“Last I checked, this place isn’t on the usual travel map of tornados, anyone care to tell me what happened?” I had to ask really. The whole yard was a complete mess. As if there indeed had been a tornado. Still, the only thing that really was striking, beyond the mess, is that it really only was the yard. There was nothing wrong with the building, there was nothing wrong in the street and Quentin and Yael’s yard still was as clean and pristine as it had been the night before.

The swing set is on the ground, there are tree branches scattered everywhere, the grill is in pieces and it must have taken quite a bit of strong wind to tear that apart since it was built on a brick base, it’ll have to be built all over again, someone’s going to have to get bricks. The chairs are so far out into the yard I can only see a couple of them and what’s left of the table is not a pretty sight.

Next to me, Agni looks the mess over and he sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose. He spares a glance towards his brother and I can almost imagine they’re talking without really uttering a single world. I could try to look into their minds but that wouldn’t get me much of anywhere and I did promise myself I wouldn’t do that. I don’t think I’m strong enough yet anyway.

With a sigh, Agni looks back up to me and there is no smile on his lips. He only shakes his head and looks at the mess that remains of the yard. “I think it’s more than likely safe to say that Zora happened.”

My puzzled look does pull a slight hint of a smile to his lips. I’m vaguely aware of things but not in details. I know Eoghan’s gift is of the mind but that is mostly it. I haven’t been introduced to the rest of them in that way and I haven’t really asked.

“I control fire.” His words are soft, a little uncertain but I nod and smile somewhat at him as I store away that information. “Mira is water.”

Those words however startle me a little and I have to step back from my analytical mind for a second. I guess it is a possibility. Like a white man from America and a black woman from Africa having a child together, there are three slots, either the father’s genes take over, either the mother’s own do or they are mixed up. I nod, putting away that bit of information.

“Zora has control over wind. I don’t know what pissed her off but something pissed her off bad enough. At least we’re out here and away from most things, this wouldn’t have been pretty if it had happened in the middle of downtown.” True. I can only imagine the kind of damage that would have happened if this had happened downtown.

“So now we clean up?” I have to ask, I don’t mind helping after all. Agni shakes his head with a sigh.

“This is a mess made by our family, we have to clean up.”

“That’s not really how it works when you have friends, Agni. Friends help each other out.”


“I know what you’re thinking. There’s not much I can do with my leg but I can still help at least a little. I know you more than likely don’t want Eoghan and Alexis involved but it might be a necessity. The grill has been completely destroyed and so has most of the furniture, it’ll need to be ordered to be delivered and set up again.”

Mira’s shoulders at the ones to drop now and I sigh gently. Poor kids.

“You two stay here and start to gather up what you can so we can get a bin to throw the bad out, I’ll go talk to the guys upstairs.” I figure I can at least spare them that much.

The talk went well, I hadn’t really expected any differently from Eoghan, I want to believe I’m starting to know him a little. He looked bemused and a tiny bit put off. From the top of his head since he was almost projecting I gathered the information on why. It had taken them hours to set everything up but I think that if we all chime in, it might take a little less time.

We were all down, except Zora, of course, after about half an hour more. The twins had gathered most of the slighter pieces in a pile. The chairs were in poor condition, the table really was beyond repair. Most of the bricks had been shattered upon landing. The swing set was just in poor condition. They tried to get it back to its feet but it could no longer even be kept standing.

I imagine that these guys will want to have a talk with Zora eventually. She hasn’t been to the shared suppers recently and she has more or less fallen off of the face of the earth. Mira mentioned that she spent very little time in the apartment and that he’d found a few bits of circled information in the papers that led him to believe she was looking for another place to live. It seemed extreme really and I can’t imagine that Eoghan will let her leave with the twins. He might try to at least keep the boys here. They’re not eighteen yet, not for at least another year and a few months I think. I don’t know why she wants out of this place, it’s safe and healthy really but she does.

After Eoghan took stock of what was broken and needing replaced, he placed an order at the store and inquired if it was possible to have a delivery within the next twenty four hours. He was told it would come tomorrow. At least, that’s what he said. He called for a construction trash bin and that came after an hour or so. Alexis had a talk with the guy and asked him if he could just sit tight and wait while they filled the bin in. It took some back and forth along with a bit of an extra tip but it did save the guy from a trip.

With everyone working together though I admit I was mostly supervising, the chairs, the table, the bricks and everything that was broken ended up in the bin without about half an hour’s time. The guy went on his merry way once all was said and done. it was good to get that cleared up.

Contrary to popular belief, I can get around without my crutch though it is a bit of a chore. Still, I don’t like not helping so when brooms came out, I snagged one up and I helped best I could with sweeping at least the patio area clean. The day was surprisingly comfortable, I guess the heat wave we’d dealt with was done torturing us or at least we were getting a one day breather.

When the place was as cleaned up as it was going to get without some major work to clear out the rest of the yard of fallen branches and trunks, we all slipped past inside to our respective homes to wait until morning or afternoon, whenever the delivery came place.

The delivery did come in the middle of the morning, when the patio area still was mostly in the shade. I wasn’t really given a chance to help this time around but I did read through the instructions and I guess it was better than nothing. What took longest was the grill this time but by the early afternoon we were done and it was almost as if nothing had ever happened at all. Of course I know it’s only an illusion, everyone knows something bad happened but it’s not my place to talk about it and I know the twins don’t much want to think about it either. I just hope that whatever issues there are, they will get solved soon.


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