country road

I hadn’t expected the van to be filled. With Zora missing, we should have only been seven and we’d have fit just fine in the van but there was eight of us so we actually split into two vehicles. I think I’m going to have to get something a bit bigger than a van when we’re planning outings that require more than just our presence. From the floaters to the picnics, the umbrellas, the towels, the lotions, the back was packed and there was some in the lap of the kids out on the back seat.

I only met Cyrille on the evening of, when I went to get them from the library since it was pouring in a bad way. I can now think back on how good an idea it was that I didn’t take the sports car though that was mostly based on the rain and how I didn’t want to have to get out to be able to let the twins in.

Armin settled up front as is usual for him and in the back, I had Agni on one side, Mira next to him in the middle and next to Mira a young man, a teenager not much older than them, whose hair was a rather deep blue with red highlights. It was startling but rather amusing. They introduced him as Cy and asked if I could drive him home since he’d otherwise be walking in this rain and they didn’t feel right about that. The day had started out bright and clear so I assumed that he hadn’t brought an umbrella.

So I did take him home. It’s only when I stopped outside of his gated yard that I realized why his face seemed so distantly familiar. I’ve known his parents, or at least, I’ve met them a few times in the past while they were in the states, visiting on official business. I don’t know why this kid has no car of his own, his parents are loaded and I assume they might not let their kids go without a good allowance but it’s not my place to ask.

Before he got out of the car, Mira asked if he could come with us to the beach on the following day. I figured it wouldn’t hurt.

“Why is this road so bu-u-u-umpy?” The road is bumpy. Bumpier than I recall it though it might just be that the car needs a bit of a tune-up, especially the suspension. Though a new car might just be easier, something with more room. I do have to laugh at Mira’s softly plaintive tone though I know I shouldn’t. He’s at the back, on the left side and that is where most of the potholes are. Armin, Quentin and Yael in the center aren’t much more safer from them than the boys at the back but still, they are, to a slight point.

Next to him, Cyrille snickers though he tries to hide it behind his hand as he feigns a slight cough. I like this kid.

“Country roads like these are bound to be bumpy because no one really takes care of them.” It’s the only answer I can really give him. He closes his eyes again as he tries to not get jolted around too much. I know Lex is doing his best to avoid the holes but the road is in bad shape.

“Why are you on this road then?” Now he’s just complaining to complain and I know even his brother his grinning away.

“Because this road is the only one we can take that will get us where we want to be on the beach. It’s a private area that a friend of mine owns. We won’t be swarmed by visitors and it’ll be comfortable with just the eight of us. That’s why.”

“Well your friend should take care of his road better!”

The whole vehicle fills with laughter, even Lex and Quentin are snickering. I’m so glad the twins are on Quentin’s good side. I don’t know what his temper would be like and what it’d do to the rest of our car ride, really. Good thoughts are important.

I have to admit, the road was pretty uncomfortably bumpy. My ass hurts just thinking back about it and I’m tempted to walk most of the way home after this. We’ll see. We might all be too tired to fuss about the bumpy road on the way back.

Once out of the car and on the pristine bit of beach that no one else would bother us on, we unpacked. Well, most of us helped unpack. The first thing I pulled out was one of the folding chairs and I had Armin settle down on it. He rolled his eyes at me but did settle. I know his wandering along the sand with his crutch might be an issue but I’m hoping we’ll work that out as it comes.

Before too long we had a nice little set up, four umbrellas, several towels (more than we needed), the coolers set out in the shade for the time being. A few games set out just in case.

I have a feeling Armin will be mostly staying settled in his chair but that can’t hurt. It’s a day to relax and appreciate the freshness of the air around us.

The twins are off and running towards the water without much of a warning and Cyrille seems to just be watching them for a minute before he’s following them, at a slower pace. I remember this kid from when he was a tiny tot and I’m just hoping he was too young to really remember much of me, else he might be asking himself some questions. He grew up well, I’m glad for that.

“You want to do anything beyond just relax in your chair for most of the day, Armin?”

He looks up to me as I ask him the question. He tilts his head to the side before chuckling and closing his eyes. “This chair is actually surprisingly comfortable and if I need anything I’ll holler for you, yessss?”

The grin on his face, it warms me. I remember just months back when he was still very much mourning the loss of his lover, he’s changed so much in such a short amount of time, I feel like I’m doing something right.

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something though.”

I blink down at him and I move to settle in the chair next to him. “I’m all yours. Figuratively.”

He grins but rolls his eyes. “You and Alexis have done a beautiful job in the library last time someone broke in-“

“Did someone break in again?”


“Sorry, sorry, go on.”

“No, it’s just that at least once every other week now the electricity just shuts off. I know it’s not just a simple fix and I know I shouldn’t even be bringing this up to you but I have to. You and Alexis know this whole world better than I do. I’m honestly terrified that one of these days, there’s going to be a spark before the electricity shuts off and the whole place will catch fire. I don’t know how I’d handle any of that. Isn’t there anything that you could do?”

His words seem to tug a memory to the surface and I can’t help the thoughtful grin. I had been looking to find something to occupy myself with. I’m sure I could have words with the current owner, since this is really closer to a non-government funded library, and find out if I couldn’t buy him out. Fixing up the library little by little would give me something to do.

”You know what, I might have an idea about that. I’ll see what I can do about it, okay?”

He nods and smiles at me lightly. This is a good start and this is a good idea.

“Go on and have a swim too, I bet you’re dying to get in the water.”

“You’ll be okay up here on your own?”

He nods and there’s that smile again. It’s all I really need before I head off towards the water myself. Everyone else is out there right now. It’s going to be a good day.


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