“This one looks good, I think it would work well.” I look over his shoulder and I have to wonder at what’s going on in his mind. I don’t think he realizes just how big the yard really is. It’s late in the season to be buying a new mower but we have to, we’ve had to throw the old one out after it ran through one too many left over bits of broken bricks. I hired someone to go through the yard and pretty much just pick up everything that wasn’t grass or flowers that could bloom without taking over after we threw the mower out.

“Eoghan, with how much land we’ve got to cover despite that I know the weather’s been poor for the grass this year and I think we should probably see about buying some grass seeds to sow over the empty batches of burnt ground. A riding mower might be a better idea?” He looks at me a moment as if he has no idea what I’m talking about but then his eyes clear and he blushes lightly. He shrugs and rubs the back of his neck somewhat. “Come on, let’s have a look at the riding mowers.”

“We’ll have to get a bigger shed.”

I shrug and chuckle as I walk him away from the smaller, pushed mowers and towards the seated ones. So much bigger and of course we can’t take it home ourselves, it’ll need delivered and I don’t mind, really. “We can get a bigger shed, it would be cleaner and less chances of the wood rotting if we buy one that’s either metal or more than likely the new plastic kind. I saw a tri-folding door one on our way in, it cold do the job. It’s big and comfortable, we only need to buy a few slabs of concrete to set up on the floor so it’ll have a stable base.”

He nods and walks along, letting me decide on the bigger bits and pieces. It’s always been easier for me. I don’t think it’s because of my age so much as it’s because I just have experience. I’ve been through house-building more times than I can really count and the rest is just extra.

We step into the riding-mower section and I let him go ‘oh’ and ‘ah’ over a few different models. At times, I swear, he’s too adorable for his own good and that over the oddest of things. Someone from the store finally seems to spot us and comes our way. Questions are asked and answered, more questions are asked, those with a bit less clear answers but we still can make an easy choice of the mower we want. That information is noted and he’s moments from leading us to the tills so we can pay for our purchase and set up the delivery when I mention the need for a shed to go with the mower along with some slabs for the flooring.

It doesn’t really take much time to get it all set up and written down, paid for and we’re on our way home with the knowledge that within the next couple of days we’ll have a delivery of all we need. That the ground would be flattened, the slabs settled and they’d even build up the shed since it seems to be easier that way.

In the early morning of not the following day but the one after, two trucks pull up to the building and I’m more than glad to get out of bed and meet up with them while Eoghan still rolls around and grumbles about not getting enough sleep. I admit we were up rather late but I don’t need extra sleep. That and I know that if I do get tired for some reason, I can simply settle down for a nap. The crew from the store drop off the mower and the shed. From the other truck, a three-man crew begin to bring out the slabs and a few tools. I don’t know which of the two will set up the shed but I don’t really care.

It doesn’t take them much time to flatten out the ground where we’d previously decided the shed would best be. Not too far from the garage but just far enough to allow plenty of room to roam with the mower between the two. The slabs are down just as the first truck drives away. I guess these guys will be setting up the shed. They look plenty competent.

I stay out of the way, just watching them unpack everything, it seems like a lot of equipment for one single shed and it makes me glad that we did decide to let the experts work on it. I look back to the yard, the new table, chairs, the swing, the rebuilt grill, yes, I’m very glad we decided to let the experts do their job.

It’s easy to understand why they came so early though. I imagine they have other setups to get done and the day is already beginning to warm in a somewhat uncomfortable way. It takes them nearly three hours to get it all put up and together but once they’re done I know we’ve picked the right shed. It is bright, almost beige in colour so I know it won’t get too hot in there though the roof is a deeper sort of brown. They’ve even set up the shelves in there.

I thank them deeply when they’re done even though I know they were just doing their job. I know people like these are taken for granted. ‘Oh they’re just doing their jobs, they don’t need to be thanked, they’re being paid to do it.’ You can still thank someone for doing something for you, even if they’re paid for it.

They pick up their tools and head on back towards their truck. I wait until they’re gone before I walk toward the mower so I can at least bring it inside its brand new safety spot. It doesn’t take long before I get it settled where I want and I head back towards the old shed so I can move its content from old to new. I know Eoghan told me we’d do this together but I’m already outside and I’d rather this be done sooner rather than later so the old shed can be torn down and those bits and pieces thrown away.

I just want our yard to be as safe and sound as possible.

“You were supposed to wait for me.” The pout is clear as day in his voice as I step back into the cooler air of our home. I shrug lightly and stretch my arms over my head with a soft yawn.

“I was but you were still deep asleep when they first came up. You could have come down at any time while they were working, they’ve been here for almost three hours so don’t start pouting at me about how I didn’t want for you. It’s hot out there and I don’t think either one of us really would have wanted to do any of what I’ve just finished doing later this afternoon when the heat would have been even more scorching.” My voice is quiet, without a hint of scolding. He sighs and I know this mock-battle is done and over with. There won’t be any arguing and it’s for the best, really. “I know you wanted to help, Eoghan. If it makes you feel better, most of the games and the smaller pieces I’ve essentially piled in one of the corners, you can set those up however you might want when it’s cooler out, all right?”

He sticks his tongue out at me and disappear back into the bedroom, more than likely to finish getting dressed. That’s plenty fine by me, I feel filthy and the need for a shower is rather up front in my mind at this point. I’ll shower and then we can keep ourselves busy with other, mostly meaningless things.


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