far back in time

“Tell me about how the dinosaurs lived.” I know it’s a question he can’t answer. He’s old but not that old and I’m trying my best to keep the shit eating grin off my face, I can’t help it. At times the stupidest of questions pop up in my head and I just, I have to ask him. Especially as we’re both now just in the pool, floating around aimlessly. After the heat wave I called in someone to install a temperature controller for the water so even if the heat in here was uncomfortable, we still could keep the water cooler. That and another air conditioning unit. I don’t know why we hadn’t thought of that one until now but it doesn’t matter, it’s installed now.

He looks at me like I’ve lost my mind and I know my control is slipping, the grin is clear as day on my face and he rolls his eyes at me, swatting at my ass playfully. I laugh and shrug, splashing water at him before just settling again. This is a comfortable position. The air is warm but not too hot, the water is just nice, I couldn’t really ask for anything else at that point.

“It’s not like I can go back that far in time, you idiot.” The term is affectionate when it comes from him and I sigh softly. It’s his way of remind me of all the affection and endless adoration he has for me. Yes, I’m vain, well no, I’m not but he’s just like that and that’s all, he makes me feel special.

“You think that a time-keeping demon could open a doorway that far back in time? I mean, I wouldn’t want to change the past, I’m just curious as to what it might be like back there.”

“With all the shit little miss wind is giving us, you’re thinking that it could be cool to witness how the dinosaurs lived? I’m thinking the heat really did get into your head.” He shakes his head and I stick my tongue out at him before shifting and flopping to my back on the noodles. They keep me afloat just so, I’d be out of the water on a floating mattress and that’s not the point of a pool for me.

“I don’t know, I try not to think too much about what she’s doing right now. If Mira’s right, she’s trying to find an apartment somewhere, I figure she might be able to afford a one or two bedroom on her salary but more than likely not a three bedroom like she needs right now.” I shrug and close my eyes. The roof she has over her head right now isn’t costing her a thing. All she’s paying for is the food she puts in her fridge and whatever she watches on cable along with her internet connection. Everything else is on us. The apartment, the lights, the heat, the water. We’re just giving her a chance at a slightly easier life. If she wants to move out, it’s on her but I don’t really want her to put her brothers through hell because she can’t accept that her brothers have made one single mistake in their lives so far and for some reason she’s blaming us.

It isn’t as if we’ve corrupted her brothers. We’ve taught them the languages spoken here, we’ve got them a job though that one is mostly on Armin, we’ve taught them the ways of this city, all things she hadn’t even really tried to this day. She claims she’s protecting them but I think she was mostly just thinking of herself and how she could survive out and about with two extra mouths to feed without really thinking of their own needs.

There is a sudden splash in the pool and I’m startled out of my slight doze. I look over to the deep end, figuring Lex might have gotten out to jump back in but there’s Mira surfacing with a soft laugh. I’m glad he appreciates his life here. We’re really just trying to help people in need. I don’t understand Zora and I’m not going to dig through her mind to try to understand her.

I don’t see Agni and I don’t ask. I know these two do their own thing. They’re liking different ideas, exploring different worlds, it’s good for them.

“Tell me more about how Cleopatra lived.” This one isn’t as farfetched as the one I’d asked him to answer in the earlier afternoon. After out dip, we dried up, let Mira to swim his lengths in the pool and went back downstairs for a bit of private time. After that we had a shower and we’ve mostly been flopped on the living room couch since. I can’t complain, it’s a comfortable couch. I only asked him that question because I knew he was moments from drifting off and I couldn’t have that, nope.

He rolls his eyes at me and I just grin at him, that shit eating grin absolutely in place. I can’t help it. I know the look in his eyes, he’s thinking about bucking me off of him and off the couch altogether but he won’t do it. He’s done it before, just once and when I fell, my head hit the low table and had I been human, I would have needed stitches and some medical attention. He fussed and worried over me for the following few days after that incident. I never held it against him.

“Don’t feel like it.” I pout at his answer and I lean back to sit up. I settle along his hips, my head to the side lightly, just watching him. He watches me right back as he crosses his arms to settle his hands beneath his head. I don’t know who invented staring contests, all I know is that we have those now and again, they don’t hurt anyone and whoever looks away first usually ends up having to deal with a ‘chore’ of sorts that we both tend to avoid doing unless it is absolutely necessary.

I know I break contact first but that grin is back and I laugh softly. He looks a little puzzled at my sudden amusement and one of his brow lifts slightly, just barely. Anyone else might not have noticed him but I’ve known him too long. I grin down at him again and I tilt my head to the other side. “Can you at least tell me who invented the staring contest?”

He almost bucks me off but I can see that he thinks better of the idea moments before putting it to action. He shakes his head and closes his eyes with a soft chuckle. “What are you, on a trip back memory lane today?”

I shrug as I move to settle back down against him. The heat is still semi-present outside but the apartments are now cool. At least hours is and I’m more than a little glad for that. I nestle against him lightly and he curls his arm about my waist.

“I don’t know. I’m just full of questions today, I guess it’s my way of trying not to think about how this whole thing with Zora is going to stink for a while. I don’t know what I’m supposed to make of her, she confuses me to no end. I thought we’d made progress when she started coming in for those shared suppers we have but since the cop thing she’s just closed right back up. She can’t be blaming us for that.”

“I think she blames the world in general, Eoghan. There isn’t much we can really do about it. You can’t focus on that, it’ll ruin your life.”

“I’m sorry.” I mumble, resting my head down against his shoulder. I feel him shake his head and he breathes a light sigh.

“You have nothing to be sorry for. I’ll tell you about Cleopatra, how’s that?”

I laugh softly and just settle. “That sounds like a plan.”

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