“What are those exactly?” He looks at me with those wide-eyes, wondering and questioning. At times I think he believes I have all the answers in the world. I admit to having the answer to this particular questions and a fair few of his questions but that’s aside the point. The more time I spent with him and his brother, the more I feel like they’ve been so sheltered up to this point in their lives that they’re like two years old kids, discovering something new about life in general at every turn. I can’t decide if it’s sweet or surprising or anything else. It’s a little of everything.

I turn to face him to at least know what he’s talking about since most of his questions are vague like this. He’s looking at the can I have sitting on the book cart. It’s still sealed, I haven’t had time to open it up yet and I don’t feel so exhausted that I have to drink it just now. I shake my head, a soft chuckle escaping me and he blinks at me with those curious eyes, those strange, ever so strange red eyes of his. I’ve never seen eyes that colour before though it goes with the rest of him.

“It’s an energy drink.” I pause for all of a second because I know he won’t know what it is but I want to give him just a moment to wrap his mind around the words. “You can take it now and again when you need a boost of energy. I didn’t sleep so well last night and I know I have a lot of work ahead of me today so I decided to buy one though I haven’t opened it yet. It has a lot of caffeine, the stuff in coffee, it gives a boost. I don’t like them much, to be honest, but it’s either the drink or I don’t make it through the day without a nap.”

“But naps are healthier.”

He’s catching on quickly enough, that’s good. “You’re right, naps are healthier but I don’t really have time for a nap today, sadly.”

I shrug lightly, as if to close the subject while I start putting books back where they belong on the shelves but he’s still looking at me, as if he’s still trying to wrap his mind around something. I do find it vaguely amusing, really, I can’t help myself. I yawn and shake my head. I don’t want to drink the energy drink just yet, it’s still too early in the morning and using a second one is not in my plans.

“Why didn’t you sleep well?” His curiosity is brimming with genuine concern for my health. He’s still putting books up but most of his attention is still on me. I’d forgotten what it was like to have someone other than family be worried about me, it feels so different.

“Well for one I had an exam to study for and I admit I’ve been lazy about it and I haven’t even really looked at my books so I gave it all I had last night until I’d at least read through it. That’s this afternoon and this is why I’m sort of hoping to be able to be aware enough of things to not need the drink until then.”

“An exam for what?”

Yeah, absolutely adorable, the way he’s just drinking in all the information he’s given, even if it might not hold much importance to him. I’m half hoping he’ll give all that information to his brother just the same, repeating myself twice isn’t much of an issue but at times it turns to be a little ‘meh’.

“I didn’t want to learn to drive when I was your age but Magali lately managed to change my mind and I took the classes. Being behind the wheel is not an issue but it’s all the laws and the how to’s and the rest, I have the paper-based exam just a little after noon and I have the practical exam, the one where I’ll be behind the wheel, after that.”

He nods, his eyes still wide and curious but I think I can mostly see what I wanted to see, understanding, in his eyes. He gets it.

“I’m sure if you asked Armin he’d let you have a nap in the back room, it’s quiet and dark back there.” I had given that a thought but I figured that I was here to be of help, not to be in the way and to just laze back. I don’t feel quite exhausted enough but I see something in what he brings up though. I know the energy drink will do its job but I hate taking them, tends to leave me feeling sick for a while after the boost runs off so maybe, just maybe I should have a rest.

“I might just do that, to be honest. You’re too smart for your own good, Agni.” He sticks his tongue out as I take my drink with me and I head off towards the front so I can have a few words with Armin about the chance at maybe having myself a slight nap in the back room. I’ve done it before, just once and it had done me some good.

“So you’ll be able to drive around after that? No more bus-taking?” Mira’s eyes are wide as he sits next to me on the stairs. We took an early lunch, the place is quiet and Armin said we could. Agni decided he’d stay inside and have his lunch with Armin after we’d had our own. I don’t mind, really.

“Yup, once I go through my exam and I pass, of course, I’ll have all the paperwork I need to be able to drive around. I already have an old car, though it’s Magali’s and she doesn’t really drive it around anymore, so I will be able to get around easier and it might just make things better. I can drive you guys home on rain days or storm days and Eoghan won’t have to leave his place to do it.”

He nods, taking in the information and putting it somewhere in his mind for safe keeping, I guess, while he takes a bite of his sandwich. That seems to be the easiest of meals for all of us still at this point. Before too long we’ll be eating warm lunches and I’m actually looking forward to that. I love warm lunches, they warm you up from the inside just right.

“Is that why you disappeared into the back room this morning?” I laugh softly at his question. I guess he and his brother haven’t really had time to talk but I don’t mind, it happens.

“I was tired this morning because I spent most of my night staying up to study for my exam and I was really tired, so a nap helped me a little, I feel better.” He frowns this time and I have to wonder why, really. I don’t think I said anything that could warrant a frown.

“You didn’t have to come here if you were tired, though. You could have stayed home until it was time to get to your exam place.” Ah, I see now. I shake my head, a soft smile offered to him.

“I wanted to see you guys. You two are like my little luck trinkets and if I spend time with you, I feel luckier and if I feel luckier, I’m bound to do better during my exam.” And he blushes, a nice, deep sort of colour. I chuckle softly and lean back somewhat against the outer wall of the library. I wasn’t trying to get him blushing but I can appreciate the sight of it. They’re beautiful, these twins, in their own, so very unique ways.

“Good luck, thank.” He leans closer, kissing my cheeks and it’s my turn to blush though I laugh softly and brush it off as a natural reaction to close contact and affection.

“Thank you, Mira. Now I should get going, you tell your brother I said he had to behave, or else.”

“Or else.” He nods, a grin on his face as I stand, dust myself off and start off towards the bus stop I need to get to. It will be strange, having my licence so I can use the car but I don’t think I can complain, it’ll make a lot of things easier.


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