“You want to bury it?”

“Well, not bury it, but I think that if we do buy this trampoline, we might save some broken ankles and arms and what have you, if we set it in the ground. Dig the earth just enough to set the trampoline level and then voila. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen one particular website that sells just that as is, kits for in-ground trampoline, all we’d really have to worry about is setting it up and I’m sure it can’t take that long. Now if we had an earth-gifted demon in our group, that would make things even simpler but we don’t.” His voice is lightly teasing and I chuckle softly, I guess he has a point, having an earth-gifted demon to dig up a hole for an in-ground trampoline would make things simple.

The idea is interesting though, I have to give him this. A trampoline could be nice. We buy a cover of sorts for the winter so it doesn’t rust and we’re all set. It might make for interesting times when the weather isn’t so hot.

“So what do you think?”

I look back up to him, head lightly to the side, thoughtful really. It’s hard to hide the amused grin from my face. He looks so serious. He usually does when it concerns adding or removing something from the yard. I could laugh considering how serious he looks and considering this is all for a trampoline.

“I could go for the idea of bouncing around on there and I bet the twins would love that kind of entertainment. I mean, we’ve given them books, they have some games, they have the pool up top but I think there could be more and it’d be a good way to spend an extra bit of energy that might come from being cooped up inside to escape the heat on most days.” Lex grins now, his eyes are bright and I know that his idea might be one of the better ones we’ve had this summer. He usually doesn’t really go for anything that has much of a ‘fun’ factor and at times I think he’s forgotten he can be a kid if he feels like it, no one’s going to stop him.

“All right, let’s go have a look at this website you think you might have seen, I have no idea where you got this idea from but it’ll be wonderful, I just know it.”

And there we are, two weeks after this crazy idea of installing a trampoline in the yard took hold, it happens. The heavy machinery we had to ask for to help with the hold digging showed up (worker to make use of it included) in the early hours of the morning. The trampoline itself had been delivered the day before.

It doesn’t take much to get the hold dug up, that is the easiest part. While the guy is doing that, we get to building the trampoline up. I’m not all that good at following paperwork though I know I should be, Lex is the one who makes sure we follow the instructions and the twins are more than happy to help us along. Eventually Lex gives the instructions paper to Armin as he joins us and we have the trampoline built about in the same time frame as the guy who took care of the dirt in the hole.

We set up the sides, we get it in the hole and then we make sure it is level, I think that’s what takes longest. Then we fill it partly back up from the inside until we have drifts of dirt halfway up the legs and the retaining wall and we fill up the outside until it is level with the ground again. We set up the venting pads and voila. We have a bit of dirt on the trampoline itself but that will be easy to clear up, it’s the least of my worries.

The twins are exchanging wide, curious glances despite that we’ve told them several times already what it was and what its use was supposed to be. The only rule we have is a no-shoe rule, so while Mira carefully steps onto the trampoline, I hand him a soft-bristled brush and he works the dirt off of the top of their new toy. It’s a ‘toy’ we all can use, I imagine Armin might not but that’s not really surprising. I will assume Zora will never approach it. Who knows, I might be able to get Quentin and Yael to give it a try, that would be something to witness.

Once he’s done with the broom, he carefully walks to the edge, wobbling a little and he sets the broom down and out of the way. We decided on this particular spot for the trampoline because it gets a lot of shade in the summer so it is somewhat cooler an area. He wobbles back into the center of the trampoline and he stalls again, looking at me as if to ask what he’s supposed to do, I can’t help myself, I laugh gently. Not at him, just at the situation.

“Just bounce up a down a little, then you’ll be able to jump, just be careful.” He nods, looks down at his bare feet and the black material beneath them before he begins to bounce just slightly. He’s still unsure of himself and I find this absolutely adorable. Eventually though, after a few minutes of just pressing his weight down and letting the trampoline swing him back up, he eventually starts to get into the idea of the thing and his slight bouncing turns into very mild jumps. I’m sure Agni, once he gets to it, will more than likely go for some stunts that will make all of us cringe but that’s fine by me, I just want them to be happy.

“Just remember, boys. It’s preferable to only have one person on the trampoline at a time, safety and all. No shoes, otherwise it should be fine and good, just be careful and remember to share.” Mira is laughing away now and I know this was a good idea. Hell I guess we could set up another one and then there wouldn’t be any waiting time but I think that might be spoiling them. They still do need to learn that life isn’t about getting what you want exactly when you want it. There’s always some work involved with most things in life.

Lex and me, we’ve had a long life to this day, it’s why we’re not out on the streets, it’s why I don’t really work most of the time though Lex does. Not because of the money though, mostly because it keeps him busy. He’s so used to keeping his mind going on particular subject or just never really stopping more than a couple of days to enjoy life that doing nothing at all with his days would be a bad idea. I don’t mind.

I know Quentin has never really worked a day in his life though he’s traveled enough and I supposed he’s begged on street corners enough. I don’t know all the details of his life as he escaped from Siberia and made it here into Dunkerque. I know he might have worked little odd jobs here but nothing really permanent. Yael has his art. A lot of people seem to think that if you don’t work several hours a day, at least four or five days a week, you’re not really working but I beg to differ. The twins, well they work now. It’s not overly hard work but it is work and I’m glad they have that for themselves. It’s teaching them the value of money and, well, hard work.

I guess it’s why we give them what we do. They have to learn that life isn’t just about having to work to pay for food and a roof and the rest. There is fun to be had, too.

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