on a sailing ship

All around are wide-eyes and surprised faces. I’ve been on the yacht just a few times this summer, my life has changed somewhat drastically after I decided to move back in permanently with Eoghan. I think this was the best decision of my life. I’ve just spent less time doing those things I had grown into the habit of doing more often because I’m busier with him, I’m busier with our growing family.

I had offered to bring them all here at one point to let them see what it was like though I guess it slipped all of our minds up until now. The weather is still nice and warm on this early September day and we all had little else to do, or in the case of the twins and their new-found friend, it was a good excuse to do something new.

We all piled into the new vehicle and I have to admit that Eoghan has done a great job in picking it out. It is absolutely spacious and more comfortable than I had expected cars with room for eight to be at this point. I’d thought we’d still have to use our old van. It still is in the garage, we don’t want to get rid of it quite yet since we both figure we might have needs for it still.

We piled out at the dock and I led our little group down to where the yacht was settled and waiting right there, as if it had been expecting us. I miss spending some days out on the water but I know that with all that is going on, that’s just currently not a possibility. I’m thinking of making sure we can be on board during the holidays though, at least maybe for new year, we could even invite anyone else they see fit to not leaving alone on such a day. Water here doesn’t really freeze over the winter so it’s a possibility.

With Eoghan back there to ‘take care’ of everyone, mostly to make sure they were all as comfortable as possible, I take us out to the quiet waters. We’ll only be spending a few hours out here but I’m hoping they will be enjoyed by everyone. I would have made this an overnight trip if it weren’t for the fact that I know that Quentin and Yael haven’t prepared for it to be an overnight trip and they need to be home for the cats to at least feed them at some point later tonight so they don’t go hungry. I also have Adela to look over as it nears her feeding day as it is.

I find us a quiet, out of the way spot and lower the anchor so we won’t drift off, that wouldn’t be a good idea though I know I’d be able to get us back home without an issue even if that were to happen.

“I think Armin might suffer from seasickness.” Eoghan pops up behind me as I’m preparing to step out from the seat and I blink at him, a sheepish sort of shrug offered. It’s a first trip for everyone, there’s no knowing who might not have sea legs or not at this point. “So I walked him down to one of the beds to settle down for a little bit and see if it’s really seasickness of if he’s just nervous at the idea of being on the water.”

I nod and smile at him before we both head back out to the rest of our guests. Mira is wide-eyed, just staring at the water, at the sky, at everything that surrounds them. Agni’s gaze on the water seems to be a little less certain though there’s curiosity in him. It’s comforting to know we might be able to convince them of coming back and again for little trips out. Cyrille seems to be more interested in the yacht itself and I guess that I shouldn’t really be surprised.

It’s not that I’m saying that because he grew up in a family where money was not an issue, that he automatically knows about yachts and expensive cars and everything else but at times it helps. He’s just walking along the sides of the main cabin, letting his hands brush along the material quietly. I leave Eoghan to the rest of the crew and wander off to see if perhaps I can’t have a sort of discussion with our newest addition.

I’m aware that he’s just a friend to the twins but I suppose I am a papa bear much the way Eoghan seems to claim I am and I am curious as to their well-being.

“You seem to have better footing than most everyone else today.” He startles somewhat, looking up to him and I smile down at him gently, trying to let him know I’m not here to pry, just making conversation. He looks out towards the water a moment and shrugs. Then he looks back towards the rest of our little group and away again.

There’s something on his mind, if Eoghan was with him, we might know but it’s just me and this kid right now so I can’t really do much of anything about it, else than be up front and ask. “There’s something bothering you, it seems. I’m all ears if you have no issues with opening up to some guy you really don’t know much of anything at all about.”

My words come out with a gentle chuckle, as if to let him know that he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t feel like it and that I’m not going to twist his arm to get him to open up. He looks out to the others again and he shrugs before looking back out to the water.

“I don’t know, the more time I spend with you guys, the more I feel like there’s some sort of déjà vu. It mostly happens around Eoghan, it’s like my brain is trying to tell me that I’ve known him before but I can’t place him and in my mind’s eye he hasn’t even changed and that’s just not possible so I’m trying to wrap my mind around it all to understand.”

Okay, so this kid might just have a better memory than we gave him credit for. Eoghan did say he’d spent time with his parents nearly fifteen years ago, the kid couldn’t have been more than three so it’s surprising that he might have any memories of that time, still. I might have to bring it up to Eoghan but I doubt we’ll have to do anything about it.

“Could have been someone who looked a lot like him, the genes are pretty strong in his family and all the men have really similar traits.” That’s how usual cock and bull story though most people tend to believe it. It explains why some people might think they’ve seen us a decade or two ago and can’t believe how we’ve somehow not aged at all, which if course is impossible by human terms.

He shakes his head and looks out to the sea a moment before he excuses himself and heads back towards the little group. I follow him, keeping a few paces away. I know he’ll be spending most of the time out on the water with the twins and I’m fine with that, they’re friends and that’s what friends do. Quentin and Yael had wandered off to the upper deck to settle and I now Eoghan won’t want to leave Armin alone, I’m good with that, I like learning more about him, he’s one of us, in a way and it will hurt when he finally goes, be it in this lifetime or in another one if his mixed-blood somehow offers him a slightly longer lifespan. I’m not holding my breath on that account but it can’t hurt to hope a little.


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