a label you hate

“Is there an anti-gay convention in town or something? It feels like we’re being overrun by straight folks waving their bibles around like those of us are different are sinners and we should all rot in hell.” There is so much wrong with the world, I don’t know where to start. I think this was one of those things, it has changed so much from the way it was when I grew up. Lex saw more of a change than me but I’ve seen it change. He told me that men being with men in the far-gone past was natural, it wasn’t looked upon badly. I don’t know when that changed, maybe when Christians came into the world or something.

We were just walking down the street to try out that little bakery Yael keeps on bringing bread from, we were shoulder to shoulder, minding our own business and folks who know us in this neighbourhood know we might look intimidating but we’re harmless for the most part. We were just about to enter the bakery when this woman barged out, she saw us standing there and she started ranting at us about how we were sinning. Why? Because we were standing shoulder to shoulder? We weren’t even holding hands. I don’t get these folks.

I mean, I get them, they believe in what they believe and everyone else is wrong but that just gets to me. They label us with so many things and most of those labels are wrong. I’m not a sinner, I don’t believe anyone can be in the long run. I’m not a criminal, I haven’t killed anyone or hurt anyone, at least not recently and if I have it always has been an accident. I might be a ‘homo’ but that doesn’t make me a bad person and I don’t like to be called that anyway.

I’m just who I am, I wish people would stop trying to change others, it’s exhausting, really.

After we got home, we left notes on doors to warn people that there were wanderers outside who looked like they could maim you if you even looked wrong. I’m a little afraid for the twins, they look different from the norms and I know some people look at them and think they’re delinquents because of the colour of their hair. There’s nothing they can do about it other than dye and I don’t think they’d want to.

We went back up to our own apartment where Lex proceeded to mutter his unhappiness about the whole situation and I just flopped down on the couch. It’s our flop-down spot, it’s so huge we could probably fit almost everyone in the building here side by side and it’d still be comfortable. I yawn and I close my eyes. I’m ready to put it all behind me but I hear Lex’s steps stop not far from where I am so I open my eyes and I look up to him.

“We should probably warn Quentin and Yael?” His words startle me a little, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought about these two. I mean, I know Quentin’s temper will get the better of him and he’ll talk this woman off her little dream world if given a chance but it’s more Yael I’m worried about. He’s so sensitive about these things. I’m a bit surprised, I honestly thought today was their usual day to get to the bakery and we didn’t cross them. Maybe they went by earlier and maybe the crazy woman wasn’t around.

“You have a point, it had slipped my mind. I mean there’s no reason to start a war but we all should know what’s wandering our streets currently.” I feel like we’re in some kind of horror movie or something close to that, when there’s evil afoot and everyone is in danger. I don’t think the crazies will come this far to the edge of the city but they might. I still don’t know what this was all about, I’ve never seen that woman here before and I’ve lived in this city for years.

“I’ll call them and you have a look around online to see what’s going on in this city. This one woman more or less attacked us about the bond we shared that wasn’t even visible to the eye but I’ve seen a few others wandering not far from her who were looking our way when she started dishing her all-important justice.” I nod and I slip from the couch to head into my little office. I don’t usually use my computer in that room but it is where we keep it. It seems the best of places.

I boot it up and start wandering around, looking through the city’s news blog to try to find out what might have been going on in the city but I can’t find anything. I have to assume that maybe just a group of folks have decided that this was their vacation destination. It’s not a pleasant thought, it means I have absolutely no idea of how long they might be around. At least if it had been a convention I could have said that we’d have been safe and sound and they’d have been gone in a couple of days, now I don’t know.

I have no fears of these people, I’m comfortable enough in my own skin that they can’t get to me. I just can’t help but think about the others though. Agni and Mira are still young and learning about life in general, I don’t want them to be scarred by this kind of thing. Yael is not that easily hurt but I know he’s sensitive. Armin, I think, can handle his own and, while I hate to say it, they might give him a break considering his condition. Maybe I should call them and offer to drive them to and back from work for a little while. It’s not like it’d be much of an issue.

Yeah, I’ll call them in a couple of hours when I know the morning semi-rush has died down and I’ll explain the situation as it is. I’ll take the regular car, no need for the sporty.

When Lex comes back my way and peers into the room, I shrug. I haven’t found anything and I tell him about the idea I have that they might just be here on vacation. He mutters briefly under his breath and I can’t help the slight smile that finds my lips. I know he doesn’t like that kind of thing either. We’ve been through a lot of changes over the centuries. Some folks just can’t change, no matter how much you try.

He tells me that Quentin and Yael had gone by earlier when the streets were near absolutely empty. Had gotten their bread and had come home without a hitch. I’m glad for that.

I tell him about the idea I had of offering to drive Armin and the twins to and from work and he nods before I turn the computer off and we both head back to the living room.

It’s not that our day has been ruined. We’re both just a little startled that some little old lady came up to us to rant us out about something she had no proof of. I don’t want anyone else to go through that if I can help it. At times I feel like mama bear, looking after everyone. It’s actually a pretty comforting feeling. I guess that makes Lex papa bear. I tell him that much and he snickers softly, his head shaken.

We remain settled on the couch for another hour almost, just relaxing and letting the bad vibes from the crazy woman wash away. Eventually, we ease back to our feet and head into the kitchen to slice into that more than well earned bread. I take note of the time and jot down a little reminder to call Armin in an hour or so more so that I’m not bothering him. We’ll just do all we can about this situation to make it a comfortable one.


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