miniature __________

“So it’s a what?”

“A miniature plane. You guys really have never seen a plane before?”

Mira shakes his head lightly, I’m too busy staring at this plane thing, sitting there on the ground with the huge dog just a pace or so away settled down and resting. Cy has been trying to explain the whole ‘plane’ deal to us for a little while now. He looks amused more than exasperated so I’m a little grateful for that. I know we’re different, I know there’s a lot we’re still learning about on a daily basis and I’m just he’s patient with us. I really like him, he’s nice.

“I’ll have to bring you guys upstairs and find the book. This is just a toy, it’s for the dog. She loves chasing it around. It drains her of her energy and we don’t have to worry about her wandering through the house at night. She used to that a lot before Magali thought about getting that plane model to see if the dog would chase it. She does, case closed.” He pauses and looks out in the distance of the yard, lush green grass, large trees, a few flower beds, it’s beautiful really. I think Zora might have liked it if she hadn’t run off on us.

Cy moves to his feet and we follow along, even the dog. She comes up to my waist and then some, it’s a little intimidating but she looks sweet as can be, she hasn’t tried to make a grab for us yet and Cy looks peaceful as can be to have her around so I trust him.

He glances our way and I guess he must see Mira looking at the dog somewhat uncomfortably as we head up stairs and he laughs softly. “She’s huge, wolfhounds are normally huge and if she’d been a male she’d have been bigger but she’s a big sweetheart, I promise you.”

Mira nods but still only looks half convinced. I shake my head, slightly amused though I try to think back to see if I ever recall a time where we might have been near a big dog to leave him feeling uncomfortable this way. My mind draws a blank but I know it might only be because I don’t remember, not because it might not have happened.

“I’ll get used to her, I’m just- she’s really big but I can tell she’s not really dangerous, at least not in the way she acts right now. Sorry.”

“No reason to apologize, I understand where you came from. If I hadn’t seen her grow up I might have reacted differently. We got her when she was just a tiny little thing, though not that tiny but you get the idea.” I personally did get the idea but Mira was distracted still, I know it’ll pass, it usually does.

“So this is a photo of the planes we tend to see in the sky nowadays. That little person you see at the top of the stairs is a real person so it can give you an idea of how big they might get. Folks get on those and they travel all over the world. If you guys have never seen a plane before, how’d you get here? I mean, you weren’t born here, were you?”

Mira’s mouth opens before I can utter anything and I let him. At times I feel like he has a better story-telling gift than me though it isn’t really about story-telling just now. “We were born in India. There was a terrible accident when we still were really young and Zora took us, she fled. I guess we came by boat but we were so young I don’t really remember much.”

He shrugs gently and I rub my eyes. I’m not tired, I’m just relaxing a little. The dog, we found out her registered name, whatever that is, is really long but he calls her Ophé though so far when he’s spoken to her he seems to drop the O but she’s his dog, however he calls her is up to him, she’s settled on a large dog bed not far from his own, we’re all sitting near the computer, looking at the pictures he brings up and listening to his explanations on planes.

“So are there miniature version of everything on this planet?” Mira’s curiosity is beginning to take root and I’m more than glad for that, it means he’s beginning to grow comfortable where we are which was one of the points to this visit. He stopped constantly looking at Ophé and he’s more focused on the knowledge. Learning new things has always helped him move on from uncomfortable to completely focused.

“Well, there are miniature versions of a lot of things. Planes, boats, cars. A lot of kid toys are based on their bigger version but most of the time the details are toned down. I don’t have the toys I grew up with anymore, when I was old enough I packed them up and demanded that I be taken to the nearest thrift shop so I could donate them.” His lips quirk in a slightly amused way, as if what he’s remembering is amusing. I suppose it might be if I could really understand. I know what thrift shops are, they survive on donations and on old things, they sell at a cheap price. I guess if his toys still were in good condition it made sense that he’d donate them.

“Are you guys sure you don’t want me to ride the bus along until your stop? I don’t mind being on the bus for a while until I get back home. There’s the whole transferring deal.” He sounds so worried, I think it’s sweet. I shake my head as we slip our shoes back on. It seemed a bad idea to wander around such a clean house with our shoes on.

“Cyrille, we just take the bus to the library, we drop off and cross the street to get to our usual station, we could call to let you know we’ve gotten home in one piece if that will make you feel better?” He sighs but nods slightly. I get that he doesn’t like spending much time in that house though it is currently empty except for his older sister and the dog. I wish he felt more comfortable in his own life but I guess we can’t all have everything, this I learned when I was really young.

Mira moved forward and hugs him tightly. Cy looks startled for all of a second before he’s hugging my brother back, burying his face briefly in those two-toned locks. I chuckle softly and he looks up, blushing subtly, as if he’d been caught doing something he shouldn’t have done.

“We’re just going home, Cy, we’ll be there in an hour at most and we’ll call you from there. Next weekend you can come over again and we’ll have a swim on the roof.” His eyes brighten a little as Mira steps back and I step forward to have a hug of my own. It’s strange to hug someone other than Mira but it feels right, even if I feel so short next to him. There’s nothing wrong with that.

He does insist on walking us to the bus stop, to staying with us until we’re on the bus and it is taking us away, back to our own home. He waves and we mirror the motion until we can no longer see him. I can only sigh, a slight sort of sound as I lean back into my seat, Mira next to me. The bus is mostly empty at this hour and I like it just fine that way. I’m not worried about getting home, we know the way, I just wish we could have stayed longer or taken him home with us.

He fits the bill of what Eoghan sees as ‘needing’, in my mind. He’s unhappy and uncomfortable where he lives now though he has a roof over his head and all the meals he requires, so I know it wouldn’t really work out. Still, I guess it’s one thought of many.


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