what he found out

By the very beginning of October, the garden looked a little more alive than it ever had since the gardener had left. Yael, when he visited, said that it was surprising at all that the garden was looking as well as it did then. It had been so over-watered that all the plants had more or less all been just inches from dying. One or two days more of that treatment and that would have been it. I’m glad I showed the twins in time, though I didn’t know that my parents would care much one way or the other. Magali liked the garden though, she just didn’t have the energy to take care of it right now.

Every Wednesday, the twins slept over and Mira spent half an hour or so in the garden. Usually I tended to leave him alone or I just half-watched what he was doing from one of the windows on the upper floor but I could never make out what he was doing. All it looked like was that he walked from plant to plant, just touching it, talking to it and then moving on to the next. It didn’t make much sense so I decided I would stay with him the following time.

Agni was in the bathroom, probably brushing his teeth after the meal when I called out to him, telling him I would be checking in on Mira, to see if he was just about done. The days were slowly getting cooler and I knew he wasn’t wearing much at this point, at least not weather-wise and I didn’t want him getting cold. There was some sort of acknowledgement from the bathroom before I was walking out of the bedroom and off out of the house to the back and to the garden.

Ophé wasn’t far from Mira, just watching him, as if waiting for him to do something, I wasn’t sure what. It’s been a while since I’ve seen her wag her tail this way when it wasn’t play time. The closer I get, the more I realized she actually seemed to be chasing something and when I was as close as I could get without drawing too much attention to myself I saw she was chasing little jets of water. Thing is, I had no idea where those were coming from. The closest hose was rolled securely near the house and only Mira was by.

He was so engrossed in what he was doing that he didn’t seem to notice me so I just kept on watching and watching until, after a few minutes, I finally noticed that the water seemed to be coming from him, coming from his hands. That made no sense, it wasn’t possible and it wasn’t right. I couldn’t help the uncomfortable pit of fear that settled in me. This wasn’t natural, humans couldn’t do this kind of thing and I was too old to believe in ‘magic’.

Finally, I cleared my throat and the water stopped instantly. Mira looked up to me with wide, startled eyes and I guess that was the only answer I really needed, I hadn’t imagined it all.

It took me a moment to find my voice and during that time he didn’t budge at all. “I didn’t know if you were done or not so I came to look in on you, see if you were ready to come inside, the sky’s sort of getting dark and I’m sure we’re going to be getting rain soon.”

He looked up to the sky, then back down to me before he was nodding slowly and just as slowly moving to his feet. “Cyrille-“

I shook my head, cutting him off. I tried to smile but it might have come out as a grimace more than anything else. “Let’s just go inside, I don’t want you catching a cold.”

I didn’t want to think about what I might have seen and I didn’t want to talk about it. Whatever this was, it wasn’t right by any means and that was just what it was.

I started my way back inside, Ophé at my heels and I didn’t really dare to look back to see if he was following me or not. I made it up to my room and just closed the door. I didn’t really want to think about any of it.

They were actually gone by the time I got out of my room, they’d just left a note on their door but I didn’t read it. I didn’t know whether I wanted or to not and at that point I didn’t care. I wasn’t sure how I felt. One moment I felt betrayed that they’d hidden something like this from me but then I told myself that I didn’t believe what I saw, I could understand why they might have hidden this kind of thing from me.

I didn’t go into the library that day or the next. I didn’t call or text them that weekend because I was too busy trying to wrap my mind around everything and trying to understand. By Sunday evening, I was lonelier than I had been in a long time, even with Magali around and she kept on trying to find out what was wrong with me. I couldn’t even bring myself to utter a single thing and my mind was beginning to wrap itself up around things.

If I couldn’t tell her about what I was sure I’d seen, I suppose it did make sense that the twins might not have told me anything about whatever it was they could do. I might very well have been reacting in the exact way they would have expected me to and that was why. When I got to thinking about that, my mind wandered just a little, tiny bit.

If somehow, in some strange way, Mira could control water, could Agni control something else? In my mind’s eye, I saw the twins standing side by side, Mira with his bright blue eyes, his hair half-black half-blue and his control of water, I think I could see links and they made sense in my mind. He’d said that their hair was natural and I suppose it might be the case for him, he was blue all over and he controlled, or seemed to in any case, water. Agni was red like fire, could he control that kind of thing too?

Then my mind really went to places. If the twins somehow were gifted this way, did their friends know? Were they gifted too? It really was all too much for me to think about and I shut it away.

In my room, I still had the note they had left for me before they left. I hadn’t expected them to really leave before me but it had made things easier. I didn’t feel betrayed anymore, just uncomfortable with what my mind was trying to wrap itself around. I was open to different things though learning about them this way was a bit frightening. At least I wasn’t my older brother, Niall believed firmly in the bible and in whatever it said, I’d never opened it in my life.

I was sure that if he’d found out about the twins and their peculiarities, he’d think they were demons and would probably try to stone them or maim them to no end and that did frighten me. Wasn’t their sister more than likely dating him? Not that it mattered much to me, it was his life and hers, I had nothing to do with them though I suppose I might have worried for the twins if the moron did find out about them.

Guess, in the long run, I worried more about their friendship than I did whatever strange gifts they might have. I just wasn’t sure how to approach them about it now. I supposed it was a case of one day, then the next. I’d try to figure it out.


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