folk singer

The music that comes not quite pouring out of his room is something I’ve never heard before. Not that I can claim I know music that well, we’d never stopped anywhere in the past to really listen to any coming from anywhere. All I really recall music-wise from when were young and still on the run is Zora humming some sort of lullaby to help us sleep at night.

Of course, after that, when we settled here with Alexis and Eoghan, we got to learn more about music in general. Armin, at the library, always has a radio playing ever softly behind his desk. It’s mostly background noise since the library is supposed to be quiet but it’s a nice little extra to the days when it’s quiet. Especially last time when the electricity just sort of died on us. The radio is battery powered so it was a plus in the growing darkness of the place.

For a minute I know I ponder just leaving it be. I know our tastes for most things in life differ but we still share a lot of things. I should be studying for a test Eoghan said we’d be taking in a couple of days but I really can’t focus on that. I work best in quiet. I thought he did too but I guess I might be wrong. We really are growing up.

I could close my door but I don’t see where that would lead me. I like being able to hear what’s going on in the apartment when it’s just the two of us the way it’s been for a bit now with Zora just leaving us notes about how she’s ‘working late’ or how she’s spending the night out with a friend. We don’t see much of her.

I guess curiosity did get the better of me. I’m not sure how long I’ve been standing in the frame of his door, leaning just slightly against it and listening to the music. It’s not bad music but it’s different. Unlike me, he is studying and I guess at times our roles can be switched around. Then again, I understand and have memorized pretty well what we’re going to be quizzed about so I don’t really need to study much about it.

Eventually though he does close his book and I take that moment to lightly clear my throat. He jumps lightly and I laugh, I try to keep the sound soft. After a moment I shake my head, step inside and I apologize quietly. I sit on the corner of his bed as he pushes his books away somewhat. He reaches for the music player, to turn it off I guess but I shake my head.

“I’ve never heard that kind of music, where is it from?” He leaves the player alone though he lowers the volume just slightly. It wasn’t that loud to begin with but it is soft now, just a little louder than Armin usually keeps the radio playing at the library.

“It’s folk music.” The blank look on my face must amuse him because he begins to snicker and he explains in a short few sentences what folk music is about. I nod, I think I understand what he’s saying but it’s still somewhat a misery. I’m sure after I look it up online it’ll make more sense to me. I don’t mind doing that.

“This is one particular singer, I heard people talking about it on the street while we were waiting for the bus a few weeks ago and I guess I got curious. You know how I am when it comes to learning about new things and trying new things.” Yes I know, trying new things in particular. Learning about them usually is more my thing than his. I chuckle softly and I shake my head. I’m glad he’s exploring different music types, it can’t hurt.

I’m learning that I personally prefer keeping to softer melodies, I’ve fallen in love with most classical songs I’ve heard so far and most things from home, of course. I don’t mind listening to a little bit of everything else but my very slowly growing collection of music is mainly Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven and others of that sort.

“I should be studying. I was listening to your music from my room.” He looks apologetic for a second and I shake my head. “It wasn’t too loud, don’t worry about it. But I was listening to it and I was curious about it so I just sort of stayed at your door for a while to listen to it. I saw you studying and I guess I was amused by the sight since it’s usually the other way around.”

“Well it’s not like you need to study, you know all of this stuff by heart, you’re constantly talking about it.” It’s my turn to feel sheepish, apologetic. I know I talk about a lot of stuff and plenty of it might just be nonsense to everyone who’s ever been around or near me. I just get so excited when I learn something new that I have a hard time not talking about it. I’m a big sponge but I guess I’ve got issues with keeping it in.

He grins again and shakes his head lightly. I leave him be and I head back towards my room since I know that despite thinking I recall everything on the subject, there might just be bits and pieces I don’t recall.

Zora comes home in the late evening, she looks like she’s glowing, like she’s had one of the best days of her life, that or she’s just had some good sex. Not that I’m an expert but I’ve heard Eoghan talking about it and I’ve read about it how some folks seem to ‘glow’ after that kind of thing. I don’t really get it but I guess that’s the vibe I got from her when she got in.

She didn’t even talk to her, she just came in, humming to herself and went straight to her room. She came back out after about ten minutes, went about preparing a meal (that wasn’t even needed because she’d left us a note that she wouldn’t be home, we’d already eaten), ate her portion, put the rest in the fridge and she disappeared back into her room.

I really don’t know what’s going on with her and I’m not sure I want to ask. I’m pretty sure she’s not looking for an apartment at this point. She might have been before but now she’s just spending all of her time outside at nearly all hours of the night and she barely comes home from wherever she goes. I don’t know what Agni thinks about it but I try to no longer let it disturb me. It shouldn’t keep me awake. She’s a grown woman, she can make her own choices about whatever she does in life.

I still just wish we had some idea of what was going on so we’d know what we’re doing with life in general. I guess, in a way, it’s like she doesn’t really exist anymore. Like she’s moved on with her life and left us two on our own. It’s not much of an issue, we’ll be seventeen in a few months and I know Eoghan would look after us if anything happened.

We have jobs, we have a roof over our heads and we’ve got food. We can prepare it ourselves, we keep ourselves clean and we do what we have to on a daily basis. There’s not much else to that. Still I might talk to Agni about it a little later.

Though maybe not that much later because she’s going again. She’s out of her room again and I guess she just came home to shower, change and eat. Her clothes are different, her hair is still moist and she’s out of the apartment. Doesn’t matter. I guess.


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