“I still don’t get how that bird managed to get inside.” We’ve gone over all of the windows, changing and fixing the broken screens. Several of them were in poor shape, as if they’d been worked at over time to get them open but I don’t get why or how it could have happened. It certainly wasn’t man-made, we’re on the third floor and the idea of anyone trying to break through these screens from this height just to get inside makes no sense.

“I don’t know what to tell you, Eoghan. At least she’s back where she belongs with her owner and we can only hope he’ll be carefully about letting her out and about. I don’t really want to see her again if I can help it.” I chuckle softly, shaking my head as I finish changing the last screen for this particular room. We have so many windows, I hadn’t really realized.

“You’re right on that, at least. While my arm healed in record time, as usual, the ache from her claws digging into my arm remained for a day or more, it was a really strange sensation.” It wasn’t a bad thing, I can’t complain about how the ache only lasted a day or so but it was an ache I wasn’t used to and I didn’t know what to do about it. I’ve known pain before, this was just a different kind.

“Did we get all of the windows?” He looks around the room a moment and I nod, we did get all the windows, at least in this room. I think we’ve gotten all the rooms checked, really.

“Pretty sure we did. Adela’s room has no windows, at least none that open and have a screen so we’re good. Living room is done, my office, your work room has no windows, the bedroom, the extra rooms. I think we’re good, yes.” Which is a good thing. Most of the windows are high, near the ceiling. It isn’t because we’re short, we can reach them just fine but it would have been easier to change the screens from outside but again, the whole issue is that we’re on the third floor and I don’t even think we have a ladder tall enough for that kind of thing.

“We still haven’t decided on what we’ll do about the couch.” I blink as I look at him, in the process of closing that one window just so. The AC has mostly been off as of the past week and we’ve been keeping windows opened, it does the job. The air is warm but not hot and the breeze is just fine, it does as well as the AC.

The couch has little holes and scratches in it now. The thought actually amuses me somewhat and I shake my head. “I moved the blanket from the other end over to the scratched side.”

He gives me a look and I just shrug, an amused smile finding my lips. I know what he’s thinking, I don’t have to be a telepath (oh but I am!) to know. He’s thinking that I’m just covering up the issue, that we should do something about it but honestly, it’s not all that visible and I’m pretty sure we’re the only ones who’ll ever know anything about it. I don’t see the issue. “It’s brand new, Lex, we can’t just replace it because it has tiny little holes and scratches on it. I mean, we could but that’d just be flinging money out the windows for no reason whatsoever. If you want it fixed, I’m pretty sure I could convince Quentin of having a look at it.”

His face clears up a bit. He hadn’t thought about the Quentin option though I try not to bother him about that kind of thing often. As a weaver (who hasn’t really discovered the true depth of his gift), fixing just about anything made of any kind of woven material or leather or, well just about any type of textile, is easy enough for him. It’s in his blood, literally.

“Fine, for now I guess it can stay.” I grin at him and he rolls his eyes before stepping out of the room. “I have a few small commissions lined up so I’ll go and take care of that.”

I’m fine with that, after all I have to put the last touches to the paperwork I’ve been working on to get my hands on that library so I could begin to fix it. It’s in much worse condition than our couch and it deserves more attention. I suppose it’s one of the reasons why I didn’t really worry about the couch after all.

There just are so many things in life that require more than a single glance. There are things in life that are often damaged beyond repairs. It isn’t the case with the library building and its interior though it isn’t far from. At times I tell myself it might just be easier to build up a new library from the ground up but that would just take too long. Fixing up this building will take time, a lot of it, it will require time, attention and care and I’m willing to give it all that. Which is more than the current building owner can say.

The only thing the place has going for itself just now are the stained glass windows, those are beautiful and I’ll be doing all I can to save them so they can be put back in once the work is all done. The heating system will need replaced, the electricity rewired, the lights. Everything really, is in need of an overhaul. A little at a time so people can still come around and appreciate the quietness that is a library. So they can get their books, take them home, bring them back.

This might just be the project I was looking for, that one thing that will keep me busy but not too much so. I know I could give these kids out there, wandering the streets, a new home if I wanted to but I don’t really have the patience for that kind of project right now, it would require too much of my time and I’m not ready to give that away. It’s still too fresh, my return to Lex’s arms and I want to be able to appreciate that for a few years more at the very least yet.

When he steps out of his work room a few hours later, I’m done with the paperwork as much as I can be. I know all I have to do now is wait. He’ll go over them, just to make sure everything is as it should be and that’ll be that. I’ll send them in to the city for them to consider my offer. I’ve put everything in there. The poor administration (not Armin’s work, of course, he works well), the way the building is a danger as it currently is. I have so many photos I’ve lost count of them but it’s all in there.

He leans over my shoulder and I smile up at him lightly. He smells of chocolate and I close my eyes, breathing in the scent of him. I chuckle and shake my head. I don’t much like chocolate though I don’t mind it now and again. The scent of it mingled with the scent of him, however, is something I don’t really get tired of. It has this distinct touch that nothing else really has and it follows him around so I can more or less always tell where he’s been or where he’s at in our home depending on where the scent trail goes.

Of course it’s not something I’ve told him, I think he might try to change his soap or something if I were to tell him and we can’t have that, nope. This is perfectly fine as it is so there’s nothing to fix. Nothing damaged here, not at all.

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