zero gravity

“You guys need to stop living under rocks.” He looks up at me, as if offended but I know that look well enough, it’s his way of reminding me that I need to stop saying that. I tell myself I’ll stop saying that when they stop having these really odd reactions to everything in life they don’t know about. It’s sweet, really but it does make it seem as though they’ve been living away from the rest of the world. I understand that in their own way they have but there’s a limit to everything. At least that’s what I tell myself.

“All right, so you’ve said I’ve been living under a rock but you still haven’t explained why she’s just floating there.” I snicker at his slight exasperation at not getting an answer and I shush him gently. “I’ll explain to everyone who asks when the movie is over.”

Those words I whisper to him gently to not keep on disturbing the others who still are watching the movie. I’ve seen it before already so I don’t mind missing out on a scene or two but I’m pretty sure the rest of our little group has never seen it. He pouts but goes back to watching the screen. I know the movie no longer has his interest but I’m also more than a little aware that not everyone likes the same things. This is why we alternate on who picks the movies.

“So why was she floating away? Why were they all?” This is how my after-movie evening began as I tried to find means to explain zero gravity to these four. The twins weren’t as curious and I assume they already had some inkling as to the explanation but they were keeping nearby nonetheless, for more information, I guess.

“Here on earth, there’s what we call gravity. It’s what keeps our feet on the ground, what keeps everything on the ground.”

“Clouds aren’t on the ground.” I roll my eyes at Quentin and only grins at me, that little shit. He’s just playing and I know it though he’s curious about this whole no gravity thing too, I know.

“Clouds are lighter, the way they’re made, and no, I’m not going into details about this, makes them float above us. Now gravity is different in space, people are further away from the planet and the pull of its gravity so they’re lighter. Out there in space, there’s no gravity whatsoever, so people float.”

“But it was a movie, I’m pretty sure they weren’t in space.” Yael now and I look at him a moment. I groan inwardly as I see the beginning of a grin on his lips. I’m pretty sure he gets the basic idea of thing but now he’s just pushing to push.

“You two are swear. You kids head on down to bed, I bet you have a big day ahead of you, Cyrille coming around to swim, yeah?” Mira blushes lightly and Agni merely chuckles before leading his brother off without a complain. I’m glad these guys are friend, it’s good for them. I turn back to the other two troublemaker and I put on my best teaching-face. it’s not much but it usually works, they both go quiet and calmer.

“They were floating in this movie either because of a lot of special effects- no, you don’t get to ask about that, you get to look it up,” I stick my tongue out to them, absolutely childish, I know, “or they might have filmed in a zero-g, that’s zero gravity, environment. I imagine it’s closer to special effects. Now you two get and head on back home before I decide to swat you both for almost ruining the movie.”

“I didn’t say a single thing!” Quentin’s eyes mock-wide with innocence though he reaches out for Yael’s wrist and tugs him away. I keep watch of them until they’re out the door and I slump lightly into the couch.

“These two, I swear, they’ll be the end of me.” I chuckle faintly and shake my head. It can’t be helped, I know. They’re still learning but there really are limits.

“All clear and everyone home for the night?”

“Well I assume that Yael and Quentin are more than likely crossing the driveway to head back to their home just about now so yeah, it’s just the two of us and Adela though I’d like to imagine she won’t be much trouble and won’t start asking questions like they did just now. What am I, their homeschool teacher?”

Lex’s quiet makes me look up to him a moment and there it is, that shit eating grin again. I roll my eyes and I groan softly. “You’re the one who called yourself momma bear on several occasions.”

“I’m aware but this is about making sure we’re all a happy family, not about teaching them the ways of life.”

“As far as I’m aware, real parents, parents who are there for their kids teach them about just about a lot of things, not just daily survival skills.”

“All right, okay, fine, you win this one but that’s the only one you get.”

“Oh I can get plenty more.”

My cheeks suddenly burn and I can only grin up at him. Yes, we’re sexually active, we’re open about love with one another but even now, when he utters things like these, I feel timid all over again and it’s like he knows so much more about that world than I do and I’m just learning about it all over again. It makes butterflies flutter in my stomach.

“Tonight was a good movie night, Eoghan, questions and all. If they can’t learn from us about these things, who are they going to learn from?”

I sigh but straighten lightly, looking towards one of the windows a moment, all I can see from here is bits of the other building. “You’re right and I guess it is better that they learn from us instead of learning from anyone else who might not give them the right information. Why are you always right?”

“I’m not always right and we both know this. I’m right most of the time.” He winks and I roll my eyes with a chuckle. I hold both my hands out to him and he reaches out, pulling me to my feet. We hug for a moment and I close my eyes with a soft sort of sigh.

“You think that maybe, eventually, the twins will be fighting over who gets to spend more time with Cyrille than the other?” I can’t help that worry. They’re friends now but what if things grow? There’s only one of the kid and two of these boys.

“In time, Eoghan. Give them time to discover what friendship is. I think all three of them just really need one another as friends right now. Anything else is secondary so don’t fuss too much about it.”

“I’m not fussing.”

“You’re fussing and you know it, momma bear.”


He shakes his head and we part from the hug. He keeps one arm about my waist, as to keep me close and we head off towards the bedroom. A bit of washing up before we get some sleep will do us both some good. I know I’m fussing. I haven’t known the twins long but I feel like a parent to them and I just want the best for them, no matter what I might need to make sure they get at the very least that much into their life.

“You think Zora will ever come back?”

He blinks at the question and he shrugs as he lightly pushes me towards the bathroom. “I don’t know. If she does, she will and that’s that. One day, then the other. We can’t just rush headlong into things, you of all people should know this better than anyone else.”

“You’re right. I just don’t know, I think I’m a little frazzled.”

“We’ll take care of that.”

Oh I know we will and I’m glad for that.


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