I’m more than a little aware that we haven’t actually done anything at all today. We’ve lazed on the beach, we’ve had a swim, we ate food, we talked. It was a good day but it was also a day spent out in the heat of the sun and we’re all more or less exhausted, so getting home sounds like a wonderful sort of plan. In the back of the van, as we were handing out the meals to be eaten once everyone was where they belonged, I noticed how bright Agni’s eyes were. I suppose this is a first for him and Mira both, a sleep over like this. A friend staying with them.

I imagine they’ll have him sleeping on the pull out. They could have him sleep in Zora’s bed but I don’t know how that might sit with either one of them at this point so the pull out is more than likely the best of options.

When I finally pulled up to our building, I had to slow down. Parked at the front was a police car. I have to admit that this made me uncomfortable. I have no idea why it was there at all. As I neared the driveway, I pulled in and carefully everyone piled out with Yael helping Armin out. The pair went on their way and it is Lex who went up to the car to knock on the window lightly. The guy, or girl, is so far out of the downtown area that it can’t just be a coincidence that the car would be there. We’re the only ones in this area, after all.

A young man, just a few years older than the twins really from what I could see, eased out from the car and stood up straight. He was slight and small next to Lex, I nearly snickered at the sight but I kept my mouth shut. The twins spotted the car and the uniform and huddle a little. I guess they’re not completely over that incident at the store. It was Cyrille who actually said the first word, much to my surprise.

He broke away from our little group as Mira moved to huddle somewhat next to Armin. He stepped up to the policeman, stopping when he was nearly nose to nose with the guy and he rolled his eyes.

“What do you want, Niall?” I don’t know whether it was comforting or not that names were known.

“Checking up on you, Cyrille. Dad said you skipped out on your classes this morning and he was worried about you.”

“Worried about me, my ass. I’m an adult, I don’t need supervision and I told him I wouldn’t be going to those classes. I have no desire to follow in his footsteps or yours.” His words were calm but there was an edge to them. Lex wasn’t standing far, ready to act but I wanted to believe that nothing bad would happen just now.

“Dad also said that you’d talked about spending the day with these two criminals so I wanted to make sure you were still alive.” This Niall’s tone was beginning to grate on my nerves. He spoke of someone who believed whatever he read or heard was true, whether or not it really was the case. I looked towards the twin, much the same Cyrille did. Agni looked ready to set someone on fire and I think that only Mira’s hand on his arm was keeping him still.

“Yeah, I heard about the incident at that store, so what? There is no proof at all that they had planned on stealing that game and that you’re basing yourself on what you’ve heard to come here and talk this way about them speaks very poorly about you. You can tell dad that I’ll be home some time tomorrow afternoon. I’m not about to let you try to change my mind. They’re my friends and that’s that, Niall. I’m pretty sure you’re trespassing right now so I’d suggest you leave.”

“The young man is right, you’re currently parked and standing on private property, you’re harassing this young man and his friends without any definitive proof of the crime you claim they’ve committed, leave before I decide to call in to the station and complain to your superior about this.” Lex’s words were calm but smooth, he looked unimpressed over the whole situation and I’m not really surprised. I’m pretty sure he’s seen that kind of thing before.

The cop looks us all over slowly, one after the other before he snorts and gets back into his car and drives off. He leaves a skid mark on the ground. At least he wasn’t parked on the grass, that would have left even more of a mark, not that it would have been hard to fix it.

Cyrille shakes his head and walks back towards the twins, his face is so apologetic that it breaks my heart. It’s not as if this is his fault. He’s done nothing wrong. Mira looks at him a moment as if he’s not sure of what he wants to do but after a few heartbeats he moves his clinging from Armin’s good arm to Cyrille’s body and Agni is hugging him just as well a second later.

“How about we all eat out back, everyone together, to forget this incident? It’s no one’s fault but the moron’s own. He probably doesn’t even have any idea of what he was going on about. If he even thinks of stepping here again, he’ll have himself a restraining order, if that’s what it takes. I take the protection of those under my roof very, very seriously.” All eyes turn my way and there are hesitant nods left and right. I nod to myself and I walk along the side of the building to head towards the back. I’m honestly starving at this point and I just want to eat.

“I’m sorry about this, guys.” Cyrille’s voice is quiet as he walks between the twins. At the back, I know Lex is walking with Armin. I really should get this part of the yard paved, it would make things so much easier. We still have time before the season is over, I think I’ll call someone to have a look and see how easy and quickly it’d be done. I think it would save us from tripping on debris on the way to the back.

Once we’re all settled around the table, I light the two small lamps we keep there just for these occasions. I could have gone for the candles but with Cyrille around, the lamps are the better options since I have no matches, Agni usually lights them.

“Now I want everyone to listen to me. What happened here is harassment. I don’t care what he thinks is going on in his head, he had no reason at all to be parked up front, just waiting for us. Especially not in a marked police car. I will be calling them in the morning to tell them about this. Understand that I’m not looking to start a war or create trouble but I’m not going to just sit back and let anyone get away with doing things they shouldn’t.” Lex’s voice, smooth and steady as we all begin to slowly unwrap our subs.

There are small nods from the twins and a slightly defeated look on Cyrille’s face. It can’t be helped, we’re really just protecting ourselves, here.

“How about you three come back up with us and you can watch a movie before you get some sleep?” I feel as though that’s the least of what I can offer them, at this point. Mira shakes his head lightly and rubs his eyes before he’s finally taking a bit of his meal.

“It’d be nice to watch a movie but I think we’re all really sort of tired and we still need to set up the pull out though that shouldn’t be too long.” I can only nod at Agni’s answer. Today ends with a slight twist on the usual quiet day but I suppose not all days are meant to be absolutely perfect and peaceful. We’ll all be all right.


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