high class

I have seen a lot of people while I was trying to escape my life at the orphanage. I’d even have to say that I seen and met a lot of people while I was in the orphanage. When I was so very young and Sterling still was alive, I saw an odd pair. At least to me they were odd. They came to see if they could not find a little girl. We didn’t have a lot of those and the one we had wasn’t to their liking. They didn’t even spare a glance at the boys. I don’t honestly know why they came to our orphanage that day, the way they were dressed, the way they spoke, they held their head up high as if looking towards any of us would be a terrible sight to behold.

I was sitting with Sterling when they came to the door and when Rosalind was brought out to meet them. They took one look at her, the woman turned her gaze away as if poor Rosie was an ugly monster, the man at her side looked at Rosie a moment, had her spin slowly where she stood and he shook his head. He looked like he apologized for their visit and they went on their way. The woman looked like she wanted to be as far away from this place as possible.

When they were gone, I turned to Sterling, eyes wide and full of question and he bopped me on the nose.

“They were high class, richy-rich folks looking for a pet project or something.” Is what he told me before I could even ask him anything at all. I blinked at him, clearly confused and he rolled his eyes, motioning towards the window towards the clean and shiny black car they walked to. A man in a long coat opened the door on one side and they both slipped in. That was so strange to me.

“They’re rich, have money. You can tell from the clothes and the car and the chauffeur. I’m pretty sure the woman thinks we’re all ugly and ill here, not worth a glance, her husband looked a little more down to earth, I guess he married her and she was the one raised with the silver spoon.”

He wasn’t making much sense honestly but I guess the information sort of stuck to my mind.

Even after all these years.

It was so nice outside, the weather so comfortable that we decided that our supper and movie night would happen downtown. We all piled into the minivan and we drove down into the heart of the town. Alexis said he’d made reservations at a new Indian restaurants. He mentioned something about how it’d been a while since we’d last had anything of Indian roots to eat. After the meal we’ve made plans to head to the theatre. I’m not sure which movies are currently playing.

When Eoghan parked the minivan, we all got out, piled out really. The twins even helped Armin out just to be sure he was fine. It’s adorable.

I don’t know why I noticed the couple across the street from where we were parked. They didn’t stand out much but I guess they stood out enough that I remembered what Sterling had told me all those years ago. In their case, it was mostly how they stood, tall and strong, as if nothing could bother them. She held her nose somewhat in the air, as if the idea of walking was not an interesting one. He looked like he was doing his best to make her happy, he kept on pointing to things in boutique windows, maybe trying to get her attention on something so that he could buy it for her. Maybe it was something else, I really don’t know.

To me, right at that moment, their presence reminded me of the couple as they had visited the orphanage though it hardly was that. They’d come in, stayed in the foyer, she’d looked ready to turn and leave, repulsed and he was trying to be the good, outgoing and gentle one in their relationship.

I didn’t judge them then. I won’t judge this pair now. I mean, I could compare these two and the couple from my past to Alexis and Eoghan, the differences are all there. They have money but they don’t really go out of their way to flaunt it, they don’t act like snobs. Quentin has money too but he lives a simple, quiet sort of life.

“Yael?” I look back, startled for a moment and I smile lightly. I reach out to Quentin, letting my hand rest into his outstretched one. I murmur a light apology and follow him and the others towards the restaurant. It has been some time since I’ve last had any sort of Indian food so this is going to be a treat.

I’m not sure what movie we’ll be going to watch afterwards but I don’t think it really matters.

I’m not sure I even recall what the movie was about. I was so full from the supper that I think I ended up dozing off during most of it, Quentin nudged me away when the credits started to roll, just before the lights came back on. We all piled back into the car, Eoghan dropped us off at our door even though we’re just a few paces away from where he parked and Quentin unlocked the door before letting us in.

“Did you know them?”

I blink at his question, tilting my head to the side. He chuckles softly as one of the kitten climbs up his pant leg and he pulls the purring ball to his arms. “The couple you were looking at when we all got out of the car.”

Ah, them. I’m surprised he’s asking me now. I guess he thought it might have been something private, it’s sweet of him. I shake my head in answer as I leave my shoes in the foyer. We both step further inside, all doors closed after we made sure all the cats were inside and not in the foyer itself.

“I didn’t know them, it’s just that they reminded me of a couple I saw at the orphanage while I was still young. Sterling called them the high-class richy-rich folks.” I laugh softly at the words, dropping to carefully sit on the couch where he settles next to me. Within moments we have ourselves several purring bundles settles with us. I know that in a few moments I’ll go off to check on their food and water, Quentin will have a clean up of the litter boxes to do.

“It’s just in the way she was walking I guess, the little upward tilt of her face, as if she was looking down at everyone, the way she was dressed. He reminded me of the woman’s husband.” So I do tell him about the pair, I figure it’s pointless not to at this point. I have nothing to hide from him.

He shakes his head with a soft grunt. “Just about all of the money I have at this point came from this one old man. He didn’t act rich. I honestly taught he was poor as could be. I needed a roof and he needed company and a little help. I offered both. I know I can be an asshole most of the time when it comes to the stupidity of humans but he was different, there was something about him that called to me.”

I know that ‘high class’ is just a label, one of so many for different people. There’s not a lot to do about it, really. I try not to judge people. I don’t want to be judged so I do what I’d like folks to do when they meet me. It doesn’t work often but at times some people can appreciate not being treated differently.


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