flying overhead

From behind the gate to his house, his home though he doesn’t seem to care to call it that, we couldn’t really see what anything might have been like. There’s a lock on the gate that leads to his house, that leads to the driveway. It looks expensive, his house that is. When Agni asked him if we could visit, just for the day or even just for a few hours after work, he hesitated. He said he wasn’t sure if his parents would be home and if they were that it might not be such a good idea.

I guess after the issue with the police guy, he told us that Niall was his older brother and that he has an older sister too, Magali, that he didn’t want to put us in any danger and that his father did not really like anyone who wasn’t classy or something. I’m not sure what it meant and I didn’t really ask.

Still, Agni just about used the puppy eyes, something I’d never really seen him do because those just don’t work on me and I’m pretty sure they never have worked on Zora either. Cy caved in but before we left the library, he called at home and he asked whoever answered the call if his parents were home, they weren’t. They were out for the week (something he told us after). I guess that sealed the deal. He answered a few questions and since we couldn’t hear the other side of the discussion we couldn’t really know what was being said.

Once he hung up, he started heading in the direction of the nearest bus stop that would take him- us, home. “I was talking to Magali, she’s a bit younger than Niall but older than me. She’s nice, I like her and she seems to like me just fine too. She didn’t take the road dad was wanting her to take, the way I’m going about my life too and I guess that’s why we’re not at odds. Well she asked if I wanted her to come and pick us up but I told her we could take the bus.”

Taking the bus is just fine by me, really. I see no harm to bus-taking. It honestly is even a habit at this point, the only time we don’t take the bus is when it’s pouring pretty badly out here and Eoghan offers to come pick us up. That and really bad snow storms. Otherwise, we’re on that bus like clockwork.

The bus drops us off several blocks away from his house and we walk up the road in relative quiet and peace. I’m not sure why Agni asked to visit but it’s not such a bad idea. It gives us a chance at knowing him a little better, I guess. I’m just happy I know him at this point, it’s nice to have someone our age to talk to. Not that I hide anything from Eoghan or Armin or the others but this just feels different, I can’t help it.

The moment we’re up to the gate, I can hear a sort of distant barking sound. I’m not sure what to make of it but the smile on Cy’s face seems to state that whatever it is, is a good thing. He enters a code on the keypad next to the gate and it clicks open. There’s two areas to it, the gate that is. A small side door, the one we’re taking and a huge one that seems to be on wheels so I guess it slides open when someone in a car needs to come in. I’ve never seen that kind of thing before, I guess it’s a security feature but it makes me wonder why we don’t see it more often or why we don’t have that at home.

We step inside and he tugs the door closed behind us, it clicks shut and locked. The barking is still somewhat distant but now, accompanying it, I can hear a sort of humming sound, I’m not sure how to describe it, it’s such a new sound.

He leads us up the driveway but instead of heading for the front door, he goes around to the side, a small pathways with flowers and vines and so much green stuff that you’d think you stepped into a sort of forest-garden. It’s beautiful and the scents from the still blooming flowers is wonderful.

The barking is louder now and in the distance as we finally come into a large yard, I can see a sort of dog. It looks huge even from this distance. It’s chasing something as it flies over its head and whatever that it is what I was hearing, the humming. Cy stops where he stands and we settle at his side, for a while we’re just watching this dog chasing whatever it is it is chasing. Eventually though, I have to break the silence, I suppose it’s curiosity, really. “What is that?”

“What, the dog or the plane?” He laughs softly, shaking his head.

“What’s a plane?” Agni gets to the question before I do and that’s fine by me. I mean we both have no idea what a plane is and I’m curious to know more. I watch it swoop down low then rise up again to the sky.

“You’re kidding me, right? No, I guess you’re not by the looks on your faces, I forget that there are some things you still don’t know about. You two are so strange. Not in a bad way though.”

I’d be hoping that it’s not in a bad way, I don’t really want to be seen as strange, the thought just hurts, really. I’m just me.

“Magali, can you land the plane for a second, my friends want to see it!” He calls out to his left. I look up to where he’s looking and I see a woman on a balcony. All I can really make out is that her hair is really long and pale, almost platinum really. She seems to be wearing a sort of summer dress, not all that different from the one Élodie had been wearing but it looks better on this woman, I think. She waves at us, or maybe just at Cy before she turns her attention to whatever that black box in her hand is. Before too long, the plane, the humming, flying thing, is landing and of course, as it does, the huge dog comes running our way.

I almost back away and I guess my motion is enough for Cy to understand that this is new and somewhat frightening for me because he steps forward, to stop the dog from bowling us down, I guess. I’m thankful for that. That dog is probably heavier than either one of us is and that thought makes me uncomfortable, I’m pretty sure it could crush me if it wanted to though I don’t think it will, it looks friendly now that Cy has gone down to its level.

My fascination for the dog is short lived though, I turn my gaze to the plane now as it sits on the ground and I just study it. I’m not really sure what to make of it but it’s different and obviously it flies. That alone is a wonderful sort of thing. I have vague, faded memories of floating slightly off the ground when I was young, before our family died. Of course it was with a lot of help from cousins and family who also were gifted with the wind gift but still.

I’m not sure what the point of a plane with but I can see that it amuses the dog well enough and that’s plenty for me at this point. I’m glad to know there are things out there for everyone, even for dogs and that’s what matters.


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