an accessory

They haven’t grown much since we first saw these two last winter but they have filled out some and they didn’t even have any proper winter clothes so despite that it still is early in the season, much too early though the stores I usually check into have stuff year round for everything, I decided it was time to at least get them seasonal jackets so they’d have something properly comfortable to wear once the weather started to cool down. We still have some time before that but I don’t want them to be caught by the cold unexpectedly. I suppose I really am a momma bear.

They didn’t complain when I said we were going shopping. Mira’s eyes even brightened and I suppose that was the best of signs I could have asked for. I try not to spoil them too much but things like these are necessities and they are things they should have already had, so I don’t feel so bad letting them decide on whatever they want to then pay for it, for them. It’s that simple, they’re underage and they’re under my roof, they’re mind to look over. That’s how I see it.

“How about this one?” I hold up a slick jacket with just a bit of soft fuzz on the inside. Just enough to keep warm in early to semi-late autumn though far from hot enough for winter. Agni looks up to me, scrunches his nose and goes back to the digging he was doing, looking through other jackets. I laugh softly. Mira looks up in turn, studies it from a distance before he steps closer to me.

“It’s nice, a bit big though, isn’t it?” It does seem like it would be big on him so I look at the tag and I shake my head. Of course, I hadn’t checked.

“Well, as it is a large, it’ll be too big.” I look down to the hangers, set that one back where it belongs and pull out another one, a small. “That might just be better, no?”

He looks at it again, gingerly takes it from my hand as if anything else might tear it to pieces and he puts it on. He zips it up to his throat then does the few motions I thought him to check and see if what he was trying to buy was a good fit. He ‘hugs’ himself, to check for the shoulder and arm length in this case. Still somewhat loose but it looks comfortable on him. He smiles, his eyes bright and I have to keep myself from hugging him. They’re so precious. I wish I’d met them before. “This in is perfect, thank you Eoghan.”

I can only smile and nod as he takes the jacket off and half-folds it to put it in the little hand-basket I’m carrying. I figured we didn’t need too much and their cart are honestly too huge for the rows of clothes so this is easier.

“Eoghan?” He looks up at me, his eyes still a little wide but oh so trusting.

“Yes Mira?”

“Can I get something for Cyrille?” I keep myself from laughing at the situation though it would have been a good sort of laugh. This is absolutely priceless, really. I suppose he’s at that stage, I don’t mind. “Sure, what were you thinking about?”

He tilts his head, his eyes sweeping the store a moment before he walks off to stand at his brother’s side. They discuss for a few moments and they disappear off out of my sight. I know they won’t go far and I know they learned their lessons about stepping outside with something that was not yet paid for. I’m not worried.

After a few minutes, Mira comes back my way while Agni focuses on the jackets he was studying. He’s tried a few on already and none seem to really appeal to him. That’s fine, we’re in no rush.

Mira steps up to me and he holds up a little box for me to look at. I take it from his hands and study it a moment. From what I can tell of the container, this looks to be some kind of casing for a cellphone along with a little dust-plug for the headphone jack. I don’t see why not, it’s slight and it has its use though I do have to ask. “You know this goes with a certain type of phone, yes?”

He rolls his eyes at me, as if that was evident. “Of course! He mentioned a few days ago that he needed a new casing for his phone and he has these fancy ones with the apple on the back and that’s what that is for, right?”

I look the box over again and I nod with a chuckle. “That is exactly what that is for. How about you go and find something to wrap this in while I see if I can’t get your brother to find a jacket he likes?”

There he goes off to the other side of the store again. I like this place, it’s mostly a clothing store but it has a few extra tidbits here and there, I suppose they sell.

It took us another hour before we had everything we’d come for, that and a bit more but I don’t mind, if they’re happy with their choices and they’ll wear them, I’ve done what I had set out to do. I each let them carry a bag to the car, each with their own things since they’d insisted on things being scanned in a certain order, much to the clerk’s amusement. The little gift and accessory for their friend is in an extra bag and I snagged this one myself, just to keep them from trying to fight with one another in case they couldn’t decide on who would carry it. I doubted it’d get to that but I didn’t want to chance it.

Once everything is in the car, we settle and I get us on the road to first stop at the ice cream place. They’d behaved so wonderfully well that I figured we all deserved ice cream. I even get some for Lex and got us on our way back home. I could have gotten some for Armin as well but I’ve noticed that while he seems to appreciate cold treats now and again, he’s not big on them. It’s not the end of the world and I’m just trying to not force him to accept anything he might not want.

As we get out of the car, bags in tow and desserts in tow, the twins stop next to me and, awkwardly due to full hands, he hugs me, thanks me for the ‘outing’ I chuckle and hug him back, slipping Cyrille’s bag into his own without his noticing. He steps back and Agni steps forward to offer a hug and thanks just the same.

I shoo them up to their floor, heading up to my own where I’ll just want to settle for a while, breathe in the air of a job well done. I feel like I’ve been working well to get these two what they need. I’ve never really been a parent and I don’t know that I ever will be though Lex did mention surrogates. I want to believe that this is a good exercise and a good way to get ready to the idea of children though these two are pretty much all grown up already. Little ones will require much more time and attention but any details for that can be worked out in time. I’m not all that worried.

“I’m back and I’ve got ice cream.” Which, thankfully, still hasn’t even begun to melt and I’m thankful for that. The air outside isn’t oppressive the way it has been for weeks before and it helped, really. Everything is fine and right and good. I’m happy.


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