jagged edge

“Careful with this one.” I don’t know who I’m warning, I’m not sure if it’s for my brother’s benefit or for Cy’s own. Even if we did cut ourselves accidentally on the edge of those rocks, we’d heal up nice and quick, Cy’s different though and for some reason I feel as if we have to actually keep him safe. It’s such a strange sensation. We’ve only really known him for about a week and yet I feel as though he could be part of this family. So far he hasn’t really tried to pull any tricks, he hasn’t done anything close to what his sister’s done to Agni so I guess I can somewhat feel like I can trust him. He’s so genuine, his eyes are bright all the time when he’s with us and I feel like I’m important to someone I don’t really depend on. It’s such a new sensation.

This beach trip is turning out to be a great idea. I honestly wasn’t sure at first but if Agni trusts him, who am I to not trust him? He’s the one who’s been hurt by Élodie so he had even more a reason than I did to not be so certain about her brother but turns out, so far, he’s great. While the adults were off discussing I don’t know what, we wandered a small distance off. If I look over this huge boulder, I can still see them in the distance and Eoghan hasn’t called us back in closer so I have to assume we’re still on his friend’s property.

We found a little lagoon like spot, the edges are all rock, tiny little ones and bigger ones but there’s not a bit of sand until we’re almost halfway into the clear blue water. I can’t recall seeing water that clear before, at least not here and I can’t recall home. The only time I’ve ever seen it that clear and beautiful is in the pool.

From my hands, Agni takes a sharp edged rock and he looks it over, sitting it on his palm. We’re all just sort of sitting side by side, shoulders together and we’re looking at the different kind of rocks we can find. Most of them are boring but there are a few pretty ones that I’m tempted to bring home, I’m sure Eoghan wouldn’t mind, it’s not like they’ll take up a lot of room. I might just wrap them up in my shirt and get through the ride home without. It isn’t as if it’ll kill me.

Once he’s done looking over, he murmurs the warning about the edges again and he hands it to Cy who looks at the rock a moment, turns it this way and that in his hand as if to make sure he’s seen it from all angles and he goes ‘eeeeh’ before flinging it out back into the water. Agni laughs and I snicker quietly. It wasn’t all that pretty, not like the light purple one we found earlier on. I wish we’d have found at least two, I don’t know why I so much feel like sharing but I need to and a tiny part of me feels bad for hogging all the prettiest things we find. Maybe we’ll split them before heading back home, for now we’re just mostly looking and finding.

Eventually, Eoghan calls us back and we make our way carefully around the boulder to get back to his side. Lunch has been set out and none of us really have to be told twice before we start gobbling up the food set out for us. I don’t know if it’s all that swimming or the running around or the discovering new things but I’m starved and by the way Agni is wolfing down his own food, I know he is too. Cy looks amused more than anything else as he eats at a more moderate pace. At times I think old instincts come back to the surface. For so long we’ve had only just enough food to get us going and we’d have to eat it slow and steady but now and again, folks tried to take that food from us and we’d have to eat it all up within a few moments, it was unhealthy.

When we’re done with the food, I leave my found treasure wrapped in my extra towel and we head for a walk in the opposite direction we’d taken earlier on: away from the boulder. The beach seems endless when we look at it from where we stand and it’s something I have to marvel at. I’m so used to just seeing trees blocking pathways or buildings. Even in our yard when you look out towards the back, your vision is blocked by trees and more trees. Here, it’s just sand and water.

“So, why do you dye your hair?” Agni’s question to Cy startles me out of my slight daydreaming and I look between them a moment. I hadn’t noticed that Cy was between us, not that I mind, it’s different.

He shrugs and runs one of his hand through his two-toned hair. I can’t help but feel something flutter in me when I take in again that he’s chosen our colours. I’m sure it wasn’t because of us that he’s done it but still. “Same reason your guys do, I’m sure.”

I see Agni stall for half a step before he’s walking with us again and I shake my head. I guess that one small detail hadn’t really crossed his mind. Our hair is natural but for anyone out there, it might just be easier to believe that it is dyed indeed. “Y’wouldn’t believe us if I told you it’s completely natural, huh?”

Cy’s brows quirks lightly and his face takes on a look I’ve grown familiar with already, it’s his ‘you’re shitting me, right?’ look. I guess we say a lot of things that are a bit out of the regular norm in conversations, it’s not always easy to remember that we’re different.

“The red and black I could almost believe is natural but come on, Mira’s hair is blue and black, there’s no way it’s natural.”

For a second I think back on something I’ve read. I know it’s farfetched but it’s there, on the edge of my mind. “Well, think about it for a moment though, people can have different coloured eyes, people with vitiligo have patches of skin that are paler. What if there was something in our genes that made our hair possible in a natural way?”

He blinks at me, one brow slightly higher up than the other. I think I’ve raised a good point, really! “Still doesn’t really make sense.”

“Well, there are people out there whose hair is black with a natural blue tint, that could be my case, just in a really drastic way. The same can be said for Agni, except his is red.” I shrug lightly and Cy rolls his eyes. I think I’ve made my point while I know it’s a lie but I can’t really help it. We can’t just up and tell him we’re different this way.

“I dye my hair because I just want to be myself. I’m not much interested in the natural colour I was given at birth and I like more colourful things.” It makes sense, really.

Suddenly though, the subject changes because Agni’s foot catches on something in the sand (we later found out it was a net, he honestly could have cut himself pretty badly) and he starts to tip forward. He reaches back in an effort to find an anchor to keep himself standing, latches onto Cy’s wrist and of course in turn, Cy, trying to keep his balance but being overbalanced by the sudden shift, reaches out and that’s my wrist he grabs. We just about all ate a mouthful of sand, it was unpleasant.

After that little semi-accident, we just turned back around after we made sure we were all okay and we walked back to the others. I think we’re safer around the boulder. At least there doesn’t seem to be any danger on the path leading there.


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