random laughter

I don’t know who the idiot is but I wish he’d shut up. There is nothing funny about what’s going on in the movie but he keeps on just randomly laughing for no reason at all. Oh I’m sure he has his reasons but the way I see it, they’re not valid. No one else is laughing and I can hear the mutter of displeasure from everyone around us.

I suppose I could reach out, feel for his mind and give him a bit of a swat but I don’t imagine it would do much good. It might confuse the guy for a bit but I’m sure he’d be back to his random and pointless reactions before too long.

On my left, his breathing slow and steady, Yael rests, I’m amused more than anything else. On his other side, Quentin keeps on sneaking glances his way. When he catches me looking, he smiles sheepishly in the darkness and I answer with a shrug. If he’s tired and if the movie’s just not his thing, I don’t mind. I know he tends to nod off now and again during the movies even at home. On my right, Lex is trying to pay attention to the movie but I know he’s getting annoyed at the moron sitting several rows to the front of us with his pointless bouts of laughter. On his other side, the twins sit and at the end of the row, for easier access for him, Armin.

We argued a bit about the movie we were going to watch, we nearly went into separate shows but didn’t. We solved the issue the way we do at home with the shared dinners. The person who picks the movie each week rotates, so I think we’ve watched a bit of everything to this point. Not everyone has appreciated it all but that’s aside the point, it gives us an insight on what others like.

The guy laughs again and several bags of popcorn are thrown at the particular individual. He’s not laughing now. I don’t know if he thinks he’s funny but he’s not really. No one is laughing with him. Though I suppose science fiction like this might be funny to some, it isn’t for just about everyone else. Now if it had been one of those TV movies like Sharktopus or Ice Spiders, then I wouldn’t have minded the guy laughing, most of these movies are interesting in their own way but they’re worth a laugh most of the time.

After the popcorn bit, the laughing guy is mostly quiet though not utterly so. He doesn’t laugh much anymore, he mostly just snickers at certain scene. I really could punch that guy if he was closer. I think flinging popcorn at him isn’t really the way to go at it but it still mostly got the job done.

When the credits begin to roll but just before the lights are turned on, Quentin nudges Yael and he slightly startles awake. Most of the time, height aside, it usually ends with Quentin carrying Yael back to their place though I tend to go with, just in case. I don’t underestimate Quentin, he’s strong for his stature and Yael is slight, he weighs near to nothing—something that worries me still to this day—so they make it home safe and sound without an issue. This is different though, carrying Yael out might be a little awkward with all the folks heading out of the showing.

People on the other side of Quentin look at him expectantly for a minute or two before they realize none of us are really budging yet and they get out from their side instead. We wait until most everyone is out before we get out, this case mostly again for Armin’s sake. He was on the edge and we all knew we’d wait until the end. As is, none of us like to leave before the credits are done. It’s unfair for all the people whose hard work went into this movie to go unseen.

I know a lot of people wouldn’t really care but it matters to me. So by the time the credits were over, the whole place was just about empty and we started filing out and back into the van.

“I was so tempted to fling something at this guy, preferably something heavy and wet.” Mira’s quiet voice pipes up from the back on the short drive home. Agni snickers lightly from next to him and I can see Lex’s lips quirk somewhat.

“I think it crossed most of our minds during the viewing, Mira. He was annoying. I’m surprised he didn’t get more popcorn thrown at him but I guess he finally realized he wasn’t really making any friends while being an ass.” I shrug as I turn us into the road that will take us back to our home.

Yael is still trying to rub the sleep from his eyes so once I’m at their building, I slow down and stop to let them out. I know it’s just a few paces from where I’ll be parking this thing but I figure it’s easier this way. Quentin looks back my way with a slightly grateful smile to his lips. I even wait until they are inside before I get the vehicle moving the last few yards into our own driveway and everyone gets out and stretches.

“Laughing guy aside, it was a good movie and I’m glad we all watched it.”

“Several of the details went right over my head, I mean I get it, it’s science fiction and stuff won’t really all make sense but most of it didn’t really make sense. Can we watch Apollo 18 over the next supper?”

“Well it’s not really your time to pick but we’ll see.” Agni pouts but I shake my head and I muss his hair gently as we start on our way towards the front door. Once inside, we leave Armin on the first floor where he walks off towards his door. On the second floor we’re about to leave the twins be when the idea crosses my mind.

“It’s not all that late and I assume Zora won’t be coming home again tonight, you two could come up and watch that movie in the movie room, once you’re done you can head back down, yes?” Agni’s eyes brighten as he looks to his brother, hoping for the same kind of positive answer and we simply climb up to the third floor instead of leaving the twins alone on the second.

“Won’t we be a bother?”

I shake my head at the question, unlocking the door to let them in. “I have reading to catch up on and I know Lex was wanting to just relax for a while, we have a few things planned out for the upcoming few days that needed a lot of prep work. So you two watch the movie, keep the volume to a respectable level and once you’re done, just turn it all off and be on your way. Though it won’t hurt if you bid us goodnight before you head back, yes?”

Mira blushes, as if guilty of leaving without saying anything and he moves to follow his brother towards the movie room.

Lex leaves his shoes by the door and stretches as he wanders off towards our bedroom. I know he’s only going to go and change so I give him that much time without my being all over him because I know I could but I won’t. Instead, I leave my shoes next to him and I drop to settle on the couch where I’ve left my book. It’ll be good to read in the quiet and peace of home. The laughing idiot almost did ruin the movie, I’m glad popcorn did most of the trick in getting him to understand he was a big annoyance.


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