say it with __________

I feel so corny. I don’t know why I just got him flowers. We don’t really celebrate birthdays most of the time, at least not much more than usual with just simple well-wishing. I almost forgot last year because he’d just recently come back into my life and while I only realized it later on, I didn’t really feel it eating away at me. Over the past week though, I’ve felt that forgetfulness nibble away at my thoughts most of the time so I tried to figure out a way to make it up to him.

I know we won’t be bothered, I suppose that’s why I went with the restaurant route, too. Armin is bound to be resting after his workday and the twins will be staying over at Cyrille’s place as they’ve begun to do on a weekly basis so Mira can try to save the garden though before long he won’t have a whole lot left to work with.

The old statement of ‘say it with flowers’ might have been what prompted me to start the day with the flowers. I don’t know how I managed. He usually doesn’t sleep deeply so when I scattered the petals around the bed and partly on the bed, I was sure he’d wake up and ask me what I was doing but he didn’t.

When he woke up to the sight of the petals everywhere, he was genuinely surprised, I even just barely probed his mind to make sure he wasn’t actually just faking it—he’s done it before to try to make me feel better, it didn’t when I found out he hadn’t really meant it—and he really was surprised at the sight of it all. I was in the bathroom at that point, just keeping a light links to his mind so I’d know when he did wake up.

“Eoghan?” He called my name ever so quietly. There was surprise in his tone and it added to that sensation that I might be doing something right. I came out of the bathroom, a simple bouquet of red roses in arms and he blinked. Oh he blinked and he stared and I just smiled at him.

“Happy birthday, love.” Those words had his eyes clear, the confusion melt away and he chuckled before he was holding his arms out to me. I carefully moved around the bed to his side, set the flowers down next to him and very promptly settled into his lap. He curled his arms about my waist and I pressed my face to his throat with a low sigh. “I realized I missed out on last year’s birthday. I know we usually just wish one another a happy day and all but I still felt bad so this year I told myself I was going to celebrate you properly.”

He laughs against my hair and I close my eyes. I love this man with all of my being, I don’t know what I’d do without him. I don’t think I’d honestly survive without him in my life.

“So what’s on the menu for today?” I pull away from him though reluctantly, I could have spent my day just sitting in his lap, nestled against him.

“Well for one, you get flowers, I know it’s absolutely corny. I’m not sorry.” He quirks a brow but grins at me before he’s looking towards the bouquet. He nods and smiles, I know I’ve done well. Roses are the simplest of gifts and I think they were long overdue. “And I know the petals are going to take a while to pick up but we can worry about that later.”

Finally, I pull myself from his lap and I stretch. “You stay here, I’ll get your breakfast ready because you do get breakfast in bed. Then it’s up to you what we do during most of the day. This evening we have reservations at your favourite restaurant and I know we haven’t gone in a while so I thought it was long overdue.”

“You’ve gone a fair bit out of your way, mm?” I shrug at his question, a soft chuckle finding me again. I have no reason to not go out of my way for him after all he’s ever done for me, it feels absolutely natural and that’s all there really is to that.

I disappear into the kitchen before anything else can be said and done, I know that if I stay in the same room as him for too long, especially when he’s bared to my eyes, I can’t stay off of him and I want him to have something to eat before any of that might happen as I imagine it might. It’s how we do usually celebrate most of the time, I just wanted a few small extras.

Breakfast in bed, a couple of hours of slow, tender lovemaking, a shared shower, a lot of cuddling. The day goes by without a single hitch. We have lunch, we feed one another the bites of sushi I had ordered earlier in the day and had received then set to the fridge for safe keeping. We cuddle plenty more and when the time comes for the restaurant, I have to leave him be so he can get dressed else I know I’d just jump him again and we can’t have that.

I drive us to the restaurant and his eyes widen in surprise. We actually hadn’t been to this place in almost a year and I know they serve his favourite dishes, it’s why I picked it. With our reservation comes a very quiet booth with few people near or around us so we’re not bothered. The only folks we really see are the waiters wandering with their trays filled with plates.

We take our time with the meal, just enjoying every single little bite of the food. The place is expensive but the recipes are worth the price. It really is the sort of place where you take your loved one at least once in their lives so they can appreciate absolutely fine French cuisine.

It’s late when we get out of the restaurant and instead of heading home, I take us out to the park. The air is warm and comfortable, the surroundings are quiet and while I know we could have this kind of moment at home, this makes it beautiful, the still blooming flowers drifting along the breeze, the moon high over our heads. I could have asked Yael for an hour or two in his garden, the view from the third floor is breath-taking but I didn’t want to really count on anyone other than myself for today. Sure, I could have made it even more special by preparing him all the food myself and not leaving the house but outings are important.

As we sit there comfortably side by side, just enjoying one another’s presence in the quiet of the late evening, I let my mind wander. Breakfast was a success, lunch was wonderful and supper was perfect. I don’t know that I could have asked for anything more out of our day.

I finally turn to him, keeping my lips to his cheek else I know that kissing his lips will get us started on a lip lock that might head to more steamy places and I’m not one for public displays of indecency. I sigh against his skin and I close my eyes again. “Happy birthday, love.”

I repeat the words, ever so soft against his skin and he smiles, he pulls me closer and simply hugs me. I press my face against his throat again and we stay there for a while, I’m not sure how long and it doesn’t really matter. This is our night, his night. I’ll do whatever he wants and that’s all there is to that.

Eventually I’ll drive us home and we might just lose our clothes on the way to the bedroom where we’ll spend the night embracing, making more memories of cherished moments.


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