I didn’t know Lex still had a typewriter, I’ve honestly not seen one of those in so long. I found it in his boxes of stuff and I brought it out into my office because I thought it looked pretty as could be. It still is functional too, that just adds to the whole deal.

It has been sitting on my desk for the last week now, pretty, clean and I’ve actually made use of it once. I was mostly checking it over to be sure it still could work. I had to change a few bits and pieces in it but it was minimal work.

In a few hours, everyone will be over for the usual shared meal. I know the twins will want to look at it. I mentioned having found it when I went to pick them up in the middle of the week, figuring it was easier to do so since it was pouring. Again we dropped off Cyrille and then went on our way back home. I don’t mind the detour. It feels so good to know the twins have a friend besides us. I mentioned the typewriter on the way home, just for casual conversation. Armin’s eyes brightened slightly and I guess he might have worked with one before or might just have a love of old things the way Quentin seems to. The twins were puzzled and I did promise them I would show it to them so I will.

It’s in the way he stares as it, as if somehow the issue he’s having would fix itself and I have to contain my laughter. He’s been clicking away carefully at the keys, looking up as he does, expecting things to just ‘appear’ on the paper the way it does on the screen. It’s sweet in its own way. He and Mira are young, they haven’t had the life I’ve had so this is an interesting discovery.

“How does it- Eoghan, I can’t delete this line, what am I supposed to do?” I was expecting that and now the laughter does come. I shake my head with a chuckle and I lean over his shoulder to have a read at what he wrote. Of course, I can’t make out a single word as I assume he’s been writing in Hindi.

“You can’t just delete things with a typewriter, Agni. The way this work is that every time you press on a key,” and I do so to show him, holding it down lightly, briefly, “is that it clicks up this way, see? It puts ink on the paper. The only way to ‘delete’ it is to correct it by hand. You two have had it easy with the technology since you’ve come to be with us but this is how people typed their letters before.”

“But it doesn’t even work right!”

I lift my brow at his reaction and I just snicker again. At his side, Mira stares at the machine and eventually moves to lightly push at his brother so he can be the one sitting in front of the writer. I roll the paper to a new line so he can give it a try too.

Agni moves, Mira sits in his spot and he looks down at the keys. His fingers move over them much slower, he’s picking his letters carefully. He presses a few before he looks up to the paper and then back down to the clicking keys. After a few moment, he leans back and he grins. “I like this!”

I had a feeling he would and I lean over his shoulder to see what he’s typed. Like his brother, the words seem to have a mostly Hindi base, at least, the transliterated kind since this is just a typewriter and it most certainly has no way of being able to replicate Devanagari script. Still, unlike his brother, he seems pleased with whatever it is he’s written down and I take that as a good sort of sign. They’re open to learning about old things just as they are about new ones.

“All right, time to go eat, my little learning monkeys.” Mira laughs, the sound closer to a snicker than anything else and Agni only lifts one brow in half-question at the nickname. I shrug and I motion for them both to head out into the main room before I follow them though not before I snag the sheet of paper. I know Armin has some knowledge of Hindi and what he doesn’t know I’m sure Lex might just, he’s so world travelled after all. I’ve never spent much time in India, just little visits here and there.

At the table, I slip the paper over to Armin with a questioning glance, he looks down to it and studies it for a moment before he shakes his head and pushes the paper over my way again. It was worth a try even though that didn’t really work out. I could look it up on the internet, I know but that doesn’t much seem like it would be fair. This was written on paper, I should try to find the answer through other means.

After the meal, as we’re cleaning up what little is left since everyone tends to help, I pull the paper from my pocket again as I settle next to Lex. The twins are already heading towards the movie room. I know this could be considered spying, really, but I’m just a concerned momma bear. That’s all.

Lex looks at the paper a moment, his brows dipping as he focuses on the words. “I can’t make out what’s written on that first line.”

I chuckle and I shake my head. “That was Agni, he couldn’t find the ‘delete’ key. I didn’t expect it to make much sense, what about the second line though? That’s Mira’s and he seemed so pleased with himself.”

Again he studies the paper and I can see it on his face he’s trying to dig through his memories to bring the language back to the surface of his mind. Eventually he relaxes and chuckles gently. “I think it’s about their new friend, the gist of it is that he thinks he’s nice and kind and that he likes spending time together, all three of them. Mostly.”

I don’t know if I should feel elated or surprised. I think it’s a little bit of both. I know they’ve been spending a lot of time together, whenever Cyrille has free time, it seems, he’s in the library, volunteering to help them with whatever it is they need help with. I’m glad for that, I’m happy really. These kids needed someone their own age to spend time with and that is the perfect thing right now. From what I’ve gathered of Cyrille, no thanks to what I remember of his parents really, is that he’s a good kid, it’s all that matters at this point in time.

I’d been a little afraid of them not really being able to adapt to someone their own age but they’ve proven me wrong. I couldn’t be happier. I’m the happiest momma bear there is around, you wouldn’t believe.

I put the paper back into my pocket and I help Lex put away the last of the dishes, it’s one of the only times where we use the dishwasher considering the amount of dishes and utensils we do use. Once that’s done, we both step from the kitchen and towards the movie room.

If I recall correctly, tonight is Armin’s night so I’m not too sure what we’ll be watching. Last week we ended up watching a documentary on caves of all sort. The showing started with groans of disappointment but everyone seemed to have been rather interested and engrossed in the movie. Yael has a tendency for picking documentaries and I can’t blame him, they don’t watch much of anything else and that’s fine by me.


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