on a mission

He’s been out there for a few hours now. Just crawling left and right, peering behind bricks and bushes, looking at the ground, then up at the sky and then back over the horizon. He was out before I was even up and that’s saying something. I doubt he could see much of anything outside at that point but it’s not much my place to hound him about that. He does what he want, still I don’t know what’s going on and I’m a little curious, this is a first for him.

I step outside, staying on the area near the swing and I just watch it for a moment. After a while of quietness though, my curiosity gets the better of me and I do step somewhat closer to him, just barely, just enough to be within his line of sight, to be within hearing distance.

“What are you-“

“Shhhh, mission.”

“Eoghan, what are-“

“Shush, I’m on a mission.” His words are low, murmured really and I can barely make them out. I can only stare at him as he nearly crawls along the grass, looking left and right slowly as if he’s looking for something. I leave him be for the time being. I have no idea what he’s going on about and I’m not about to start bugging him about it. Whenever he gets down with whatever it is he’s doing, I’ll ask him but for now, I suppose I should just amuse myself with watching him walk around this way though it hardly is walking.

He half-crawls half-stalks to the left, looking suddenly behind a bush with a ‘ha!’ only to groan and move away from the bush and resume his stalking, hunting mission. I don’t know what’s gotten into him, really. I don’t recall his losing anything out here on the grass or mentioning he lost anything in the grass so I don’t know.

He looks a bit like a child and I shake my head. I settle down on the swing and I close my eyes. At times I tell myself I could bring Adela down here to the grass area but I tell myself it might be easy to lose her despite her size. Then I think I could just bring her up to the roof but then, despite all the fencing, I’m half afraid she might try climbing down and then what? No, she’s fine in her larger-than-should be room. At times when I step inside to check in on her I have to look around to find her, she’s so well hidden and comfortable in a nook somewhere.

I look out and over and he’s almost out of sight, though now at least he’s back up on his feet, so to speak. He’s no longer crawling around but he is on his hands and knees and he parts grass left and right. I guess he has lost something, I don’t know what, I might eventually know, whenever he’ll feel like telling me.

There he finally moves from knees to feet and he’s tiptoeing around, looking up trees and just generally doing whatever I think he should be doing on his mission, or at least I figure.

“Mission failed.”

I look up to him as he finally stands next to me. He’s filthy, as if he’d rolled around in dirt and I can only find confusion in that. He’s usually not the kind to do that kind of thing but I guess there’s a first time for everything.

“Want to tell me what this special mission was about before I hose you down so you don’t track dirt all over the floors?” He shrugs and smiles sheepishly. I can only roll my eyes but I let it be. He moves to stand on a clear patch of ground and I get the hose. I’ll let him have my shirt to go back inside with, his clothes are as filthy as he is.

“I was just trying to find on particular bug and I couldn’t find it.”

“This whole thing was about finding a bug?” It’s hard to believe, really. He’s never been that big on bug finding so I can’t help myself. Maybe it’s a new passion he’s developing. I’m not sure how I feel about the dirt though.

“Well, I saw pictures online and they said we were supposed to have these around in the yard and I don’t know why, I just felt the urge to try to find one.”

“At times, Eoghan, I swear I don’t get your odd urges. Not that they’re bad things, just different ones.” I chuckle as I hose him off. He takes off his shirt and his pants, just enjoying the water for a few moments before I turn it off. I shrug off my shirt and hand it over to him. It would get wet but that was aside the point. I know no one would stare or really look but I don’t really want to chance anything, the twins are home after all and so is Armin. He looks down at his bare skin for a moment and then takes the shirt, shrugging it on.

He grins at the reflection of himself he sees in the panes of the glass doors leading inside, wearing nothing but a shirt that just barely brushes the middle of his thighs. It’s rare I wear somewhat longer shirts, otherwise it wouldn’t have made much of a difference if he’d been wearing it or not.

I put the hose back where it belongs and I move to gather his soaked clothes to hang them to dry. With that done, I head inside and he follows, almost at my heel. “I’m sorry if I was weird out there.”

“Not so much weird as just different. I was wondering what you were doing and since you didn’t seem too interested in letting me know about it, I just let it be. But honestly Eoghan, it looks like you’ve rolled around in dirt trying to find something we might or might not have in our yard.” I chuckle softly, to let him know that I don’t mind the behaviour so much.

We head up by the elevator and once in our home, I step to the bathroom to get a nice, warm shower going. Hot is out of the question, the season doesn’t call for hot showers at this point and cool is just a little uncomfortable since the heat isn’t all that bad, just present.

He steps into the bathroom and tugs the shirt over his head with another sheepish note.

“For your mock-punishment to having failed your mission,” he looks at me with wide, surprised eyes and I smile down at him playfully, “you are to shower alone. I was thinking of joining you but I think you need to wash up completely first, then you tell me more about this bug and then, just then, we’ll see about anything else we might decide to do that’s bound to be more interesting than bug-chasing, yes?”

He blushes lightly but his eyes are warm and understanding. He slips into the shower and I step back out into our bedroom with a stretch. I can’t blame him for his sudden desire to go bug-chasing, really. I know I’ve done my share of strange things overtime so I can’t hold this one against him. I just don’t recall a time where I might have gotten myself so absolutely filthy while doing so. Maybe when I was so much younger, before I ever met him but those times were different, after all.

I shake my head, letting the thought go. Instead I just listen to him in the shower and I have to stop myself from joining him. It would be a fun sort of thing to do but I think it might just be best to let him wash up in peace, think over about what his little mission was about and if it was worth the whole thing, really.


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