I don’t know who got it for him. I don’t even know why he ate it. It’s too late to go back in time now and all I can do is watch him. I’m about to put him on mowing duties, I figure it might get some of that extra chocolate-based energy out of his system. I swear, if it’s Eoghan I’m going to maim him. He knows what chocolate does to Quentin. I don’t eat it myself, I can’t stomach it but I know that Quentin likes to have a small bite now and again. A small bite, however, shouldn’t have had that kind of effect on him. He shouldn’t be nearly bouncing off the walls with energy.

“Quentin, how about you get the lawn done? It’s pretty long and it’s nice and dry outside.” He stops fussing with the curtains and he blinks at me with wide, owl-eyes and I stand still, wondering for a moment what he might just do. He tilts his head to one side, then the other, as if listening to whatever it is he might honestly be hearing before he nods, the motion is slow and looks out of place on his jittering frame. This is going to be a long day.

He nearly bounces as he heads outside and to the mower. I’m not going to offer that he borrows Eoghan’s riding mower, that wouldn’t really get him to spend his energy, no, the push-mower is more than fine. Plus, it’s only half a push mower as far as I’m concerned, once you get it going it moves forward on its own, you just have to follow it. So he’ll essentially be having himself a nice, long walk and the yard will get done. I suppose it’s a win-win situation for me.

If he sleeps once he’s done, I won’t complain, sleep is good for the soul is what I tell myself. I the wants rest after that, I’ll settle and nap with him.

While he mows the lawn, I go around, trying to find out if there’s any of that chocolate left in the house. I don’t know where it might have been from or why it’s in the house at all but I intend to find it, even if it takes me as long to find it as it will take him to mow the lawn. Usually we borrow Eoghan’s riding mower but he’s so bouncy right now that it hasn’t even crossed his mind and I’m more than a little thankful. More time for me and more exhaustion for him.

Eventually, I come upon a small bag, the writing on it is foreign and the design of it doesn’t really give any idea as to what might just be inside, so even if I wanted to I can’t even know what’s inside. I turn it around in my hand to look at the ingredients and that’s as much a no-go as whatever is written on the front. I can’t read this language. I’ll have to ask either Armin or maybe even just Eoghan about this during our next shared meal or whenever I see one of them next.

With a sigh, I take the bag with me and I put it away for the time being. I suppose it has to contain chocolate and Quentin might just not have known better. I’ve learned that he likes discovering new things, he likes tasting new foods and this is just one of those things. I just don’t know where he got them from.

When he finally comes inside, his skin is lightly red from all the time he’s spent in the sun and I admit to feeling somewhat sheepish that I didn’t think to get him to put some sunscreen on before he headed outside. Then again, I don’t know if he’d have even stayed still long enough to be creamed up so I suppose it’s only somewhat my fault. He’s not burnt though, just a little red. I shake my head as I walk him towards the bathroom. I just know the best of solutions right now.

He’s much calmer now. His eyes are still clear but he’s no longer bouncing about and his eyes aren’t owl-like. That one creeped me out a little bit. He moves along, not even asking to know where we’re going. I smile lightly at him as I lead him into our bathroom.

I don’t even need to tell him to undress as he does so the moment we’re in the bathroom. I turn to the shower and I set it just so. The water warm but not hot. He needs to cool down after all and not turn into a lobster though if the day had been any hotter and he’d worn even less, he would have been something close to that.

Once he’s bared, I step away from the shower and he steps inside with a sigh and a mumble. I don’t quite catch his words and I leave it be for the time being. If he wants to talk to me he can do so once he’s cooled down. I gather his clothes and drop them into the hamper, disappearing back into our room to get him some fresh and clean ones that I leave on the counter for him.

With that done, I leave him be to his shower. He doesn’t need me hovering though I might want to. I step back out and into the living room, finally getting back to the book I’d opened earlier with hopes of reading through a good portion of it. He’d however come out of his weaving room bouncing and that had to be put on hold.

I’m not sure how long he stayed in the shower but eventually he did join me in the living room, settling gingerly down next to me, as if he wasn’t sure of how I might react to his presence. I simply smile at him and I shake my head.

“I’m sorry about that. I got those at the store, they were handing out samples, they said it was a candy of sort but we both know that not all candy is chocolate and I handle sweets better than I do chocolate and I just-“

I lift one hand with a wry chuckle and he quiets down. I use that very hand to brush some still moist hair from his face. “It’s okay, I’ll ask Eoghan about it when I see him next, he should be able to read what’s on there and if not, we’ll just try to find out more about whatever that is so we know what’s in it.”

I haven’t really taken in the smell of whatever it was. I didn’t want to. My nose isn’t all that sensitive but some scents just set me off and I didn’t want to chance it.

Quentin leans lightly against my hand, mumbling another apology that I quiet with a light kiss. I don’t hold it against him, I have no reason to hold it against him. It wasn’t his fault, he was just curious, he took a sample as it was offered to him and that’s really the end of that.

“You’ve done what you had to and I think the lawn looks great anyway. If you’d been in your right, non-bouncy mind you would have asked Eoghan for his mower but that’s that and I’ll see about taking care of you tomorrow and the next day as I imagine you’ll be feeling quite achy from all that walking you’ve just done.”

He sticks his tongue out at me and I chuckle again. He knows I’ve only done this for his own good. There isn’t a whole lot to get him down from a chocolate high, after all. “Nap?”

I smile and set the bookmark in my book, setting it down. “Nap sounds wonderful.”


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