it never worked before

He’s puppy-eying me. It’s not the first time, I know it won’t be the last. Usually I don’t let it get to me but there’s just something about the way he looks today, I don’t know. It might just be because I haven’t had myself enough sleep, I figure that’s more than likely what this is about. Usually he turns the eyes on when he missed something or wants something we don’t have, in the long run that would require me to head out for him to get from the store while he stays home. Most days I mind because most days I do have to work on my commissions and most days he doesn’t.

Though I know he’s been busy with trying to get his hands on the library so he can try to make sure it doesn’t burn down and it has some work done so it doesn’t fall apart, it doesn’t mean I should cave in to his sweet little puppy eyes to stop what I’m doing to get him what he wants.

Just for once I caved in, he’s looking at me like I’ve grown a second head and I can only roll my eyes at him as I thrust the bag over to him. I don’t even like what he’s asked for so even if I could claim that I felt like getting these things for me, it would have been a lie. He only grins at me, his eyes bright and he goes right for the first can of coconut water. I don’t mind the stuff but I don’t usually drink it.

“I never manage to get you to go to the store for me at times like these, what changed?”

I shrug before I stretch and I turn to head back to the couch where I had been settled with a book before he came to more or less stare at me with those eyes. “I don’t know, it happened just once and it likely won’t happen again. I suppose it comes from the fact that you’ve been working so hard on getting all the paperwork and the information ready for the whole library deal you’re working on and my commissions have been far and few. You were busy and I wasn’t.”

Which is the truth, in the long run. He was busy and I wasn’t. It might happen again in the future but it’s unlikely. I made a note on our shopping list to add coconut water to it so that we might just have some on hand constantly. That one he can’t puppy-eye me into getting him some. Next he wants something, I’ll just note it on the list and he’ll have to wait until we’re shopping.

“Thank you. I know you didn’t have to and I would have gone without but I really appreciate that you did get them.” Of course I’d gotten them. I mean, I might act like an ass at times but I’m not and while I don’t like to give in to his begging, that’s what I see puppy-eyes as, begging, I don’t really like to keep things from him.

I could very simply have gotten something from the fridge, a glass of juice or even just some very plain waters but I know that at times the body craves particular things and juice or flat water won’t really fix that craving. This was one of those cravings, I could tell. He might be the one with the brain wired to read other’s own but I know him well enough to read his reactions to things and read his face. It’s in the way he talks, in the way he acts. I can ignore things easier when I know he doesn’t really want them.

I’m not sure how much more time he spends on his paperwork and it honestly doesn’t really matter in the end. I know I’m busy when I am and he doesn’t disturb me until I come out of my work room on my own.

When he joins me on the couch, settling almost directly into my lap, I can only laugh softly as I finish my sentence, set the bookmark in its place and put the book away for the time being. With that done he shifts, moves and settles properly on my lap. I curl my arm about his waist and simply hug him close, resting my chin lightly against his shoulder.

“All done?”

He nods and hums softly under his breath. This whole thing is coming along well. I wish I could have taken care of the library deal but he said he wanted to do it himself. The current building owner refuses to sell, states he’s doing all he can to make sure the building is in as perfect a condition as he can keep it but we both know that’s a lie. Eoghan has been gathering all the information he can find on the building, taking notes of all the repairs that have needed to be done recently, all the electricity issues, the clean up following the vandalism. His work is coming along well and he’ll be bringing it to attention soon.

It’s not something we usually do, this ‘dirtying’ of someone’s reputation but when you claim you’re working on something for its best interest but really, you’re just barely doing anything for it, it looks bad. If you offer your building to be used as a public library, you should be keeping it in good condition, you should be making sure no fires could break out. It’s a lot of work but it is part of the lot and it needs to be taken into consideration.

I shake the whole thing off for a moment and I tighten my arm about his waist. “I know you’ll do great once everything is gathered and you’ve got your case working. I’m pretty sure you’ll get what you want and once that happens I’ll help you along with taking care of the building as much as you need.”

Of course I’ll help. He’s a bit part of my life and his projects are my projects, after all. I help him much as he helps me and that’s just how things go, in the long run. He chuckles softly and turns his head just so to nuzzle my cheek lightly, briefly. I let the subject drop for the time being and I close my eyes. I’m just happy to be able to hold him this way for now, I can forget about everything for a few moments.

“Was that water worth my trip outside into the evil summer?” I murmur the words after a few minutes. He snickers and wiggles again before settling.

“It was refreshing, I don’t know where the sudden craving came from but thank you for getting it for me. I know you didn’t have to and I’m honestly surprised when you got up and walked out. I honestly thought I’d made you mad or something for a bit, or at least until you came back, then I was mostly confused but very, very happy.”

I’m glad he appreciated it. At times I get cravings too but I prefer to ignore them if I can. I see no point in giving in to them since most of my cravings are for food that either require a lot of time to prepare or can’t be found anywhere near to where we are. After a while, the craving goes and I can go on with my daily work as if nothing had actually happened.

“I’ve put it on the list so we have some in the fridge on a regular basis from now on. I know your cravings are more easily catered to than mine so I don’t mind making sure we have it in the fridge.” He hums softly and shifts to settle more closely. This is how we tend to ‘kiss and make up’ after we’ve had a fight, though this was hardly a fight. The way we end our day is always the best of ways as far as I’m concerned.

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