have a bit of a snack on them. That way we’d stop hearing them cluck about. Yael feels bad knowing that they’re out in this heat but there’s no way we’re bringing these things inside. He works hard enough on the garden at this point that he doesn’t need to get any ideas that maybe he should start having farm animals around. He’d work himself raw, we can’t have that. He works hard enough already.

Currently, it’s about three in the morning, there’s a breeze flowing through the house from the open windows and all I hear is their clucking. That and the cats meowing to be let out to chase them around or at least see about knowing what the heck those things are. I wish it wasn’t the case. I’m surprised Yael is asleep, he usually wakes up at the drop of a pin but he’s been working extra hard in the garden these last couple of days, plus his painting, plus the top to bottom cleaning we’ve done since we realized it was needing done. He’s exhausted, I’m glad for that.

Frustration got the better of me. At around four in the morning I went around and I closed the windows. The breeze was still cool and fresh but I couldn’t take much more of the clucking and of the cats going around meowing, asking for their hunting licence. I closed the windows, pulled the curtains shut, closed the blinds. Everything will be dark and silent once Yael wakes up this morning and that’s how I want it.

I can manage without some sleep for a couple of days more, it wouldn’t be a first. I know I’ll more than likely look a bit like hell but that’s just one of those things that can’t be helped. It’s a small price to pay to make sure he sleeps properly. I think I might see with Eoghan if he can’t talk the twins into trying to catch these two birds. Maybe we can bring them into a pet shop of sorts. Though not sure they’d take them in. Though I’ve seen snakes and rabbits, frogs and lizards in there so I don’t know why they wouldn’t take in these two chickens.

Maybe the animal protection service place. They might be more comfortable with taking these two. I mean, we’re in a city that lives near a port. I don’t believe that we have any farms in the surrounding areas and I figure that these birds haven’t wandered that far and most certainly not from another city or in from the country. So really, someone must have lost them and the animal protection place might just be the best idea.

I don’t know why I didn’t think about it until now.

When Yael wakes, he rolls to his side and he rubs his eyes, looking up to me. He frowns when he focuses on my face and I offer him a half-hearted smile. “I closed all the windows and curtains around four this morning, these hens just clucking away and the cats trying to find them and meowing away was getting to me. I thought we could see with Eoghan if the twins can’t be persuaded to chase them down after their work day so we can bring them in to the animal protection service place.”

He reaches out, touches my cheek gently before he’s shifting to sit up and he nods and kisses my cheek. “That sounds like a plan. You look like you could do with a lot of sleep though. How about I talk to Eoghan and we prepare you that tea that relaxes you so well? The room is still dark, I’m sure you’ll be able to get at least an hour or two. I’ll be as quiet as I can and I’ll close the door to keep the cats out.”

That sounds like an absolutely wonderful idea. I sigh and I close my eyes, leaning my cheek to his shoulder for a few moment. He’s still sitting right next to me and I’m just comfortable being right where I am. I wouldn’t change a thing to our lives right now, except those hens, that is.

Straightening slightly, I steal a kiss from his lips and I smile lightly, just barely. I rub my eyes. “If you don’t mind asking Eoghan about the twins that’d be nice. I don’t know how you managed to sleep through it all but I’m glad. I know you need all the sleep you can get for all the hard work you put into the garden up stairs.”

“Quentin, you work as hard as I do in that garden.”

“I only do what you tell me to do.”

“Which is a lot of hard work. I’ll prepare you that tea, put in a bit of honey since that’s how you usually like it. You just settle down and I’ll be back with you in about fifteen minutes. If you’re asleep by then, you’re asleep by then and I’ll leave the tea with you and let you sleep.” He kisses my cheek, then my lips and he slips from the bed.

I watch him move, mesmerized by how smoothly he does so. At times I think he could be a dancer. He’s still a little sharp in angles in some places but he’s filled in to a point where I don’t worry daily about his health.

He disappears out of the bedroom and I settle down into the cool spot where I should have slept the night before. I’d settle in his own spot but he’s a little heater at this point and I’d rather start my rest in a cool spot. I tug the sheets just so, settling them at my waist before I close my eyes and breathe. I know I need to sleep, I’m just not sure how well I’ll manage.


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