in my room

“You know, I think that’s the first time we’ve actually bought something to decorate the house.” He looks around the walls a moment, as if to remember what they look like and he nods slightly. Of course I’m right, the walls are bare, Zora has never really been the decorating kind but I suppose it might be because we’ve just never really had walls to decorate until Alexis and Eoghan took us in.

We’ve bought candles before, for their scent but I don’t much consider them decoration. I’ve had to buy a lamp but that was for use more than for decoration. Today it seems we’ve each bought something to hang up and I’m pretty sure that it’ll be going on the walls of our respective rooms.

It’s so strange to see how different our rooms are beginning to be but I think that’s a good sign. We grew up together, sharing whatever bed we could find, huddling closely together under bridges when we couldn’t get a roof over our heads. We shared a bed and room when we first moved here and I’m the one who decided it was time for us to each have our own bed. He didn’t like it but I think he probably doesn’t even recall that fight because we did fight, in a way.

His room seems almost a little more sporty, a little more science fiction, mine has more natural tones, it’s classical music and nature and almost zen, I suppose would be a good term to use for it.

“You need help setting it up?” He calls out from his room and I look over at the large painting sitting against the wall. I’m not even sure how we managed to get that home without completely destroying it.

“Is that an offer or is that your way of asking for help too?” He laughs at my question and I listen to his steps as he walks out of his room and into mine to have look at the painting too. It is pretty big but it fits in with the theme in my room. His own painting is slighter though I think it’s awesome but I can only imagine he won’t be able to get it set up either, at least not on his own.

“That was both, these things are big and pretty heavy. I guess we could ask Eoghan for help but every time I think about that I remember how he didn’t really offer any comforting help when I told him about the incident with Cyrille. I mean I get it, we’re supposed to dig ourselves out of our own holes as best as we can and I don’t mind.”

“Well this is different, this is decorating our walls and I’m sure he’d help but I know we can figure things out together. It’s mostly a case of we gotta set up the screws properly and align them right and- you know, I think it might just be best to ask for Eoghan to help because I don’t even think we have the tools to make sure the screws are even.”

I blink a moment before I have to laugh again, he’s right. I hadn’t actually thought about that one thing. If we want to hang these up right and straight, the screws need to be level and I know we don’t have any of the necessary stuff for that, we have a screwdriver with different heads but that’s about it. “It’s not like we’re running to him so he’ll fix up a problem we’ve caused, right?”


“This is a lovely painting, Mira.” He looks it over thoughtfully, as if he’d never quite seen anything like this before though I know that’s more than likely not the case. It really is just a large, printed copy of a painting that’s been set up on a wooden base. I don’t know what they call the process exactly, not that it matters, I know but that’s what. Agni’s copy is the same, just different art by a different artist.

“Thank you. When I saw it I told myself it would look really nice in my room, it goes with the colour.” Because we had done that though, over time. We’d bought paint and we’d painted one wall, then the other. Just one a day so we wouldn’t work ourselves raw and we could really focus on what we were doing. I slept on the couch while it was drying since we could only do the painting after work and over the weekends, the week after that, it was Agni’s turn to sleep on the couch because we did his room.

“I can see why you need help setting it up though, how did you two ever manage to get this home from the store by the bus?” I shrug at his question, I’m still asking myself the same thing at this point. They were wrapped up nice and secure in their cardboard and I guess we just sort of set them together and each carried a side. We took up a lot of room on the sidewalk but what could anyone do about it?

“So how do we get this going?”

He looks at the painting and then the wall again for a moment before he nods. “Well for one, I’m going to need the two of you to pull it up and set it where you think you’d like it best on the wall. Once that’s one, I’ll make the top line gently with a pencil, we’ll set the painting back down, take note of where the screws need to go, set those in and make sure there’s as perfectly even and then voila, it’ll be set up.”

It made sense. Since we were in my room we got mine dine and by the time we were in Agni’s room it went by even more easily. Eoghan really just made the pencil lines, he showed us how to make sure the spots we’d picked for the screws were level and we each set one in with the anchors. Then we set up the picture on the wall and that was it. He bid each of us goodnight and went back up to Alexis. At least, I assume that’s where he went and I’m not really going to ask to know, it’s his private live.

“I think you picked really well, it brings out the accents on the wall.” Unlike my room where my walls are even and smooth, Agni set up for doing a sort of texture in his wall, I think it look awesome and I know I wouldn’t have managed to pull it off myself but it’s really sweet looking.

He smiles at me, a proud look on his face and he nods before stretching. “I’m not saying this place wasn’t home before but it feels more like home now. It has little bits of you and little bits of me and it just feels better. I don’t really know how to explain it.”

“You don’t have to, I know what you’re talking about and I don’t really think there’s any word to explain that feeling.” I shrug, looking around his room one last time before I let him have his peace and I step back towards mine. I was right on the colours though, if I stand against the opposite wall, I can almost imagine that the painting blends right in with the rest because the blues are so similar, it’s a pretty sweet sight.

This is home. My room, his room, the living room. The only room we haven’t done anything in, we’ve only ever stepped in to dust it up at this point, is Zora’s room. It feels wrong to step in there for more than five or ten minutes and we use that time for dusting and vacuuming, that’s about it. That door is closed most of the time. Like the door that leads to her life, it really feels as if we’re no longer part of it.


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