I feel like a chaperone, I can’t say I’m really complaining. Mira keeps on sneaking glances at Cyrille and I can only wonder. He looks like he’s mostly just trying to make his mind. I haven’t seen Élodie in some time though. Not much of an issue, she kept on disturbing everyone she approached in the library. Still, it’s strange.

I chuckle softly however as Agni suddenly puts his smoothie down with a low whine. “You were told not to drink it up so quickly, Agni.”

Brain freeze, it seems. It’s not all that uncommon and with these two I’m even less surprised as I know they’re still learning about the ways of life but still. Mira seems a bit more poised when it comes to sipping from his cold drink.

We’re just sitting in the shade of the building, on the steps. Sub sandwiches have been bought and eaten, though I should say devoured when it comes to these three. We’re talking about this and that, meaningless discussions that still teach so much. I think Mira is just trying to get to know Cyrille a bit more, to see if he’s someone to be trusted or not, I guess.

I’ve known Cyrille for years now and he’s grown up to be a wonderful young man, almost eighteen now, that he chooses such colourful dyes for his hair is something I’ve learned to accept as who he is. I wish I could say the same about his sister but I shouldn’t talk or think bad of people.

“So he was a genius?” Agni’s question startles me out of my slight drift off into the world of thoughts and I look back towards the trio.

“Well, most people consider him one. They say he was one of the greatest scientist of the twentieth century.” The blank look he receives from the twin amuses me more than it should, it really does.

“They’ve had rough lives and I think it’s safe to say that up until a few months ago they mostly lived under a rock, so a lot of things you’ll mention they’ll give you these blank sort of look.” I offer the words softly and Mira pouts lightly while Agni grumbles somewhat.

Cyrille shrugs but grins moments later. “That’s okay. I’m just saying, Einstein is a genius, he brought so much into this world and a lot of how we go about things today would be different if not for him. At least that’s how I see it.”

His passion for knowledge as a whole amazes me to this day. I know he and Élodie were home-schooled, it’s why he spends so much time in the library right now. I’ve met their parents a few times, bright minds, a little eccentric but not really in a bad way. I think their son here might just be a good sort of friend for the twins. They need someone their age around. Spending all of their time around me and the others doesn’t really help them in developing friendships with others who might be closer to their age.

On the bus ride back home, the twins sit not far from me. I try not to spy in on their conversation but they’re so close that it’s hard not to. It isn’t as if they’re trying to keep it to themselves either. They’re not shouting but their voices are soft though not hushed.

“He’s nice.” Is the first thing I catch, the words coming from Agni I’m rather certain.

There’s a slight rustle of clothing and I have to assume that Mira might be shrugging. “He’s Élodie’s brother.”

“Oh.” Well, that’s different. I didn’t know they’d met Élodie and by the short sound that escaped Agni, I have to imagine or assume that it didn’t end well.

“I mean, okay, he’s her brother but so far he’s nice and he told me he’s nothing like her. I guess it’s that whole ‘shouldn’t judge’ thing and it’s just so hard, I don’t want you to be hurt, Agni. Not after what she did to you.”

“Well, so far he’s been nothing but nice. We walked while we were on the way to get lunch and he just asked me simple enough questions, how I liked it in the area, how I liked the job. He said he liked my hair and yours too. Just, he doesn’t seem like her at all just now. He could have tried.”

“He could have. I guess it’s just going to be one of those one day after the other thing.”


That might also explain why Agni had been hiding out near the back shelves whenever Élodie was in the library until she stopped coming along. I could try to pry lightly into their minds but I swore to myself I wouldn’t, so I won’t. It’s not my place.

Honestly, all I want for these two is a little peace. They’ve been through hell. Their sister wandering off and trying to drag them with, to move in with her boyfriend hasn’t helped. They looked so scared when they came to my door, I didn’t ask any questions, I just let them in. They needed some place to hide and I provided, it seemed entirely natural.

As we get off the bus, they wait for me to be at their sides before we start on the short trek to our house and home. While it doesn’t look like any house I’ve ever been near, it is home. I don’t think I would ever want to move out and try to start my life anew anywhere else. If I were to somehow, magically so, meet someone who could make me feel loved again, I’d ask them to move in with me. Though I suppose that whole gifted versus not might be an issue. I don’t mind.

They hold open the door as we get to the building and I chuckle gently as I step inside. I only take one step back and out of the way so they can come in as well. I usually don’t, I head down straight to my door so they both stop once inside, as if expecting something and I smile at them both gently.

“I overheard you two talking on the bus, I didn’t mean to but I did. I’ve known Cyrille and Élodie for a good number of years now. I can promise you that they are nothing alike. I’ve honestly never really seen twins be so different. You two are more like one another than Cyrille is to Élodie. He’s very kind and I think he would make for a good friend if you gave him a chance.”

Agni’s eyes brighten, I think it’s at the chance of making a friend his own age. Mira however still doesn’t look so certain and I do reach out to brush some hair from his face with a gentle note. “Just give him a chance. If you’d feel better about it, I can play chaperone the way I did today. We can all spend time together. I know Eoghan planned for an outing this weekend, somewhere at the beach while the weather is now just comfortable enough. Maybe you could invite him to come along?”

It’s hard to do anything ‘wrong’ when you’re surrounded by people at the beach, at least that’s how I see it and that’s how I hope they both might see it.

“We still have the rest of the week ahead of us, so just give it some thought, okay? Now you two head on up and see about getting a good meal into your bodies. We’ll have a lot of work ahead of us considering that a lot of the books we were supposed to put away today we couldn’t.”

They both smile and start up the stairs to head up to their floor. I just watch them for a moment, until they disappear from my sight and then I start down the hallway to my own door.

They need friends, that’s all I really know on this subject and I believe Cyrille is a good choice.


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