They’re like kids in a candy store. I don’t know why we didn’t think to do this kind of outing before. We could have gone one weekend, taken the twins along, maybe even invited Cyrille to come if he’d wanted to but Yael brought it up at the last shared supper, with the twins missing. He said he’d seen information about the aquarium and he was curious to have a look and see if it was as wonderful as the images made it out to be.

Anything that is essentially beautiful is inspiration for him so I suppose I couldn’t really bring myself to deny him that much. He even brought his camera and he’s been snapping photos left and right. At least I got him to wear his neck strap properly, he nearly dropped his camera in the waters twice and I don’t think that would have done him a whole lot of good, in the end.

Every time we see a new sort of fish come up to us, he goes wide-eyed and tries to snap a picture. Most of the time that seems to mostly be a big failure considering how quickly they come by and swim away.

“Oh look, a turtle!” I stare at Quentin for a moment, a little startled I have to admit because he’d been pretty quiet up to this moment. He did look pleased to be here, his eyes were wide when we saw new fishes and he read all the little plaques avidly as if he was making sure to take in all the information but that’s the first time I’ve heard him utter anything at all since we’ve actually stepped inside.

Of course, his exclamation has Yael step away from the starfish he’d been studying and trying to get a good shot at and moving towards his companion. He looked over his shoulders, eyes widening before there it was, he was moving to take a picture. I snicker, shaking my head at the sight of him. At my side, Lex looks just as amused as I feel. This is a nice outing, just the four of us. It’s not too crowded and I have to assume that it is because we’re in the middle of the week and there’s school, work or just about everything to keep the bigger crowds away.

“I’ve never actually seen a turtle before in my life.” Yael mumbles the words mostly to himself as he tries to get a good angle on the slow creature to get a photo taken. I can only imagine the kind of art he’ll be doing after we get back home with all these fishes and sea-life photos he’ll have in his camera.

It takes some arguing to get these two to agree to stop for lunch. I have to remind them twice that the fishes and the rest aren’t going anywhere and that they’ll still be around when we’re done eating. It really is strange, they’re acting as if they’ll never see these things ever again and I have to remind myself that they’re not used to the kind of life I am, that their world has been very different from mine to this day. They don’t take anything for granted and I should take them as a good example.

Once we’re done with our meal, they nearly run off but I manage to get them to at least promise to join us back at the car at a set hour. With at least that in mind, they wander off again and I shake my head. I look up to Lex and we don’t really have to discuss to decide that we’ll be spending the next little while just outside, enjoying the cooling air of early October.

Like a few different people, I can willingly admit that my favourite season would be autumn for all of the gorgeous colours it offers. Of course it is followed rather closely by spring for the freshness, the renewal, the return to life. Winter depends on where I’m at in the world. I’ve been in places where there’s more snow than I could ever be comfortable with and others where there was no snow at all. I like a little snow, just not too much. Dunkerque is perfect for that though I still don’t much care for winter. Summer tends to get too hot in most places I’ve lived but it is a necessary evil.

We step outside, finding one of the picnic table in the little not-quite garden area they have near the doors. From there, we can spot Quentin and Yael as they’ll come out and it’ll just be easier to head to the car that way. I’ve seen enough fishes and turtles and squids to last me a few more years. I suppose I’m not as enthusiastic about it all as they are but I’ve seen most of it before in my life so it’s not really anything new.

Settling next to me, Lex closes his eyes and cants his head up to the sky. The breeze ruffles his hair and I’m tempted to run my fingers through it but I refrain for the time being. I love his hair, the not that unusual, to me, two-tone of it. Though no where near as cleanly split down the middle the way the twins’s hair is, his still is unique, black with its red streaks that are absolutely natural. Unlike the twins, however, Lex’s hair looks black through and through to mortals. I’m not sure how he does it, it might be in his genes but it’s useful. I didn’t know about it until he told me that one detail some years ago. I’d always wondered why no one ever asked him about it.

“You think they’ll be in there until the meet up hour?”

I look up to him at the question and I shrug slightly. I imagine they might very well be, with how bright-eyed and fascinated Yael was looking when they took off again after lunch, it really, honestly wouldn’t surprise me. If they like this place that much, I can’t complain. It does them good to get out of the house now and again.”

“I guess you’re right. They make me feel old at times though.” I laugh softly and shake my head, resting my shoulder against his. I suppose he had a right to feel old and I know how he feels, despite that he’s so much older than I am, that is. Every single soul we live with currently is so much younger than us. I’m so much younger than him and they’re so much younger than me. It’s not something I can easily forget.

“You’ll never be too old for me, so don’t you worry your gorgeous head about that.” He rolls his eyes but chuckles, looking back up to the sky and relaxing. This is a good day, we’ve had fun in the morning and now we’re just relaxing and enjoying the peacefulness of the day. I know that before too long, when the snow will begin, things will change and be less than amusing since we won’t be able to just lounge out like this outside so it’s best to appreciate things as we’re able to at this point.

Maybe we’ll go back in after a while, have a look at some of the bigger fishes or the predators. I personally rather like the sight of sharks and I know Lex isn’t against a few glances towards their area, though maybe not. I guess it’ll depend on how we feel after we feel as though we’ll have had enough sun and breeze. Not that I think it’s possible to get enough of either but it is still a possibility of sorts.

It doesn’t matter. I like to live for the moment and right now the moment calls for peace and relaxation.


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