“How is that even possible?” I don’t know if I should be amused or not to not be the one asking all the questions for once. Of course I could be asking the same question he is but what’s the point when we’re watching a documentary and there’s no one to really answer those questions?

“Those rocks are even bigger.” I snicker as I point them out to him, actually reaching for the remote to pause the documentary where it was. I’ve seen that kind of thing before, in souvenir boutiques but never in real life and never quite of this size. Rock balancing seems to be something of an art.

“That can’t be real, you have got to be joking.” I’m definitely amused. I suppose we could head out there to gather some rocks to try to balance them but I don’t know how well we’d manage and I suppose it doesn’t really matter that much. It’s beautiful to look at but it seems as though it might just take some time to get it right and not get our toes broken in the process. I press the pause button to get the documentary going again so we can at least watch it to the end.

I’m sure I can find a few pebbles and set something small up, it’d be a start and it might get him to see and understand that none of this is staged, that the rocks aren’t glue together or held together by wire or anything else. At times he has a hard time believing in what he sees but I suppose I shouldn’t blame him for it, we all have our little quirks and he’s perfect the way he is.

By the time we’re done with the documentary, he still doesn’t really believe it is possible at all to have that kind of setup with the rocks, balancing them right and proper so they don’t tip and fall over. I’m not going to argue with him about that that’s more or less the end of that. “Oh, I knew I’d forgotten to tell you something.”

He blinks up at me from his spot on the couch, one cat on his lap, one near his shoulders. I don’t even know why it came back up to mind just now, I wasn’t even thinking about that. I suppose I was thinking rock and rock gardens and decorations and just gardens in general, that’s one of the thing I spend most of my time thinking about when I’m not focused on other things, in the other. “The twins asked if they could bring a friend to see the garden eventually and I told them they could come any time they wanted. They also asked if I could go with them just once over the weekend to see their friend’s garden and have a look to know if I could fix it up in some way because it seems as though his mother watered it too much and it’s more or less dying. I told them I’d give it a thought.”

He tilts his head somewhat to the side but nods. It is my garden after all but it is his house and I know how he feels about strangers. Not that he hasn’t met Cyrille already, we all spent some time together at the beach almost a month ago. Time flies so quickly lately, it’s like we’re not seeing it tick on by.

“Want to go find a few rocks out in the yard and see if we can’t build us up something surprisingly amazing?” I grin at him and he rolls his eyes at me. He’s grinning right back though and with an easy, almost practised motion he’s up on his feet and the cat that had been on his lap is settled cozily in his now emptied but warm spot. I really need to learn to do that. Whenever I get up the cats scatter off, Quentin has that sort of lift the cat with and drop smoothly sort of motion for his getting up and cat-free without any scampering.

“After that, we can have ourselves a bit of a swim and then just some lounging up with the flowers.” That sounds like a wonderful plan, really. I head off, towards the back though I know we’re closer to the front, we could head out that way and round to the back but it seems simpler to cut across the house and step outside from the back.

In the catio, three of the cats are lounging on their padded bed areas and I still have to smile at the sight. It’s nice to know we can figure out things for them that make them happy. I know how much Areli and Lavi wanted to discover the outside and now they’ve managed to convince the other kittens of joining them in spending time out in the warmth of the early September days. Soon enough the temperature will begin to cool down, the leaves will fall, the snow will come again and I don’t know how much time the cats will spend outside when that’ll happen so now is best.

We walk around the yard, each finding slight rocks and bringing them back to a small pile that eventually grows to include about a dozen or so rocks of mismatched size. Now I know this is going to be the most difficult part and it’s what I’m looking forward the most, I don’t know why. We split the pile in two, each settling down to try to make something of them. Balancing them is something of a challenge but it’s fun because every time we manage to get two or three going but the next one makes them all tumble, we just laugh and start over again.

After a while, Quentin stops, deciding he’s had more than enough and telling himself that he was right, that it wasn’t possible to actually possible to balance rocks without some sort of outside help. I’m not quite of the same mindset and I keep going for a little while longer. Peace and patience seem to lead to a pretty stable structure with five rocks balancing smoothly, not showing any sign of wanting to tumble.

He looks surprised but wiling to accept that it is possible to a point though he mostly states that this is just a lucky setup and that come tomorrow morning it will more than likely no longer be standing. I’m not going to bet on him being right or wrong, it won’t change much but I do believe that it still will be standing in the morning, I want to believe it.

We move the unused rocks off to the side so we won’t trip on them next we step outside and we head back inside. We had decided on a swim after the rock balancing act after all and this is what we were going to do. Swimming in the pool was a wonderful sort of thing, it helped us relax and made sure we pretty much forgot the world even existed for a little while, at least while we were alone and we knew we weren’t expecting visitors.

Though we’d somewhat lost the habit of swimming bare since we’d have visitors before who had come in without knocking—not that they did anymore—we figured it was easier to at least be wearing something to cover ourselves with and be surprised that way over being seen completely naked, something we tried to keep for one another’s eyes only. It seemed only right. At least, until one of us in our growing family decides that maybe we should visit a nude beach somewhere before the summer is completely over though I don’t expect it for any time this year if ever but who knows with those who surround us, really.


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