who took it?

In this house, when something goes missing, there is a chance of eight different culprits. Usually this list can be taken down to seven but for this one bit of thievery, I think that number will have to stick to eight. I know I shouldn’t have left it there on the counter, just waiting to be stolen but I was gone all of two minutes, it only takes me two minutes to head into the bathroom and come back once I’m done emptying my bladder. Still I suppose I can’t blame anyone but myself.

It’s a shame, I really wanted to eat that saucisson but now it is in someone else’s stomach. I’d have to assume Quentin to be the one who took it but it could have been any single one of our cats. They’ve done it before when we left food unattended on the counter. I’m not going to start a hunt down to find the culprit, I’ll just sigh and bemoan my fate or something like that. It was a small piece, I guess it doesn’t really matter in the long run, it’s gone and punishing anyone for this isn’t really going to fix anything. Punishing cats for deeds done in the past isn’t helpful, they don’t understand what’s happening.

Punishing Quentin if he’s the one who took it is something else altogether. We couldn’t decide who would have the last bite, last night, so we wrapped it up and set it into the fridge. We’d decided that after midnight, it was a case of first come first serve. I should have eaten it before I went to the bathroom but my bladder was telling me it was more than a little full, that’s all right.

Quentin steps into the kitchen with a wide yawn. I had left him asleep in bed just ten minutes ago and he still was in bed when it happened so we are down to seven likely thieves and I know that now is the best time to leave it be. He blinks at me and tilts his head with that questioning look that fits him rather well. I shrug lightly. “Had brought out the last of the saucisson. Went into the bathroom to empty my bladder and it was gone when I came back. Guess someone in this house has had a good breakfast start.”

He laughs and I chuckle. I guess that’s all there is to that one. It’s not like we can’t afford to buy more but the store we buy it from is closed today, else I wouldn’t even have bothered with it last night and I would have let him have it.

“We’ll go tomorrow and get some more. We can even pre-cut it up to make sure we have an even amount, that’ll leave no one wanting for more.”

I blink at him and I snicker, the idea is interesting but a little foolish. It’d be stupid to start this kind of thing, really. We’re not the kind of folk to get into a fight over one last bit of meat after all, it’s a crazy sort of idea and I shake my head.

“We just buy, store and eat. When we’re out, we’re out. We could even buy extra tomorrow for the shared supper.”

“Feels weird to have essentially missed out on one of them, I still have no idea what it was about.” I shrug to his unspoken question. I don’t know what it was about either and I’m not going to ask. Whatever happened to get the supper postponed happened and there’s nothing we can do about it.

“Eoghan said we’d plan an outing over the next supper.” The idea of an outing is welcomed, I know we all went to that garden last time and it went well but I’d like for us to all do something more together. I still don’t know if Armin would join us, most of our outings require plenty of walking.

“I think we should go to the waterpark.”

“We have a waterpark?” That’s new to me, I hadn’t even known there was a waterpark in this city. That could be interesting, especially in this still present heat. I think about Armin though and I can’t help but think that this is a kind of outing he can’t join us in either. I don’t know. He could but with waterslides, his crutch would get in the way, I’d think. Someone would have to hold onto it or something as he wouldn’t be sliding down with it and that just seems to complicate everything.

“It’s in the next town over but it’s at most an hour drive to get there, it could be fun.” I guess he’s right, it would be fun.

Usually, after breakfast, I spend an hour or two up in the garden to take care of the pruning, of this and that. Just general taking-care-of-things time. When I come down from the stairs, I see Quentin waiting for me at the bottom with a clearly amused look on his face.

I stop and tilt my head, more or less just waiting for him to tell me whatever it is that is amusing him to that point, he usually doesn’t wait for me out of the garden for no reason.

“I found your missing saucisson.” The words make me laugh, I can’t help it, they just sound wrong and the grin on my face must tell him that much because he blushes and sticks his tongue out slightly. “The rest of your stolen breakfast, that is. I don’t know that I’d be happy to find your saucisson detached from your person.”

He leads me off and we head towards the cat room which is where I suspected it had ended up. Though in my mind it was thoroughly eaten and mostly digested by now. What I see however amuses me to no end and I have to fight back the laughter. I don’t want to break them up by surprising them.

There, in the room, the cats seem to essentially be playing football with the bit of food. I’ve seen them play this way before though they’ve always done so with one of their toys, not some of our food. It’s surprising, I honestly thought it was going to have been eaten by now but it still is there, whole. Not that I’m going in there to get it from them. it’s been rolled on the floor for hours at this point, they can have it. Of course we’ll be throwing it out before long but for now they can have their fun with it.

We step away from the room and I shake my head somewhat. “I did not expect them to be playing with their food this way. Toys yes, but food, not really.”

Quentin nods and chuckles softly. “I was listening to them play but I couldn’t make out what they were playing with. Most of their balls have bells in them so we can hear them going back and forth and I couldn’t this time. When I spotted the bit of saucisson I thought you had to see it to believe it.”

“Oh I believe it, all right. That’s something new and I doubt we’ll be seeing that again. Note to self, don’t leave food unattended, even for just a minute or two. Cats are little devils and they will empty the plate if they’re given a chance.” I shake my head with an amused note. I suppose this is a good lesson. I’ve never really left food on its own even just for seconds before, at least not after I first learned that these guy were little thieves. I assumed they were too busy to come along while I was gone. Lesson learned, I will see about no longer assuming anything about them starting today.


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